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Writer: Ella
Sequence 26
Present time
Leila slid to the floor and closed her eyes, her world had crumbled right before her eyes and there was nothing she could do to stop it.
Hers was a world built on pain and sorrow, a world of deception & rejection.
The pain she was feeling was more intense than anything she had ever experienced. The pain burned like acid rain.
Her heart ached badly and her head throbbed really hard. Tears were rushing down her cheeks, she could no longer hold in the pain she felt.
Jada rushed over to her sister who was crying on the floor, she pulled her into her arms and let her cry on her shoulder.
Everything felt like a dream it was hard to believe that her parents would sacrifice her sister to the dark world in a bid to save Alfred, couldn’t they have found another way of handling the situation at hand.
Leila cried loud, she cried and cried till she couldn’t cry no more.
Abby had never seen her daughter like this her tears had always been silent, she had never given a voice to her pain.
Seeing her daughter this broken made her heart ache but yet again she was caught between a rock and a hard place, her son was lying lifeless on the floor and her daughter was weeping over the Injustice that had taken place.
Abby loved both her children but she knew she couldn’t have them both she had to sacrifice one to save the other. It was either Leila or Alfred.
If Leila married the spirit she could still find a way of getting rid of it perhaps, but if she refused to marry it, it meant that her son would lose his life.
Daniel on the other hand watched in silence as his daughter wept, he had no regrets about what had done, there was no way he could have allowed his son to be struck by madness, he did what any sane person would do in that situation.
Leila pulled away from her sister after some time then she stood up.
She looked at her parents, pain and anger in her eyes.
‘Hun!’ her mother said
‘Don’t! Just don’t say anything mother I understand perfectly. Alfred is a king he is the favored child, the one you would sacrifice your lives for. Some of us are worthless and we are unloved, I understand you don’t have to say more.’
‘Don’t talk like that,’ her mother said
‘I hope you will survive after your favored son dies,’ she said
‘What’s the meaning of that?’ Her father angrily asked
‘I saved your son once, I am not doing it again he can die for all I care.’
‘Don’t you dare utter such nonsense,’ her father said annoyance clear in his voice.
Leila laughed, ‘I can’t wait to see the look on your face when Alfred is pronounced dead,’ she said before she rushed off to her room.
Once in her room, she grabbed her suitcase and threw it on the bed then she started packing her clothes she wasn’t going to spend another night in a house where she was unwanted, she was better off living on the streets.
‘Where are you gonna go?’ Jada worriedly asked when she found her packing.
‘I don’t know but all I know is that I need to leave this house Jada.’
‘Okay, let me drive you to Chibuye’s house I am sure he won’t mind.
‘Okay,’ she zipped her luggage closed when she was done.
‘Ready,’ Jada asked
‘Yes, I will call you if I need anything else.’
Leila picked her handbag and Jada helped with the suitcase as they walked downstairs.
‘What’s the meaning of this?’ Her mother asked her
‘I am leaving, I am sorry I can’t continue living under the same roof with people like you. With everything you have done to me, i can’t trust you.’
‘You are going nowhere,’ her mother said
‘Try to stop me,’ Leila walked past her mother
‘Daniel do something, we can’t allow her to leave.’
‘Daniel laughed, ‘let her leave, she will be back,’ he said
Abby tried to pull the suitcase from Jada’s hand but Jada pushed her so hard she fell to the ground.
‘Touch me again, I swear I will show you flames,’ she yelled
Jada turned to Leila, ‘Let’s go.’
The two headed for the door and pushed it open and they closed it shut on their way out.
Jada placed the suitcase in the trunk of the car and slammed it shut then they both got into the car. None of them said anything to the other for several minutes but as they neared Chibuye’s house, Jada broke the silence by saying,
‘I think I know what you should do to break this spell,’ she said
‘What!’ Leila asked almost immediately
‘You have to break your virginity if you aren’t pure the spirit will have no option but to lose its hold on you.’
‘Jada, what sort of suggestion is that?’
‘The spirit wants you pure because he wants to be the first one to break your virginity that way you and him shall forever be connected.’
‘Owen died because of me I don’t want another person’s blood on my hands.’
‘Well you could take a risk.’
‘I am just so scared and confused Jada.’
‘Just think about it.’
The car stopped in front of Chibuye’s house, Jada stepped out and helped Leila with her luggage, she pushed the gate open and they walked towards the door.
‘Hello,’ she pushed the door open
‘Leila! Jada!’ he exclaimed, ‘Come in,’ he led them to the living room.
‘I need a place to stay until I figure out my next move,’ Leila said
‘You are always welcome but what happened?’
‘A lot happened this night, my parents just confirmed they married me off to a spirit, I will tell you the rest later,’ she threw herself on the couch.
‘I think I better get going, take care of this girl for me,’ Jada told Chibuye.
‘I will protect her with my life,’ he laughed
‘I will hold you to that,’ Jada laughed too
‘Are you going home?’ Leila asked her sister
‘Nop, I will spend the night at my boyfriend’s house I also need time to process everything.’
‘Okay please do take care of yourself sis.’
‘I will,’ she smiled
She kissed her sister good bye before she finally left.
They were cuddled up on a couch like a cute couple watching a movie.
‘Are you okay?’ He asked
She shook her head, ‘Yes.’
‘You seem to be lost in thoughts.’
She sighed, ‘I am thinking about something Jada said.’
‘Care to share.’
‘It’s just something crazy,’ she laughed
He faced her, ‘Let’s hear it.’
‘Do you like me?’ she asked
‘Where is that question coming from?’
‘Like are you attracted to me, would you have sex with me if I offered myself to you?’
‘You know what, just forget it.’
‘No, tell me what’s bothering you.’
She hesitated for a while before responding, ‘I want you to make me yours, make love to me Chibuye,’ she said desperately
‘Huh!’ he looked at her in disbelief
‘I said make love to me Chibuye, take my virginity, make me yours.
Chibuye was unable to respond, he liked Leila a lot but this wasn’t her. She was acting strange.

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