Esther and Joanna hugged for a considerable long time before they disengaged.

Joanna looked over at a confused Ikenna and ran to him. She hugged him too, feeling so happy.”Thank you, Ikenna. Thank you for being her son!”

Even though he did not understand, Ikenna still smiled and hugged her back.

“I’m sorry for all the pains I caused everyone. I’m not trying to ask for forgiveness.

I’m ready to turn myself in….for the police. Get the police…I’m ready to die in jail for I have no reasonable reasons to live again.” Ijeoma cried.

Joanna turned to face her as they disengaged.”

Of course you are going to prison…you should become a prisoner for all the pains you made me go through.”

“No… Joanna. Don’t say that. Who knows maybe you would have faced a lot of troubles if I had succeeded in my plan back then.” Esther said.

“It would have been better… other than being sold out by my aunt.” Joanna said.

Ijeoma smiled with tears in her eyes, regretting everything she had done.

Friends… friends…if that single word could be removed from the surface of the Earth …..then so many people would be save.

If wishes were horses, everyone would have a ride.
If she could turn back the hands of time,she would undo whatever she had done in the past.

If she could rewrite the stars…she would become a better person. Now it was late…too late for her ……


“Hmm. Incredible. So…you went through all this alone?” Esther asked,after listening to what Joanna told her.

She could not believe… almost did not believe it that a girl of fifteen year old could be so courageous,fearless and talented….gifted!

“Yes and I thank God I did not give up when I thought everything was over. Right now…I feel fulfilled like I’ve found my real family.” Joanna said happily.

Esther breathed in and looked at Joanna. She went closer to her and hugged her to herself.
“Amarachi….do you really want your aunt to go to jail? Remember….no matter what she has done to you….she’s still your aunt…infact..your second mum.

She’s a carbon copy of your mother for they are so identical.” Esther said.

Joanna wanted to say something when the door opened and Ikenna came in with his school bag. Joanna ran to hug him.

“How was school!” She asked as they disengaged.

“Well…it was still boring without you. I really wish you back in school already.

Ikenna’s face lit up as he remembered something.
” Guess mum did not tell you what happened to madam Kofta?”

Joanna looked back at Esther, waiting for the news.

“Madam Kofta’s brothel has been closed down by the police.

She has been sent into prison with all the people working for her.

As I speak to you now…her big house is under surveillance with CCTV cameras everywhere.
The news papers are everywhere with the news just few weeks ago… even on all TV channels.

When Ikenna told me what happened to you…I felt so sad and guilty you left without anyone helping you.” Esther said.

“Aunty Justina….what happened to her?” Joanna asked.

“Justina? We I don’t really know but I remembered that all the young girls working for her were granted bail because she forced them into the business.

You have no fear any longer, Amarachi.

I will raise you up and take good care of you….. for you are the daughter I never had.Come.” Esther said as she opened her arms wide, smiling.

Joanna walked to her and they embraced.

Ikenna stood there, knowing fully well that he would never be able to take Joanna as his true sister.


It was too late…he was falling for the beautiful thing already!!

Well… Ikenna shrugged. That is a thought and a story for another day…for now…he needed to join in this wonderful warm embrace!!


Ijeoma tried to raise her hand but an overwhelming pain engulfed her.
She knew she would never be able to survive this pain…
she knew she would never be able to prove she was sorry for all she had done.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she looked at the window..at the beautiful sun set in the sky…at the beautiful cream colored clouds.

The door opened and Joanna slowly walked in.
Ijeoma looked at Joanna as she came in and more tears rushed out.

Joanna tried to fight back her own tears as she looked away.
” I’m here to tell you that I’ve dropped all the charges against you.

I have nothing against you anymore. Just get better and prove how sorry you are for all the things you’ve done in the past.”

Joanna said and turned to leave when Ijeoma held her back.

“Joanna…now that you are here… kindly.. forgive me..(Struggling to talk) forgive me so I can have some peace.

I know I deserve no forgiveness but just find a place in your heart to forgive a devil like me.
” Ijeoma said with struggle in her voice and tears.

Joanna could not help it. Her own tears streamed down her face as she turned back abruptly and bent down, hugging Ijeoma.”
I’ve forgiven you,aunt. Just get better and come back to us.” Joanna said and Ijeoma smiled, breathing in.

Immediately she breathed in,her face changed.
Her hand slipped away from Joanna’s and her body became limp.

Joanna watched with horror as Ijeoma’s smile faded away and as her eyes gradually closed in death.

“Aunty.” Joanna called quietly as she shook her body.

She did not move,nor did her eyes open.

“Aunty Ijeoma.” Joanna called again and when she heard nothing,her eyes widened as she shook her vigorously.

“Aunty Ijeoma! Aunt!! Aunty!!” Joanna shouted.

Esther rushed in with the doctor. Esther held Joanna back while the doctor rushed to Ijeoma, checking her eyes and wrist,then shook his head, before turning to look at Esther.

“She’s gone. Cover her up.”he announced sadly before leaving the room.

“No ….no …no!!” Joanna screamed and this time,she lost control of herself. The wall clock fell and broke.

The curtains flew off and the windows shook.

“Joanna, please,get hold of your self!” Esther cried as she watched everything in the room falling.

“Tell me she’s not dead…no…!!”, Joanna cried as she watched Ijeoma’s body laying there on the bed…still and limp…never to raise again.

That day…… rain fell like never before…it rained and rained…for Joanna…the courageous… gifted girl with uncommon powers cried a river.




Joanna went back to school and finished her secondary school.

At seventeen,she learnt how to use her powers for God only and how to keep them under control.

With the help of Esther and Uzo,she was sent to England where she furthered her studies and became a lawyer while Ikenna read mass communication.

Mama died hapily after seeing her granddaughter becoming successful in life. She blessed Vera who took care of her all the while…. schooling altogether.

While in the village, Joanna saw how everyone and everything had changed.

All thanks to Amos who has transformed them with the power of God but she never saw him again.

Vera became a banker with the help of her fiance who sponsored her education.

Joanna and Vera became best of Friends.They became inseparable sisters.

Two years later after career pursuit, Ikenna proposed to Joanna and they got married.

The marriage was blessed with two boys and a girl.

They lived happily ever after in love, wealth and peace.


The story finally has come to an end…..for every story must surely have it’s ending.

The rest is left to you…..to make a lesson out of it.

In this story…there are many lessons to learn from it…

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