Tears apart episode 10



Joanna could feel her herself running through a dark and endless tunnel.

A bottomless pit.

Then she felt herself being lifted up and thrown on the ground,with a gentle thud.

She opened her eyes and gasped.

Even in the darkness,she knew where she was.

Inside a shrine.

Joanna tried to stand up but her legs were in pains and she couldn’t do so.

She looked around and saw the alter with different idles.

A basin of blood layed beside the alter.

Joanna searched frantically about for a way out but found none.

If there was a way out of the shrine, Joanna was yet to see it.

Forcing herself to her feet,she looked about yet again.

She would never give up. She had always been courageous.

“No. I have to do something.” Joanna said and closed her eyes, gathering her powers.

Immediately,the shrine started to shake but Joanna didn’t bulge.

She closed her eyes tightly, gathering her powers then suddenly…a voice.

“Help…help me!!” The voice cried and Joanna forced her eyes open, burning fiercely with blue light.

Joanna was trying hard, trying so hard to control the blue fire.

She was losing it…she was losing the battle. Then she glanced at the alter and…

Boom! The shrine caught fire,over taking the voice calling out to her for help.


Uganda!! What’s happening! It seems the shrine is in trouble!!” A gruffed voice said,grom the middle of people wearing white and red. Men and women.

Uganda the chief priest ran around the people, chanting his incantations.

He struck his stick full of cowries in the bushy ground and looked angrily at the dark sky.

‘That man!! That man in the hole who has come to preach false God to our people is up to something!

We must go back to the palace before this sacrifice. Now!!” Uganda said as they all lined up marching away, straight to the shrine.

The fire was coming closer and closer as Joanna stared in horror.

No! She would not stand and watch this fire roasted and kill her here!

Wait….her tears….only if she could cry…her tears would send down rain and quench the fire.
Closing her eyes, Joanna allowed emotions take over her body.

Her eyes filled with tears, heavy tears as she blinked.

Uncontrollable tears ran down her cheeks and a heavy rain poured down right inside the shrine.

Immediately,the fire began quenching off.

Even though she was in tears, Joanna was smiling… smiling happily as the fire died down.

“Help me…help me!!” Joanna could hear the voice again and she ran around, trying to locate the direction of the voice but no!

It seemed to be coming from every direction.

Joanna stood at a soot, afraid to use her powers. Would she be able to control it this time?

Breathing in,she closed her eyes gathering her powers again.

She traced her step to the direction of the voice and opened her eyes.

She found it.

She forced her eyes open and fought greatly against the blue light and this time,she won.

Quickly,she ran through a dark corner and lifted up a plank then look in.

She gasped.

Even though it was dark,she could see the owner of the voice was a man.

His hands and legs were tied.

“I’m sure you were the one God told me is coming to save me! Hurry up and do something! They are coming!”

The man said from the hole and quickly, Joanna grabbed the ladder beside the hole and put it inside.

There was no time to get confused of ask questions.

She entered into the hole and yank off the rope from the man’s hand and feet and they both came out together.

“I know the way out! Follow me!” The man shouted.

“Hurry up!” Joanna said and they raced out of the dark corner.

They froze as they came out, standing face to face with Uganga and the people with him.

Uganda looked dangerous and murderous as he looked at them.

“You! Who are you and what are you doing in my shrine!

You foreign traitor..wbo has sent you here! How dare you try to rescue a traitor!”

Uganga roared and Joanna held tightly to the man’s hand.

“Tommorow..you shall face judgement!! Obudu!! Seize her!!”

No..no!! Joanna shouted in her head but she saw herself doing nothing to stop them but instead she was surrendering herself..to them..

The next morning, Joanna could see clearly where she was.

A village.

She was taken out from where she was being kept last night and taken to the king’s palace with the offence of trying to rescue a traitor.

The king declared that Joanna should be buried alive.

That was the punishment in the kingdom to thieves and traitors.

Without wasting a minute,two guards carried Joanna and off they left for the bush in the company of the native doctor.

The villagers followed them too, wondering where the foreign girl came off.

“Who’s she? And why is she trying to save a traitor preaching a false God?

“Is she not too young to be buried alive?”.

“I pity her. May her soul rest in peace.’

The villagers continued talking till they got inside the bush.

Joanna could not believe that this was actually happening to her…that she was going to die like this.

When the guards grabbed her and threw her into the large hole,which had already been digged out…very deep…she gave up on herself… losing her courage…

She tried bringing out tears..to cause rain but she couldn’t.
The first sand hit her in the face and she closed her eyes.

Was this how she was going to die?

But what was really her offence? How could a kingdom with so much wickedness exist?

Joanna could not even scream….she couldn’t do anything….she only have up the ghost even before her death could come.

She succumbed to death and closed her eyes more tightly as they started pouring sand on her………her face..her legs….her whole body…the villagers watched.. watched and watched…. Joanna being covered up with sand……….


Buried alive!!

Poor Joanna,now what??

What next??.. Does that means she’s dead and gone??

Hmm…. But miracles happens, right??!!

What happens next??

Find out in the
Next thrilling episode!!☠️?☠️


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