Written By: Ella
Sequence 30
‘Leila,’ someone was shaking her gently and softly calling her name. She opened her eyes and let out a long yawn.
‘Who are you?’ she asked the lady standing at her bedside
‘My lady, I am your loyal servant & I am here to serve you,’
‘What do you mean servant?’ Leila asked
She smiled prettily,
‘My name is Rosalinda but everyone calls me Rose, the king has asked me to help you get ready for your marriage ceremony.’
Leila’s heart sank to the bottom of her chest she was horrified at the prospect of marrying the dark creepy figure.
‘Listen Rose, I am no Queen and I don’t want to get married, help me find my way out of this place.
Rose gave Leila a pitiful look, ‘Your fate was decided long before you were born. Helping you escape would mean signing my own death certificate.’
‘Please,’ Leila desperately pleaded.
‘My Lady, accept that which you have no control over. You are the chosen Queen.’
Leila began to open her mouth to speak but Rose interrupted her and began to speak again.
‘It’s time for your bath the king hates to be kept waiting.’
‘Tell your king to go to hell, I am not going to bath,’ she furiously yelled wiping the tears running down her cheeks.
‘My lady,’ Rose held Leila’s hand but Leila yanked it off her grip.
‘Don’t you dare touch me you are just as evil as your stupid king.’
‘I am just doing my job here so please cooperate.’
‘You leave me with no option but to use force.’
The minute she uttered those words, a force pushed Leila off the bed and she slumped to the ground.
‘Ah, f--k,’ she said under her breath
‘Fighting this is pointless.’
Leila lay frozen in horror, how was she even supposed to get out of this.
Rose looked at her and clicked her fingers suddenly Leila felt a sharp electrical chill in the air and an unknown force grabbed her, dragging her to the bathroom. She screamed in terror.
‘Be a good girl and take your bath I hate to be kept waiting, ‘a coarse deep voice echoed in her ears.
She had no choice but to comply, she was too tired to argue maybe fighting this was pointless as Rose had put it.
She undressed slowly and stood in front of the mirror, it was then that she noticed deep scratches and bite marks on her body.
Leila shook her head and stepped into the shower, the water felt good as it cascaded down her body, for a moment she forget where she was.
A few minutes after she had started bathing Leila felt hands all over her body and then there was a burning sensation on her skin.
She was stiff scared.
The incident lasted a few minutes and then it was completely over. She quickly finished bathing and walked out of the bathroom.
‘We are behind time my lady so we have to be quick here,’ Rose said
Leila responded with silence.
‘You look amazing,’ came a voice that made her freeze up.
Leila was clad in a gold long sleeved dress with a fishtail hem the dress hugged her shoulders and showed off her curves.
Rose had perfectly done her makeup and styled her hair. She had even placed a golden crown on the top of her head.
‘You are good to go my lady,’ she whispered
Leila was nervous as Rose held her hand and led her to a room full of other creatures.
Leila stood frozen at the door.
‘Long live the Queen of darkness,’ Rose said and bowed down as did the rest of the creatures.
The bowing only lasted a few minutes and then they were all chanting in some strange language.
‘You need to walk to the front my Lady,’ Rose whispered
‘I can’t do this, no this is unfair,’ Leila turned to leave but a force pulled her back and the door slammed shut.
They sat quietly and listened to Chibuye as he narrated Leila’s story. When he was done narrating, no one said anything for a few minutes.
Carol stood up and instantly began praying loudly in tongues.
Her husband and Annie stood up too and started to pray.
Carol was praying very loud, it looked like she was in pain and crying out.
As they prayed, God gave Carol a vision and she saw a lock in a dark room.
And when they finished praying, she quickly spoke, ‘You need to take us to Leila’s house right now.’
‘Okay.’ he said
They rushed out of the house to the car which was parked outside. They opted to use the pastor’s car.
It wasn’t long before they arrived at Leila’s house. As they walked to the door, they felt a dark strong presence surrounding the house.
They knocked at the door and Abby opened it, dressed in a t-shirt and tights.
Carol looked up, mouth agape.
‘Abby,’ she said
‘Carol is this really you oh my God,’ Abby screamed
‘Yes! Lord look at you, how are you?’
Abby shook her head, ‘I am not okay,’ she said sorrowfully
‘What’s wrong?’
‘Everything is wrong Carol I should have listened to you about sacrificing my daughter to Kalu.’
Carol’s heart pounded fast and harder at the mention of Kalu.
‘But what are you doing here, how did you even find me?’ Abby asked
‘The lord sent us here Abby you need deliverance from the bondage of Satan.’
‘What do you mean?’
Carol turned her head towards her husband, ’This is my husband pastor Ndambo,’ she said and then she introduced Chibuye and Annie.
She then went on to explain the purpose of their visit.
Abby stepped aside and allowed them to walked into the house.
She led them to the living room and asked them to sit down.
‘Where is your husband?’
‘He is at the hospital, my youngest child is unwell, in fact let me just say my children are unwell, two of them are battling for their lives and I don’t know where the other one is,’ she said as tears started to form in her eyes.
‘The lord is merciful,’ the pastor exclaimed
‘As I was praying I saw a room and inside that room was a lock on the floor.’
The pastor closed his eyes, ‘That room hasn’t been opened in years, in that room lies the fate of this household,’ he said
‘It’s the room where Leila was named and dedicated to the spirit of your son.’
Carol looked at Abby and shook her head,
‘This is where you got it all wrong Abby my son was a peaceful being, he never harmed anyone while he was alive he would never harm anyone even in death. Whatever you sacrificed your child to isn’t my son Chilufya.’
‘What?’ she asked in surprise
‘We don’t have the whole day, please take us to that room, it’s about time the devil went back to where he belongs.’
‘It’s irrelevant to go to war with someone who is fighting from victory when you are fighting for victory. Yours is a losing battle,’ Ella
She grabbed a set of keys off the shelf and led them to the dark room, she put the key in the lock and turned but it refused to open.
‘Maybe my husband changed the padlock,’ she said
The pastor smiled, ‘You have the right keys,’ he said, ‘Please step aside.’
He reached into his pocket and pulled out a crucifix and placed it on the handle and said a short prayer then he asked her to open again.
This time around, the door flew open as soon as she turned the key.
The room was dark and had an eerie feeling in the air.
Abby switched on the lights.
The room was rather large; in the middle off the space was a large double bed. Soft red carpets lined the floor and paintings of various sizes hand on the wall.
At one end of the room was a large mirror and above it painted in red where the words, ‘Mine alone!’
Pastor Ndambo walked towards the mirror and looked through it.
‘Blood of Jesus,’ he exclaimed before he started praying and everyone joined.
The prayers started getting more intense, the mirror started vibrating.
Leila and the figure were standing in front of the ball room the rest of the crew had formed a semi circle around them.
There was singing, dancing and drumming
Leila squeezed her eyes shut drawing in deep breaths, her heart beat in her chest even if it was finally happening, there was a part of her that still thought she was having a bad dream that she would soon wake up from.
In the height of the ceremony, the sangoma held a bow of chicken blood and began to chant in a foreign language.
He was about to hand the bow to Leila so she could take a sip when the ground beneath them moved suddenly and a loud rumble filled the room.
‘Did the ground just shake,’ Leila asked no one in particular
‘Get done with the ceremony,’ the figure ordered.
When he wanted to hand the bow to Leila for the second time, the ground shook fiercely under their feet and the walls began to tremble.
Leila stumbled and fell backwards.
‘They want to battle with us,’ the creatures said at the same exact time
The dark figure chuckled, ‘If it’s a war they want then let’s give them one.’
A thunderous roar filled the room, ‘Yes let’s give them war.’
Leila watched in horror as the dark figure began to change, his features becoming that of a night owl.
She the witnessed the owl getting bigger and bigger before it flew over to her and wrapped its wings around her body tightly and flew out.
As the pastor was praying out loud, Abby fell to the floor and started wailing.
‘Father, make the spirit lose its hold on every member of this family in the name of Jesus,’ Carol said out loud
Just then, the temperature became freezing in the room and a light flashed through the window along with a loud screech.
More screeching filled the air as a large black owl flew into the room and dropped Leila on the bed, Leila was unconscious.
‘OMG,’ Chibuye exclaimed with his eye brows raised up in fear.
‘I command you in the name of Jesus to lose your hold on her for she doesn’t belong to you,’ the pastor pointed at the Owl.
The owl screeched in rage as it looked at the pastor with its big round eyes. ‘She is mine, I own her what right do you have to interfere in this arrangement?’
‘Lord I cover your daughter with the precious blood of your son Jesus Christ, make her immune to the touch of evil, I break the power of all curses spoken, all rituals and sacrifices performed,’ he prayed out loud as beads of sweat rolled down his face.
‘Do not mention that name in my presence,’ the owl spoke angrily.
‘Leave and never return in the name of Jesus,’ Carol said
‘Who are you that you should command me to leave?’
‘You want to know who I am, then turn back into your human form and face me.
The owl’s eyes began to glow a fiery red, he looked like the actual living devil. Just then he quickly flew towards Chibuye.
‘No!’ he screamed when he felt the searing pain of its claws cutting through his face.
‘He that is in you is greater than he that is in him,’ the pastor said to Chibuye, ‘He knows your weakness, speak to this evil spirit and command it to leave you now in Jesus name.’
All of a sudden every ounce of fear that was in Chibuye was demolished.
‘There is no connection between light and darkness I command you to lose your hold on me in Jesus name,’ he said out loud
The owl screeched and loosed its grip.
‘I am covered by the blood of Jesus and no evil spirit shall lay its hand on me.’
The Owl angrily flew out of the room.
‘There is power in the name of Jesus to break all chains of evil, someone please shout glory,’ the pastor said
‘Glory!’ they screamed jumping up and down, Abby was now up standing.
Pastor Ndambo walked over to the bed so he could pray for Leila.
‘Not so soon,’ a rumble of voices filled the air followed by loud a screeching sound.
At that moment, a lot of owls flew into the room.
He has just walked into the house when he felt a searing pain shooting up the back of his neck. The pain ran up to his head then over his face.
He cried out in pain, his eyes rolled back and he fell to the ground.
‘When the code is broken, calamity shall strike,’ a voice spoke above him.
His mind flashed back to another time many years back.

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