Tears apart episode 13



“I will! Just …help me save my daughter. I will tell you everything I know, please!” Ijeoma cried, pleadingly.

“Please… Joanna. Whatever it is..try to control your feelings.

Remember..this girl is dying and this might be the only time we have to prove that there is a greater power.” Amos admonished.

Without any other word, Joanna held Amos hand and he began to pray..while Joanna gathered her powers.

Just then the king and his cabinets arrived, confused at the scene they met.

As soon as the spirit was connected to hers, Joanna went straight to Vera and latest her hand on her head.

Almost immediately,Vera fell down and the screaming stopped.

The villagers we’re shocked.

You could imagine the greater shock on Uganga’s face as he stared at Vera.

Just then,a black demon which Joanna and Uganga could see alone jumped out of Vera and ran into Uganga who shouted,his eyes growing wide.

“What’s happening! Hey!!”.

“What’s happening to our chief priest!!”

The whole place was in chaos.

Vera opened her eyes, looking around as she sat up.

Ijeoma ran to her, shouting for joy.

The people could not believe it…that there was a greater power than that of Uganga’s.

“This is just little thing compared to what God can do. Give him a chance and your life will be better.” Amos said.

The villagers were speechless as they watched their chief priest screaming like a mad man.

“Go back to your burnt shrine and remain there till you die with your miserable gods for today…a new king and the only true God has come!”

Joanna commanded, turning to face Uganga who laughed madly again and scurried off, doing as commanded.

The villagers bowed,fear gripping everyone of them.

“Please,! Forgive us! We have done great evil against you and the only true God! Please.. tell him to forgive us!”

One of the villagers said and Amos smiled.

“You shall do that by yourself for God forgives all sinners and draw them closer to his side.”

“If you want forgiveness…all of you should knee down. Bowing to your fellow human being is wrong.

You must bow to the only true God. Go down in your knees let’s pray.”

Joanna said and the villagers all went down in their knees but the king remained standing.

Joanna looked at him.” And you too.”

“What? Me!!” The king asked.

“Yes and remove your caps. Everyone.” Joanna said, turning to the elders.

They removed their caps as Amos and Joanna knelt down to and they began to pray.


“Why?”Joanna asked, trying to fight back the tears that threatened to come out.” Why did you kidnapped me and sold me to destruction? Why?”

Joanna asked yet again, controlling every of herself… trying all her possible best not to scream no cry.

They were in Mama’s house. Ijeoma was kneeling down while her daughter sat with Mama on the chair.

Amos was beside Joanna, comforting her.

“It was the devil…I was influenced….I was…..” Ijeoma started to say.

“You don’t!” Joanna shouted and the zinc outside squeaked.”

Have any justification to justify your crimes.”

Joanna added and looked at Ijeoma as she knelt on the floor.
” I’m not sure what I’m seeing now. I’m really not sure of it…but one thing is clear to me.

In my vision…I saw your twin sister as a ghost..in anger…pain and agony trying to take me back but she could not. Does that mean I’m her child?”

“I can’t believe this.” Mama said, sitting up.
Her wrinkled face was full of tears. “Aahh! Ijeoma…you have done your worst!

If this is true…that means you sold your own sister’s baby out to prostitution?” Mama asked and Ijeoma shook her head.

“No ..it can’t be possible..I…I… couldn’t have sold Ifeoma’s baby. She died with the pregnancy!”Ijeoma said, looking at everyone desperately.

Yes..that was the truth…she was sure it was the truth.

“Tommorow…we shall go back to the city…to find the woman who you kidnapped from. You said you Kno her.”
Joanna said gently.

“Yes! I Know her very well. She’s going to recognize me…if she sees me.”

Ijeoma said. She broke down into tears again. She was surely going to prison.

Joanna looked at Amos.” Can .. you come with me, please?” Joanna asked and Amos smiled.

“No…. Joanna. You know very well that I have to stay here in this village..to teach them so many things.

I’m sorry… Joanna…I can’t follow you but you will still come back. Right?” Amos asked.

Joanna smiled and hugged him.” Yes of course. Thanks to you….I know so much already.” Joanna said, resting her head on his shoulder.

Amos smiled again.”And thanks to you…you’ve been a great help to me.”

Ijeoma sat on the floor, regretting everything she had done in the past…which also made her husband leave her.

“Mum…you are wicked..so wicked. I wish I never had a mother…not like you!” Vera said suddenly and mama held her hand from saying more.

Ijeoma cried more. Amos left layer on while Joanna sat still outside,
waiting for tommorow to meet the woman…the woman who seemed to try all her possible best to protect her.

Very early in the morning Joanna and Ijeoma left for the city while Vera decided to stay with Mama.

She was scared if living with her mother again.

At about noon….they were almost arriving the city streets when it happened.

A ghastly motor accident.

The bus which Joanna and Ijeoma entered collided with an over speeding trailer…which gave everyone a dashed hope that someone might survive it.

Blood flowed from the bus… which was now wrecked….still under the trailer.

The blood flowed all over the road. People were screaming, crying as the bus remained still….. another bus was called immediately,so they could check for survivals…..but certainly they knew..that everyone was in pieces and dead…….


Hmmmmm….what a pity!!??

Joanna and Ijeoma…are they really dead now??

Joanna…is she really dead too?

Find out in the
next thrilling episode!!☠️?☠️




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