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Kosi stared from me to his brother without saying a word. Greg just sipped from his glass like he wasn’t the one who dropped the bomb.

Kosi: Wow! I’m ….. really, I don’t know what to say.

Greg: Alright

Kosi: Welcome to the family Pamela. I think I’ll let you two be for now.

He picked the tray and left with it just the way he had come with it.

Greg: So babe, …..

Me: Shut up. What do you think you are? This is the height of it.

He stifled a laugh and smiled instead. I felt irritated and angry. How could he be so selfish. Right! I enjoyed him calling me his girlfriend but for what reason? When hr hasn’t as much as said a meaningful word to me. We haven’t even had a conversation that hinted wanting a relationship from me.

Greg: Height of what? Are you angry with me? Decades ago, parents arrange marriages for their wards. If Harry says you’re good for me, then you’re good and you’re my girlfriend then.

I dropped my glass and turned to him, my insides burning with desire and need while my facial expression said something different, anger.

Me: And did you care about what I want? Is that all relationship is about? Matchmaking and arrangements? You’re just running your mouth like a goat on heat without thinking to know what I want, if I really like you, if I’m attracted to you. Men will always be men. Yuck.

I brushed past him and almost ran downstairs. I just blew my luck. What if in playing hard to get, I had lost my chance of being with him forever? I wanted to slap myself or maybe go back to that terrace and tell him how I truly feel.
I entered the living room and it was empty. In my state, I had refused to notice the number of people outside who were coming in numbers for the wake keep. I had even forgotten I was here for the funeral of a well known woman.
I lowered myself into a cushion and closed my eyes. I heard steps coming from the staircase but I refused to open my eyes. I needed silence and I’m so getting it, I thought.

Amber: Hey lover girl, what’s up?

I opened my eyes and looked at her. She had changed into a short and a “connect” baggy singlet.

Amber: Tell me, give me gist, what happened at the terrace? Kissing, smooching?

I shook my head and looked away before she settled beside me.

Amber: Did Greg spoil things for you two?

Me: I knew it. I knew you told him where I was.

Amber: Because he was worried, you needed to have seen him pacing around this sitting room. Anyways, I’ve taken your bag to the room he assigned to you. Pamela it’s heavenly, it’s more of a honeymoon suite, I …….

Me: Will I be staying alone?

Amber: Before nko? Or you want him to stay with you?

Me: I really don’t have your time Amber. Are you aware that the guy who took me to the terrace is his younger brother?

She opened her mouth but nothing came out. It was my turn to smile because of her expression.

Amber: Uhm….. did he see anything?

Me: Nothing happened up there but I have this feeling Kosi is attracted to me.

Amber: Awww. Poor boy.

Me: You needed to have seen him walk out, I felt for him, and imagine Greg, introducing me as his girlfriend. That boy is so annoying.

Amber: I’m speechless, believe me, I’m speechless.

Me: Where’s Greg, I mean, Harry?

She started laughing while I became embarrassed.

Amber: Look how much this Greg is affecting you babe. Harry is outside, they have a group stuff, more like a committee.

Me: Alright, show me to the room, I need to get out of these dress.

Amber: Okay. Let’s go.

I didn’t see Greg again that night because I didn’t step out for the wake keep. I had kept myself busy with my phone since the music didn’t allow me to sleep.
The next day, after the services and after Mrs Queeneth was lowered to mother earth, I also disappeared into the house and into the room I was given.
Staying away was better than showing yourself and being disregarded.
We spent two extra days at Chidi’s residence after the burial before Harry announced over dinner that we would be leaving the next day. Greg had looked at him but didn’t say anything. I was done eating and was about to head upstairs when a little girl of about six ran into the sitting room and straight to the dinning.
I watched her bubble with excitement straight into Greg’s arms and the words she said next took half of my life out,

“daddy, I missed you.”

Then, he kissed her on her forehead and replied in the affirmative. My throat burned and I held the railing for support.
As if that wasn’t enough, a gorgeous lady, very beautiful like she wasn’t from our planet walked in, carrying boxes that showed they had been on vacation or something. She looked around and I her eyes rested on the little girl.

“get down baby, your father is eating.”
That was all it took to get me running upstairs.

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