Title: Spark
Episode 10
Written by Victor Olusa
I woke up in a harsh manner as I felt electricity flow through my vessels. I opened my eyes to know who dare do that and behold I saw mom. I was tied up with a device meant to conduct any electricity I expell back to me. I looked around my surrounding and I realized I was sitting down on a comfortable chair in an aeroplane. Wait how did I get here. I remembered all that happened and I wondered how they always know my whereabouts.
”Mum” I muttered
”Mark” she replied
”Is it really you?”
”Yes I was saved” she replied wrapping my cheeks with her warm palms as she bent down.
”I owe them my life” she said.
”I know where u are heading to with this and my answer is no”
”Yes you have to. Do it for me” she said removing her palms from my cheeks and standing up
”Why are we in a plane” I asked
”We are heading to the location where the main Aftroller is” she replied and turned her back towards me as someone else came. It was an elderly man that looked real rich due to the way he dressed.
”Has he agreed” he asked my mum
”Not yet Mr Andrew she replied
”Hurry up we will soon arrive at Chad”
”Yes boss”
Chad why chad I asked myself. Hey why is mom’s pupil dilated. I hope it isn’t what I am thinking. Yes it is.. She is also being controlled to do all this. She is being compelled. I noticed a little chip at the back of her neck, surely that’s what is controlling her.
”Mum you are not doing this out of your own will” I said hoping something good comes out of it.
”Yes I am and you will do what I ask of you whether you like it or not” she said in a commanding tone.
”Well first thing first I don’t obey command and secondly I am not going to do what you ask of me”
”Well then we do it the hard way” she said and wrapped her palms around my head and sent electricity to it. I kept on vibrating on the chair, shaking forcefully.
”Stopp” I kept on screaming as I felt my brain was on the verge of burning. I controlled her hand with my index finger and removed it from my head and sent it to her chest which she stopped with her other hand and wore a bemused facial expression.
”How did you do that” she asked as she looked at my finger
”Let’s say I am an upgrade” I controlled the plane and nose dived it upwards which made everyone on board including mom slide to the back all struggling to stand up. I overcharged the device I was tied up with and it blowed.
At last I was free. I stood up and made for the door, I opened it and jumped but my mum pulled me back. I blasted her to the sky and also jumped after. I charged my legs and hands and flew and saw my mom was in pursuit
I stopped and turned to face mom who didn’t stop but came and went through my chest with electricity. I fell all the way from the sky and crashed unto a roof of a dilipated house. My mum landed hard on my chest to the ground. I coughed out blood as she placed her leg and sparked my chest through the soles of her legs.
”Why are you doing this” I managed to ask.
”I….”I didnt allow her to finish before i sent her crashing to the walls with my kinesis. I ran outside the house to the crowded street to mix with the multitude of people. I felt my hand getting attracted to something at the back of my neck. I decided to allow and I felt a chip at the back. I removed it and instantly I knew it was a tracker. I dropped it on the floor and smashed it with a forceful drop of my feet on it.
No wonder they always knew my whereabouts. I looked around my unfamiliar but buzzing environment. I tried communicating with different people but they all responded with a different language which I recognized it to be French. Wait where am I. I saw a billboard with a picture of a man in a black suit and a long black beard and a text was beside it which said ”vote Kindgl Bursar as 2020 President of Chad”
What!!! I am in Chad. Abeg how far is Nigeria from Chad hoping I could fly there.
I wonder if Stella is still alive. Suddenly a massive riot started in the area where I was. People started throwing stones at each other, some stabbed each other with knifes and broken bottles, others exchanged blows. I quickly left the area realizing this must be the effect of one of the mini aftrollers because all of them had dilated pupils.
As I ran out of the place the riot was taking place I ran into mum.
”You can’t run from me” she said with a smirk.
”Common please I don’t want to hurt you”
”You won’t, I would be”
She threw a ball of electricity but I dodged it with ease. I brought down nearby poles with big wires containing high voltage electricity. She did a back flip with her charged legs and flew upwards escaping the falls of the pole. I controlled every electrical appliances near me but she kept blasting them. I flew towards her giving her the impression I was going to punch her but I slid downwards through her opened legs and flew up to her back and quickly removed the chip on her neck. She instantly fell down but I caught her by her waist before landing on the ground……..

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