Title: Spark
Episode 9
Written by Victor Olusa
As we entered the warehouse the lights went out.
“What happened” I asked wondering why the sudden black out
“Get the helicopter and also load it with heavy artillery” Stella ordered Victor.
“Great they found me right”
A loud moving blade sound was heard from the back of the warehouse.
“Let’s go” Stella said as we both ran out and went to the helipad at back and entered the helicopter which was been flown by Victor.
As the Helicopter rised the warehouse exploded.
“Where are we going” I asked at the top of my voice.
“I thought I told you” she replied
“Oh yeah Washington”
“Birdbrain” she said with a smirk.
Later in the night
We got to Washington DC late in the night.
We lodged at a hotel. Victor and I shared a room while Stella took a separate room for herself. Hours later Victor was asleep on the big bed. I couldn’t sleep so I went to the window. I opened and the breeze gushed unto my face giving me a tingling sensation. I looked to the sky which accommodated the countless diamonds in which they all tried to outshine each other. It was a cool night but I just didn’t want to drink out of the wine of sleep.
“I need to buy a new phone” I mumbled as I thought of what to do to pass the time. I had misplaced my phone during the course of events that happened. I sighted Victor’s phone on the drawer close to the bed. I am sure he doesn’t mind me playing some games on his phone. I walked towards the drawer and I was about to take his phone but he held my hand.
“Don’t touch it” he said throwing my hand away and taking his phone and held it firmly and turned over.
“Sorry bro just bored” I said wondering what is the big deal.
He scoffed” go and sleep”
“I am trying”
” Try harder”
“Whatever” I said and walked to the other side of the bed and laid down.
What could be on the phone that got Victor all worked up when he saw I wanted to take his phone. Well since he works with some secret organization there will surely be a lot of confidential information on it……
“Geez its morning already” I said as I stood up and went to the bathroom. I tried opening the bathroom door but it was locked.
“Victor are you in the bathroom” I asked
“Duh can’t you hear the shower working” he replied and he started humming some unfamiliar tune. Minutes later he came out and it was my turn……..
“Have you spoken to Stell?”I asked as I sprayed perfume on my body. I wore a black chinos with a blue polo shirt.
“Yeah she will soon come to our room to tell us the plan”
“Oh ok”
A knock was heard and Victor thinking it was Stella went to open it. Boom Victor was down with a bullet sent to his skull. Before i could say Jack Robinson I was knocked out with a tranquilizer……

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