shadow of love episode 78

Amber: Ain’t we supposed to be popping something right now? Guys, let’s go down please.

I knew she wanted us to leave the couple to catch up and talk more.

Me: Yea. Let’s go.

I signalled to Greg and Tobe and slowly, we filed out of the room, leaving the love birds behind.

Greg: Baby, we wanna get something in town, we’ll be right back.

Me: And by we?

Harry: Greg, Eddy, William and of course, my very humble self.

Amber: Humble? Hmmm

Harry: I’ve always been, baby.

Me: Alright. You guys better hurry up, I’ll love a plate of icecream please.

I saw Greg and Harry exchange looks and I was tempted to ask questions.

Me: What?

William: Babe eh, you’re gonna look bigger than all of us with this your quest for junk. Easy.

Me: I don’t know what you’re saying but you guys better not come back here without my ice cream.

Amber: I wonder what you all are going to get anyways.

Greg kissed me and they all hurried off, leaving Amber and I with the loudmouth.

Me: Wait a minute, you sure they don’t wanna pay us back in our own coin? It’s past ten for God’s sake.

Amber: I see you don’t wanna sleep alone. They can walk for trump for all I care, me, I’m hungry so I’m going to the restaurant.

Me: Alright then. I’ll go with you.

We turned to leave and Sally spoke up

Sally: Uhm, can I tag along?

Amber turned to her with a wicked grin and I shifted, ready to watch the next episode of their movie

Amber: Na me you dey follow talk? The drama queens eh?

Sally: Look, we’re matured enough to settle things amicably among ourselves. Let’s settle this please.

Amber: Settle what? Okay, let’s say we settle things, we iron out things, I still can’t flow with you. I don’t like you.

Sally: That hurts

Amber:That was the intention. You said just few hours ago that you won’t do the clique thing, so why the urge to settle?

Me:Is your relationship on the line?

She looked at me and went back to Amber.

Sally: Amber, you and ……

Amber: Did you just do that? You gave my friend a fool’s treatment? What tha f

She walked out and I heaved a sigh. I felt insulted and embarrassed. I hated being ignored and this lady in front of me just did that.

Me: I don’t know what issues you have with me but let me just say it now, in case there’s a next time, insult me or say anything to me than ignoring me. I can go to a grave length for that.

Sally; Really?

Me: If you feel your relationship won’t stand because I’m still present and functional in Eddy’s life, then get ready to take a walk.

Sally: I’m not going anywhere. I won’t let you get back with my man.

Me: I’m not interested anyways. I had him when he was worth the trouble, not now. Deal with your thoughts babe. Eddy and I are inseparable, you can’t beat that.

I left her and walked out, meeting Amber at the restaurant where we ordered dinner, eating silently. We finished and Amber asked for a bottle of wine. We were pouring into our glasses when the talk started.

Amber; That girl will end up ruining Tobe, I swear.

Me: I’m not going to pray for that. But why can’t he go for ladies who’ll understand his kind of person and be willing to stay with us.

Amber: Karma. Karma is dealing him blows now for all he did to you

Me: Not like he did it on purpose, and besides that, he’s sorry.

Amber: Allow me to have peace tonight. What’s my business anyways with if his relationships are blessed or not?

Me: He’s our friend Amber.

Amber: I know

A call came to her phone and she picked it after mouthing “Harry”.

Amber: They’re back. They’ll be here in a while.

Me: Alright. You can have your drink then while I anticipate my icecream

Amber: You’re sure you ain’t pregnant?

I laughed, throwing my head backwards.

Me: Do I look pregnant?

Amber: No. But you eat pregnant.

We both laughed, drowning the anger that had followed us to the restaurant.
The guys walked in and our table was filled immediately. Typical guys, they came in with noise and attention.

William: Did we miss anything?

Me: Nah. But the love birds are yet to come down.

Amber: They’re making babies so …….

Tobe: Babies, right! Pamela when is yours coming?

Me: Oh please. I’ve got a princess already. Next one will come when our princess asks for one.

Harry: Greg, get me to speak with Gab immediately

Everyone laughed and Greg gave me a bucket of icecream.
I opened it and scooped the first spoon into my mouth, closing my eyes and savouring the strawberry taste.

Greg: I doubt if you can finish that.

Me: There’s a fridge in our room.

Harry: Foody

Amber: She’s pregnant.

I ignored them while they laughed heartily. I took in spoons after spoons of my ice cream, ignoring their taunting and silly comments till I felt something in my mouth after I had spooned a good portion into my mouth.

Me: What the ……..

Droping whatever it was in my palm, I gasped in shock and everyone turned to me. I looked at Greg and he had this cute smile on his face.

Me: Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you.

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