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Written By: Ella
Sequence 29
When she awoke, she found herself in a strange room lying on a bed she didn’t recognize. She sat upright, the bed she was sleeping on was big enough to accommodate at least five other people, Leila looked around the room rubbing her eyes awake, paintings of strange shapes adorned the walls & on the floor was a red large carpet.
Leila’s mind was running rampant as she tried to remember how she had ended up in this strange room, she closed her eyes and the figure’s eyes flashed before her eyes.
‘Oh,’ she gasped in disbelief.
A wave of sadness swept over her. She couldn’t believe the figure had violated her in that manner and now she felt powerless, she just wanted to die.
She stood up slowly after a few minutes and walked to the door, she tried to open it but nothing happened.
Frustrated she threw herself down on the bed weeping and sobbing as if someone had died, she wept for the loss of her virginity she had wanted her first time to be magical with someone she loved, why did the figure have to take advantage of her, why did he have to choose her.
Leila felt dirty, disgusted, tired and depressed.
She lay on that bed for what seemed like an eternity lost in thoughts, suddenly the door crept open and woke her from her reverie then it slammed itself shut. She looked to see who had opened the door but there was no one, just then the room became cold and the light went off.
Afterwards she felt a strong familiar presence she looked around the room in an attempt to find who had walked into the room and that’s when she saw him, the same figure who had been tormenting her for years stood before her.
Leila could see lust burning in his glowing eyes and she yearned to run away. But where would she go when she barely knew where she was.
Her heart began to pump faster and beat harder as he made his way to her. She felt the bed dip down next to her as he sat down.
‘Queen,’ he whispered.
‘Please, let me go,’ she pleaded desperately
He ignored her pleas, his fingers made its way to her face, caressing their way to her neck. His hands felt cold against her skin and she trembled in fear.
‘You are mine, mine alone,’ he breathed
She felt hot tears on her cheeks.
‘Why must it be me, can’t you choose someone else,’ her voice came out as a dry rasp.
‘I have loved you since you were in your mother’s womb, I can never trade you for anyone else,’ he said huskily
‘I am begging you, just let me go please I don’t belong here,’ she pleaded again
He growled out, ‘Stop complaining already and let’s enjoy our time together.’
Before she could say anything else, he wrapped his hands around her and descended his mouth on hers. The touch of his mouth was cold and rough she felt like throwing up, she tried to push him away but he was way too stronger than she was, he fell on top of her and knocked the air out of her lungs.
Next thing she knew she was being violently raped, she tried fighting him off while kicking and screaming but all he did was laugh as he pushed deeper into her.
She couldn’t take it anymore, eventually she passed out.
‘Leila,’ he said her name again, he was worried about her well being. The figure had flown out with her after violently abusing her.
‘Who is Leila?’ his sister asked as she handed him a hot cup of strong black tea.
He grabbed the cup of coffee and took a sip.
‘She is the woman I love,’ he responded.
‘Who took her?’
‘A strange dark figure that has been tormenting her since she was a little girl he is a spirit of darkness and her parents married her off to him.’
‘Lord,’ he said in surprise
‘Annie you have to help me find her please.’
‘Pastor Ndambo will be here with his wife, he shall tell us what to do next but you have to be prayerful Chibuye, when last did you even pray?’
He looked away shyly, ‘I haven’t prayed so in a while.’
‘A prayer less man is a powerless man. The figure has a hold on you because of your failure to pray, you need to stand boldly and denounce it in the name of Jesus.’
‘I am ashamed, will go even listen to my prayers?’
She laughed, ‘he is a loving father and he never holds your sin against you, seek him and be amazed with the wonders he will do.’
‘Thanks sis.’
‘You are welcome,’ she smiled. ‘Go and take your bath as I clean up this place.’
She walked into the living room and knelt beside her.
‘Babe, you called for me,’ she asked
‘Are you okay?’ she asked, she could see his face was wrought with tension.
‘We need to leave as soon as possible.’
‘What’s going on?’
‘Annie just called her brother is being spiritually attacked.’
‘Could this in line with the dream I had two nights ago?’ she asked
‘God has been preparing us for this, it’s going to be a tough battle but the lord will give us victory.’
‘Let me just change into something comfortable then.’
Carol kissed her husband lightly on his lips before she stood up and walked back to their room. She had married him after three years after her divorce & they had two children together.
Marrying him was the best decision she had ever made, he had helped her heal from her wounds of her first marriage and the loss of her first son.
Speaking of her first son, Carol had been dreaming about him the past few days, she made a mental note to visit his grave soon enough.
She wiped a tear from her cheek with her thumb her heart was broken into tiny little pieces, she felt hopeless she looked at her daughter one more time. Her face was completely burned it was terrible to look at. Abby didn’t understand what was happening to her family, first she had no idea where her daughter Leila was, her only son was battling for his life at home and now Jada was lying in this bed badly burnt.
A stranger who found Jada passed out in her car had been the one to drive her to the hospital, after going through her phone he had found her mother’s number and instantly called her.
The doctors had told Abby her daughter’s issue was delicate and there was a slight chance for survival.
‘Great one, king and ruler of darkness,’ Daniel bowed before Kalu
‘To what do I owe this visit?’ He asked
‘I am here to ask for forgiveness on Leila’s behalf please don’t let calamity to befall us.’
‘I warned you Daniel, I warned you.’
‘Please,’ he pleaded, ‘I will look for my daughter and when I find her I will hand her over to you.’
Kalu laughed, ‘We already have your daughter and she is set to marry my son tomorrow, when their bond is sealed in marriage, Jada and Alfred will be freed.’
‘Thank you great one, you can do as you please with Leila but please set my other children free.’
‘As you wish,’ he laughed.

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