The Bad Boy Has A Daughter.
Sequence 31
*Noah’s point of view*
I was scared out of my f-----g mind! I didn’t know what to do. The car won’t stop. I was going to fall off the bridge, and die. Then Ryder would win the race, and Anna’s abductor would kill her and Drew would have Casey!
Is this it? After all my fighting? I was going to die leaving all the ones I loved in jeopardy?
F-----g no!
I wasn’t going to die! I was going to win this f-----g race!
My heart beat accelerated and with my newly found confidence, I took a sharp turn, twisting my injured shoulders.
“Ahh!” I screamed, the tired screeched, and the car went s full 360 degrees before moving on a strained line.
If the car wasn’t going to stop because the brakes were faulty all the more reason why I couldn’t loose.
I increased the speed of my car, and it roared in response, sweeping through the bridge. I spotted Ryder in no time, moving a little slowly.
He peeped out the window the shock in his face was hilarious. I could see the way his hand was shaking on fear and his eyes pleasing with me to give up.
But I wasn’t backing down. I wasn’t going to fall for that. So what did Ryder do? Since he realized that he couldn’t out race me, he decided to slow me down by hitting me repeatedly.
Slamming my car against his, we battled to move ahead, and Ryder was winning.
The painkillers were totally worn off and my shoulders, both of them were bleeding all over my shirt. Even my head started to pound because of the collision with it and the door, then the headboard.
“Just f-----g die already!” I heard Ryder scream, winding down his glass in visible anger.
“F--k you Ryder, I’m not letting you take my girl without a fight!” I screamed back. Trying to overtake Ryder but hit my car, sending it flying towards the bridge edge again. He was pushing me.
I applied more pressure to the accelerator and struggled to push Ryder’s car backwards.
If he continued like this, we could both fall off the bridge.
“What the f--k are you doing?” I shouted.
“I’d rather die than let you win” He screamed back. By now we were both at the edge of the bridge and I could hear the water splashing below.
“Ryder! Stop! This is madness! I’m going to loose Casey!” I roared, almost crying. I couldn’t die now.
“I don’t f-----g care about your other side chick!”
“She’s my daughter!”
Ryder stopped, applying the brakes to his car, leaving us hanging by the bridge.
“What?” He asked, turning off his engine and wiping his face.
“Drew has my daughter, someone kidnapped Anna, I need yo win this race, man. I can’t loose them.”
Ryder looked at me as if I had grown two heads. By now I was in tears, I covered my face with my palm.
I heard Ryder come out of his car and slam the door.
“You’re shitting me!” He said, coming to my window to stare at me.
Shitting him? This is real life shit!
“You think I’m racing because o love it. Drew took Casey and someone got to Anna and they are both asking for a ransom. I’m in the f-----g game because of it!”
Ryder looked bewildered.
“Just f-----g go and win your f-----g race already! Isn’t that what you want?! F--k off Ryder!”
I screamed, I didn’t really know what was making me angry but I just needed to let out some steam. I didn’t want anyone staring at me with pity and I wasn’t going to beg Ryder to not throw me off this bridge, my car was already hanging half way, my shoulders were bad, I could hardly drive. I was f-----g tired!
D--n! I was f-----g tired of this!
I sank to my knees, my shoulders slumping to the floor and my head buried against the floor. The tears came running with so much speed to put my car to shame.
I couldn’t take this anymore!
I f-----g couldn’t!
“Get the f--k off the floor, Noah!” Ryder shouted.
“Get lost! Go win your stupid race! You don’t need to shove it down my face. I lost already” I couldn’t raise my head so he wouldn’t see my face.
“Then you’ll loose your daughter, and the only girl I’ve ever seen you with” Ryder sank to the floor with me. Sitting on the floor, and raising my hard up so I met his eyes.
What the hell? He was supposed to be jumping in his car and going to the finish line.
I stared at him with confusion. “What are you doing? F--k off Ryder!”
“Shut the f--k up! Look, I’m anything, an a-----e, a womanizer, I f--k bitches, I spend lavishly. Hell I f-----g smoke. But you know what I’m not. A sadist. I don’t derive happiness from hurting people. I f-----g race because I love it. And I love winning fairly. But having you loose your daughter and b---h so I could win this f-----g race. Hell to the f-----g no!” Ryder said.
“No f-----g person should kidnap another man’s b---h and take his daughter. That’s sick man! Why would Drew f-----g do that? I’d rather someone face me like a man than take what I love and use it against me!”
Wait? What?! Was this Ryder? The Ryder who like ves racing and always wanted to win.
“I don’t even f-----g care about winning. I have enough money to last for three generations. I race because I love it and I wanna prove that I’m the best but not at the expenses of someone loosing the only people in his life”
To say I was shocked was an understatement. I was mortified. Dumbfounded, dumbstruck. Anything to express surprise.
“Who the f--k are you?” I asked, looking up at Ryder who was on his feet in a second.
“I’m Ryder, f----r! Now get the f--k up, get into my car and drive off to the finish line!”
“Are you for real?” I asked, but Ryder ignored me, dragging me to my feet and taking me to his car.
He looked behind us. “Your car is done for, you’re going to use mine”
He pushed me into the driver seat and went to the passenger seat.
“F-----g drive, motherfucker, your daughter and b---h is waiting for you!” Ryder shouted, twisting his keys and the car roared in response.
“You want me to drive your car to the finish line. And win this race. Did you hit your head so hard and you’ve lost your f-----g mind?!”
“Ok fine”. Ryder proceeded to open my door, “Get the f--k out, while I win this race, and get your b---h!”
“Ok fine, jeez!” I stomped on the accelerator and the car jerked in motion , moving away from the edge of the bridge. My car tilted before falling off into the water. The loud crash was years and Ryder held unto the door handle. He was scared.
“Thanks Ryder, I owe you for this” Ryder looked at me, gave me a small smile, I smiled too. And his face changed.
“Move f----r, before I change my f-----g mind!”
I felt the steering, stomped on the accelerator and zoomed off.
I’m coming Anna, and you too Casey. Daddy’s gonna come save you. Just hold on.
To be continued

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