Sweet bitterness episode 1

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Adindu Presh


Tessy stood in front of the mirror adjusting her tangled and scattered weavon.

“Leave it like that jor..whether it’s tangled or not, you’re still beautiful” Tony said from the mattress he was lying down. He was on a boxer.

Tessy eyed him “Better come and arrange it for me o”

Tony only laughed and stood up heading towards her “Tess, I love you so much,” He drew her closer to himself “I don’t want to lose you for anything baby..I promise I’d make money and come and marry you, I swear”

Tessy made a pulpy face “I’m not leaving you baby boy”..

“Promise?”he asked

She nodded

“You won’t follow Tunde?”

She affirmed

“Kendrick the Rich Mogul’s son nko?”

Tessy laughed and smacked him playfully on his shoulder “stop it joor! It’s either you or you..”


Gozie was pacing to and fro restlessly in his office. Before him was his trembling secretary Kiki.

“You’re a fool..a very pathetic fool..how dare you?..how would you let this contract pass us by? Oh fu”k! Shit!…..!!”He scattered the files on the table gnashing his teeth and clenching his fist in anger.
Kiki knew better than to talk..

“Call me that old dog..!!”he yelled

“Erm..sirrrr…I…emm.. don’t know who ..”Kiki stammered

“Get outtttt!!!”he yelled

Kiki ran out of the office panting..

“Goshhhh..”Gozie sat on his chair exhausted and angry..


Kiki was making frantic calls, sweating and crying after leaving GOZIE’S office when Madam Joy who’s GOZIE’S mum enters…

“Welcome ma” Kiki said sniffing in catarrh, trying to hold her tears..

“Kikiope, what happened to you? Why are you crying?”Madam Joy asked concerned

“Nothing ma, I’m fine. Mr Gozie is inside ma”She replied feigning a smile.

“Will you open your mouth and talk? What’s wrong with you? Why are you in such a mood?”She asked again with a slightly raised voice.

“It’s Mr Gozie..he blamed me for making him lose the contract..”Kiki said in tears.

“This boy has started again..”Madam Joy said storming into GOZIE’S office.

She enters and met Gozie smoking..

“Chukwuagoziem! What do you think you’re doing? Smoking in the office? Has it gotten to this extent? Oh my God! What on Earth have I done to deserve an irresponsible cow like you as a son? All the bad behaviours in the world are found in you..smoking, womanizing, drinking, scamming.. everything..just name them!! Ah Gozie! You have successfully dragged the name of this family into the mud…what have I…”

“ENOUGH MOTHER!! ENOUGH!!” Gozie screamed, cutting her shut
“I won’t have you come into my own office and rain insult and curses on me.. please just leave..”

“You’re extremely stupid for asking me out of my husband’s office! You idiot..you were given a chance by your father to prove yourself since he left the country for just a month and what have you done? You have lost 2 contracts within this short period of time..Now listen and listen attentively, your father has heard the news And hurray! He’s on his way back to Nigeria so get yourself prepared..fool!!” Madam Joy said and stormed out of the office.

“What?! Mother…dad is on his way back? Oh my God…mum wait…please..”He ran after his mum but she brushed him aside and entered into her car while her driver drove off.

Gozie went into the reception looking dejected and confused. He knew his father..he knew what his father was capable of..

Kiki pretended to be so busy with what she was doing to avoid any more insults from Gozie..

“Hey you..”Gozie called

“Me?”Kiki was scared

“Are there two of you there? Dumb thing! Come here..!!”He screamed

She frightfully went before him.

“Do you love your Job?”

She nodded

“Do you want to lose it?”

“Ah no sir! Please.. I’m the bread winner of my family, taking care of my mum and sister in the university..”

“Shut up! I didn’t ask for explanations..now here’s what you’d do to retain your Job..run after my mum and beg her to helpe handle my dad..you must convince her that we lost the contract because of you..formulate something..lie to her..whatever you can do to convince her..I don’t care. But don’t come back if you don’t convince her!!”

Kiki looked confused..”but sir, won’t she fire me herself if I tell her I made you lose the contract?”

Gozie looked at her from head to toe, hissed and went inside..

“Ah Oluwa..e sanu funmi!!”Kiki bent down and wept..


Aunty Presh is back..???

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