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❄️??Tales Of An Ice Woman??❄

A short story of three parts.
By Presh Alicia Daisy✍️?



They call her cold. They say, she freezes men out. Some rumor that she might even be an icicle in bed.

This kind of woman can’t give a man satisfaction in bed, they rumor. She would freeze his d!ck off and still be frigid as hell.

Why do people—men—take so much interest in her? She is no celebrity. She has never been in a scandal.

Maybe it’s because she’s so d--n beautiful and yet, she never takes a man. Some even whisper that she’s a lesbian.

Lesbians hear this and smile. They are in luck, they think. Only to go and get slapped down by her.

No, she’s not a lesbian.

She is just…..an ice woman.


Greta Danes can’t afford to have a man in her life.

She can’t build a relationship.
She can’t get married.
She can’t love a man.
She can’t have children.

All these is because, she can’t have sex.

Yes, she can’t have sex.
It’s not that she won’t have sex. She CAN’T.

Greta Danes has a rare medical condition called Vaginismus.

This medical condition makes it impossible for her to have sex. Her body abruptly rejects any sort of penetration at all. Not by tampons, not by finger, not by penis.

Anything penetration is flat out NO, or it will result to unbearable pain.

Miriam Danes, the mother of Greta was the first to find out about this condition during her daughter’s first menstruation which Greta was fourteen.

Mariam is a good and caring mother who had taught her daughter long before that day, everything about menstruation. The things Greta didn’t understand from the teachings in school, her mother supplied at home.

That very day, Miriam had shown her daughter after shower, how to use a menstral pad.

Then, she had proceeded to teach Greta how to use a tampon, but immediately she tried to insert the tampon, Greta’s muscles had spasmed and squeezed, closing completely and preventing the invasion.

Mariam’s brows had creased in worry as she wondered the strange occurrence.

She had proceeded to try and insert the tampon but Greta started crying painfully while her mother struggled with the stubborn muscles that tried their best to remain firmly closed. No penetration.

At last, Miriam had helped her daughter with a menstral pad and consoled her. But the pain of the little attempt at penetration stayed with Greta for the whole day, and the pain was no small pain.

Immediately after her menstruation, Miriam had taken her daughter to the hospital where she underwent a very excruciating painful pelvis scam and other tests which later confirmed and led to her diagnosis.

Greta has Lifelong Vaginismus. Nothing can ever penetrate her body without causing her excruciating pain.

???So Many Years Later???

Greta Danes is a twenty-six year old ‘freezer’, like people call her. She is cold towards men just so she can have peace. She can’t have a relationship like normal humans and she can’t get married and yes, she has accepted her life the way it is.

But, the whole male population seems not to agree with her and her medical condition. Everyday she lies and explains to a new man why she can’t have him and all that, eventually she got tried of it.

The best solution was to freeze them out. Make herself unapproachable. And so, she did. No man approaches or talks sex and hangouts to her anymore and she loves it like that.

It’s been four years since she became the Ice Woman, and four years of peace.

Until him. Gregor Williams.


Greta is a personal assistant to the most powerful businessman in California. Gregor Williams.

Every man and woman in the business world knows Gregor William. Some respect him greatly. Some fear him greatly because he is a business king and a ruthless one.

Greta has been working for her boss for two good years and in that duration of time, she can write an essay about her boss. This essay would be simple too.

Gregor Williams is the most ruthless, heartless man ever created in the whole world. You can take her essay to the bank and save it, because that is just the truth.

Her problem is that she fell in love with him instantly when she laid eyes on him two years ago. That love has grown and nurtured itself for the past two years.

“Miss Danes!!!” He shouted from his office.

Greta stiffened in her chair just outside his office where her office is located. Whenever he calls her like this, it’s never a good thing.

She mentally prepared herself for his tirades and schooled her face to expressionless before she got up and matched into his office.

“Where are the files for Jameson Incorporated? It’s supposed to be here this morning? Why can’t I see it!?” He barked angrily.

“You told me the day before yesterday that you want it on your table before 28th, sir. This is just 25th, and I planned to have it on your desk tomorrow morning.” Greta explained calmly even though she was shaking on the inside.

Gregor Williams is the only man capable of making her quake on the inside.

He slammed his hand on the desk. “I said BEFORE 28, Miss Danes. That can mean 22nd, 23rd and any other day that is NOT 28!!!”

“I’m so sorry, sir. I will have it prepared and ready tomorrow morning.” Greta is thankful that her voice remained calm and collected.

“That won’t do, Miss Danes. I want it ready today and I have to have it today or you’re fired, do you hear me?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You can make yourself scarce now, Miss Danes.”

Greta thanked God inwardly and walked out of the office, her heels clicking on the tiled floor. She survived yet another angry confrontation from her boss.

Even after two years, she hasn’t gotten used to him.


Gregor watched his sexy secretary as she left the office and he adjusted his aching erection that threatened to burst the seam from his pants.

Greta Danes is a very sexy woman and he had always wanted to get into her pants but he hasn’t.

Not because of the rumors about her being an Ice Woman and freezing men off. Not because she keeps that expressionless face whenever she’s with him, as if she’s emotionless.

But, because of the long standing principle of him not to sleep with his workers. Ever.

Over the ten years he has owned this company, he has never done it and he has been through several secretaries. Beautiful. Sexy. Big-assed and big-boobs and fake-smiles.

He has hungered before but he has been able to curb the hunger and channel it to more business and f-----g another woman that’s not under his employ.

Until Greta Danes. Cold and unfeeling Greta Danes.

In the past two years, he has f----d every kind of woman….just name them. But he couldn’t satisfy the urge in him for his cold secretary. He has even gone to extremes by going to a sex club and ‘ordering a woman like Greta Danes’.

Out of hundreds of whores, he had personally picked out one that looked like his secretary, dressed her up in corporate wear and f----d her all night long in the ways he had dreamed of f-----g his secretary.

And yet, the urge never went away. The craving only got worse.

Seeing her everyday at work doesn’t help at all. Those work clothes that molds her body hiding curves Greg is sure was there and those stilettos. Heavens, those stilettos….

He has great fantasies on how to bend her over his table and f--k her in them. So so many fantasies she featured in. But he hasn’t been able to carry them out because she worked for him.

She is his most long lasting and effective secretary and he doesn’t want to loose her, but he sure as f--k knows that he can’t continue like this.

And so, for the past six months he had tried to get her fired. He can only f--k her if she’s no longer working in his employ.

But every attempt to fire her has been futile. She does everything with care even the impossible works he had sent her way. It was so d--n frustrating, even as he admired her strength and person.

Not everyone can put up with him, but d--n if it wasn’t frustrating him and his c0ck so bad.

But as he watched her walk out of the office this very morning, he decided that he has truly had enough. He will f--k her whether she works in his employ or not, he has to get into her pant and stay there for days before getting out and staying out forever.

He doesn’t do long-terms, ever.

It’s not him trying to be an a-----e or anything, but just a whole fact. He loves variety. One woman bores him in few days….one week max.

He has to f--k his secretary and maybe then, he’ll rid himself of this f-----g attraction and move on with his life.


The days that followed were usual for Greta. Stressful work. Boring home. Works from home. Stressful at work again.

It doesn’t matter much. She loves her work, it’s the only thing she has. The next day at the office, there was a conference meeting and as usual, she needs to be there to take notes.

Her boss became more ruthless as usual, being so fast with words, it’s as if he expects her to suddenly turn to a magician. Of course, Greta didn’t complain. She is not someone that complains a lot.

Instead, she typed fast, grabbing onto each important word spoken with the efficiency of a secretary who has worked for an impossible boss for two solid years.

“To my office now, Miss Danes.” Came the curt order of Gregor Williams after the conference.

“Okay, boss.” Her voice was cool and calm, when she was anything but, inside.

She followed him to the office. In there, she presented the laptop to him and he surveyed her work. “Too much errors, Miss Danes.” He barked angrily.

“I was trying to be very fast, sir. I’ll edit later.”

“I pay you to be fast, Miss Danes. If you can’t do something trivial like taking notes efficiently, I wonder what I pay you for.” His eyes were glaring at me.

Having worked for him for so long, I know the antagonism isn’t personal. There is no Gregor Williams without antagonism.

“I apologize, sir.”

“Go and get make this right, Miss Danes, I want it right back on this desk in an hour.”

“Alright, sir.” I took the laptop and made my way out. I took deep breaths as I got to my chair before I opened the laptop and started working again.

I worked late that day, just like every other day. When I got home that night I was tired and I just dropped off on the bed falling asleep immediately.

It didn’t stop my dreams from being plagued by him. My tormentor.

???Three days later???

Greta was working late again. Not because she wants to, but because her impossible boss was making her.

He has always been cold and demanding before but these past three days were worse. Greta doesn’t want to loose her job or she would have quit a long time ago.

This work is one she enjoys doing and she has married herself to it. Since she can’t have a personal life, she married her work and loves her marriage. She can’t loose it.

It’s 9pm in the night when she was finally done. She and her boss are the only soul remaining in the whole building. She packed her things, ready to leave.

“It’s late, I’ll take you home, Miss Danes.” He said curtly, his jacket removed and hanging loosely in his arm.

Greta’s heart fluttered. She composed herself. “No, thank you, sir. But I can’t burden you—”

“It’s no burden. I can’t bear it on my conscience if you get hurt on the road, I want to personally see to it that you get to your destination.” He was already walking out, leaving her to follow.

Greta took a deep breath in resignation and followed him out. She wondered which conscience he was talking about. The whole world knows that Gregor Williams doesn’t have a conscience.

Too bad her frozen heart don’t seem to think it’s a big deal.

But even if the heart is willing, what about the body?

……..To be continued.

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