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Written By: Ella
Final Sequence 32
He woke up strapped down to a hospital bed, he tried to pull his hands but the straps were too tight to break free from.
‘Shit,’ he cursed, why did they have to treat him like a dangerous criminal?
Ever since the truth had been revealed Kalu had began losing his mind.
He had become disoriented and sometimes suffered from hallucinations.
Kalu had also been hearing strange voices, at times he would feel strong tingling sensations on his skin as if insects where moving under his skin.
The dark figure had lost its ability to help him out, members of his family had been dying one after the other. He knew it wouldn’t be long before they came for him too, the great and mighty Kalu had fallen.
He had been brought to the hospital and strapped to the bed to prevent his outbursts.
‘Hell awaits you, you shall burn,’ a voice echoed in the room, this wasn’t the first time he had this voice; this was the voice of darkness calling him home where he belonged.
He closed his eyes took a deep breath, ‘It’s just a figment of my imagination,’ he thought
When he opened his eyes, he gasped at the sight before him.
Flames of fire were beginning to burn around him and thick smoke filled the room up. He was scared, he opened his mouth in a silent scream no sound came out only hot air.
As the fire enveloped him, he heard voices but he couldn’t understand what they were saying.
The pain was intense tears were slowly rolling down his face as he helplessly tried to break free.
The fire wrapped around his body and clothes and before he knew it he was engulfed in flames.
Sitting at the edge of the bed, legs crossed, staring back at her reflection in the mirror, she couldn’t help but feel pain as she looked at the scar across her face, a scar that served as a reminder of her father’s wickedness it was still so hard for her to believe her father was capable of such.
She was disappointed in him and even if he was no more, she still felt some sort of hatred towards him for what he had put their family through.
A knock at the door startled her out of her reverie.
‘Come in,’ she called out
Leila walked in clad in a long black dress, long black gloves and a black hat.
‘Jada aren’t you dressed yet?’
She looked up at her sister, ‘dressed for what?’
‘They are burying him today we need to pay our last respects.’
‘I am not going,’ she said
‘I am not ready for this I am still trying to get a hang of what happened I don’t think I can do this.’
Leila held her hand and squeezed it, ‘I am sorry you had to go through this because of me.’
‘It’s not your fault, Daniel is to blame that man was wicked I just hope he burns in hell.’
‘Jada!’ Leila exclaimed
‘Let’s call a spade a spade, our lives will be so much better without him in it, you will be able to live your life without any restrictions and I will have some breathing space.’
‘I know right, anyway I have to get going, I will see you later.’
‘Alright sis.’
She stood beside her father’s coffin and stared at his lifeless body, her face was blank & empty devoid of any and all emotion it was as if it was a funeral for a total stranger and not her father.
After a short while, she turned away from the casket and walked out, Chibuye ran after her.
‘You are okay?’ He asked
‘Yes I am.’
‘Do you hate him?’ he asked
She laughed, ‘No, I don’t hate him but I felt completely disconnected from him, it felt like I was looking at a stranger.’
He kept quiet.
‘It’s a pity he didn’t give his life to Christ but I hope he rests in peace.’
‘Hope so.’
Her mother walked out of the house weeping, Alfred was holding her.
‘I think we should go,’ Leila said
‘Leila!’ Alfred called before she could enter the car. She turned and looked at him.
He walked towards her with his mother.
‘I know this is not the right time, please forgive me for being a jerk and treating you badly. You are my sister and I should have protected you from dad, I am sorry.’
‘It’s fine it wasn’t your fault after all you were just imitating your parents.’
There was an awkward silence for a brief second
‘I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me one day Leila,’ Said Abby
‘I don’t hold any grudges towards you I just need time to find myself.’
‘I am sorry for your loss,’ she said before she opened the car door and slid into her seat.
Three days later
‘You need to tell her how you feel,’ his sister said
‘Annie, don’t start.’
‘You like her why not be honest with her?’
‘When the time is right, I will tell her about it.’
‘She knows don’t think it’s the right time for me to tell her about it again.’
‘And when will the right time come?’
‘The right time will come sis, she has been through a lot already let her breath first.’
‘Alright, I am sure you know what you are doing.’
He rolled his eyes, ‘I am not a little boy anymore.’
He stood up, ‘let me get going,’ he said.
‘Where are you rushing too?’
‘Pastor Ndambo and I are going to visit Prophet Joachim.’
‘Oh how is that man doing?’
‘He is fine, pastor Ndambo has been praying with him, I am sure he won’t go back to his old ways.’
‘I hope so too, there are too many men of gold out there busy brainwashing people with fake prophecies, he is lucky God spared his life so he could do right by him.’
‘I know right. I am going now,’ he kissed her forehead.
‘Take care,’ she smiled
He was happy Leila was finally free from the oppression of darkness he cared for deeply though he was going to wait for her to find herself before seeking her out for a relationship.
He was also glad God had given him another chance to make it right with him and he wasn’t going to waste it this time around.
She placed the flowers on his grave before she stood up.
‘Continue Resting in Peace Owen, I miss you,’ she said wiping her face with the back of her hand.
She had come to say goodbye to him, she was moving out of the country to start anew elsewhere, after everything she had gone through she just wanted to go somewhere far.
She had begun walking and talking the minute Daniel had confessed the truth.
Leila and her pastor had also paid her a visit and told her the truth about her brother’s death, she had been mad at Leila but not anymore, she now understood Leila was just a victim too and it wasn’t her fault.
A few months later
‘It’s done, it’s finally done,’ I screamed, I had finally managed to change my name from Leila to Grace.
The name Leila is a reminder of my dark past and silent screams, keeping it will mean staying in that place that God delivered me from.
You know why I chose the name Grace, Grace gives meaning to my new life, if not for his grace I would still be living in bondage, I would still be living in fear but because of Grace I am here telling a different story.
Anyway it’s been a few months since I was rescued from the torment I had been living in for years, I feel so free and live, i have found inner peace in Christ and my life is finally moving in the direction.
I am going after my dreams, the dreams my father shattered. I have applied to nursing school and by this time next year I should be in school, I am excited because this I have waited this long to do this.
So my mother and I don’t have a stable mother/ daughter relationship yet but we do talk here and there, we are taking it one step at a time.
Chibuye and I, we are still as close as ever but we are just friends, I am still trying to find myself, maybe in future we will have something great going but for now we are cool with bring just friends

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