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Writer: Ella
Sequence 27
The wind howled through the trees, a streak of lightening flashed in the dark.
He stood in the middle of the road clad in a long black hooded robe. His eyes were glowing red spheres in the darkness.
Underneath that hood he was filled with rage and anger, he was ready to kill for her, he loved her this much, there was no way he was going to allow a man to take away her purity when he had waited this long, war had just been declared. He was going to hurt her where it hurt the most.
She was driving at high speed while humming to the song which was playing on the radio she needed the distraction because she had a lot on her mind.
As the car turned onto the small road that led to her boyfriend’s house, the dark figure walked up in front of her. She slammed on her breaks and stopped.
A fear of panic grew in her as it made direct eye contact with her, she knew who the figure was though she hadn’t expected to have encounter with it.
She tried to put her car into reverse to get away from the figure but the car wouldn’t budge, it felt like the wheels had sunk into the ground.
The figure watched her frustration before he released a loud mocking laugh.
‘What do you want from me?’ she asked her voice shaking
‘You!’ he pointed at her.
Next she heard her car door open and the figure rolled onto the other seat; it grabbed her hand and held it tightly.
When icy cold hands grabbed her arm, Jada screamed out in fear.
‘Don’t waste your time screaming, no one will hear you,’ he said
‘Are you tired of tormenting my sister you are now coming after me, get the hell away from me,’ she yelled.
‘Young girl shut the hell up.’
‘We don’t belong to you can’t you just get it?’
‘Shut the f--k up.’
‘Don’t even shut me up, just let me go,’ she tried to yank her hand from his.
He angrily squeezed her hand before he spat a blast of flames in her face.
Jada screamed her lungs out when she felt her face burning.
‘Stop please stop,’ she pleaded
‘Oh so now you are begging me,’ he laughed
‘Please! It hurts,’ she cried
‘Oh it hurts,’ the figure imitated her before laughing out hysterically, he loved to be in control, he loved tormenting humans and putting them in their places.
After a few minutes of crying she passed out from the intense pain.
He took one last at her before he flew out of the car.
‘Please,’ she pleaded
‘Leila I don’t think that’s a good idea,’ he said
‘Make love to me please, help me break this spell,’ she said desperation written all over her face.
‘Am I not attractive enough, you don’t even have to look at me, you can pretend you are having sex with someone else.’
She couldn’t begin to understand how much he wanted to have her but the circumstances weren’t so favorable, she was vulnerable and he didn’t want to take advantage of her, he didn’t want her to have regrets when it was too late.
‘I do like you….,’
‘But,’ she cut him short
‘I just can’t, not under these circumstances.’
‘Okay,’ she stood up
He looked at her he could fill the hurt of rejection she was feeling.
He held her hand, ‘You are putting me in a tight position Leila.’
‘Are you attracted to me or not?’
‘Yes I am.’
‘Then we have nothing more to talk about.’
She undressed slowly in front of him and stood there naked.
He looked her nude body and swallowed deeply, she looked incredibly sexy.
‘Please make me yours,’ she pleaded once more
Finally he couldn’t hold himself any longer, he gave into her advances. He stood in front of her and kissed her softly and gently as he led her to the bedroom once in the bedroom, he picked her up and placed her on the bed.
Leila shyly looked up as he undressed she wanted the ground beneath to swallow her. This was the first time she was seeing a naked man.
He laid his naked body on top of hers and started kissing her.
Moans of pleasure escaped her lips as he deepened the kiss he was taking her to another level of ecstasy. He made her feel things she hadn’t known she could, then she parted her legs welcoming him, she couldn’t wait any longer.
‘Make me yours’ she breathed
‘You are sure about this,’ he whispered staring deeply into her eyes
She nodded her head.
Just as he was about to shove himself inside her, a loud high pitched angry voice echoed and the door of the bedroom blew open.
And the air had suddenly become eerily still.
‘How dare you show your nakedness to another man? You have defiled yourself Leila and for that you must face the consequences.’
‘And you, I warned you to stay away from her but you didn’t.’
‘You have injured me, you have broken my heart,’ he yelled once more, anger evident in his voice he had surely come for vengeance.
Leila hang on to Chibuye as she trembled with fear, Chibuye on the other hand didn’t know how to respond, how could he even call out the name of God when he was butt naked on top of Leila about to fornicate, he was ashamed.
There was an awkward silence for a few minutes.
Then all of a sudden, Chibuye was lifted off the bed by a force he couldn’t see, he was spin around in the air for a few minutes before being slammed to the ground.
‘Chibuye!’ Leila screamed, she wanted to run after him but she couldn’t move.
A quick glance at the corner of the room revealed the dark figure.
He walked towards Chibuye and grabbed him as if he weighed nothing throwing him up the air. As his body fell back to the ground, Leila screamed out in fear, she was afraid the figure was going to kill Chibuye.
His strength was getting weaker and weaker as the figure repeatedly kicked tossed him up and down.
‘Please don’t kill him,’ Leila pleaded
A loud laugh erupted through the room, ‘I will not kill him, at least not yet.’
‘Please,’ she pleaded
‘Your wish is my command,’ he laughed once again
Then he left Chibuye lying almost lifeless on the floor and walked to the bed, it was time to deal with Leila the best way he knew how to.

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