The Bad Boy Has A Daughter.
Sequence 34
*Noah’s point of view*
My lungs were closing up. The smoke was becoming too much for my respiratory system to handle and I coughed loudly, trying to open my eyes too look at Anna but she was took unconscious, and the smoke she was inhaling wasn’t helping issues.
“I’m sorry Noah. But I had to do this” Theo said, taking a step backwards before looking at the fire that was surrounding us. The fire had almost covered the whole room, only in a few more minutes, it would get to the tanker I was handcuffed to and everywhere was going to explode. Anna was still hanging off the chains from the roof. The fire burning just beneath her.
I wanted to cry, I badly wanted to cry. Anna was going to die because of me. Because of me!
“Theo please in God’s name I beg you. Leave me here all you want. But please let Anna go. Please” I pleaded watching the flames go higher and higher.
I struggled my hand out of the handcuffs, but it wouldn’t bulge, I tried harder, screaming curses at Theo but he stood there, watching the flames, I could see the pain in his eyes. But the hatred was still visible.
I couldn’t look, I hit the handcuffs, groaning loudly in pain. But it didn’t even crack. With frustration I screamed loudly, leaving the tears to run down my face.
I was defeated, there was no use fighting anymore, this was the end of the road for me. I never got to do anything in my life, I dedicated the last three years of my life racing to pay my father’s debt, and the little sunlight and sourse of happiness that I had found was about to be taken away from me.
I just met Anna a week ago, bad Casey too. I don’t even had the chance to bond with Casey, and the last thing I had told Anna was that I hated her. I regretted my actions that day. If only I hadn’t been so angry with her then Theo wouldn’t have gotten her.
“I’m sorry Noah, but I had to do this” Theo said, before walking away leaving us in the midst of the fire, I glanced up to see Anna was waking up.
My heart perked up, and she coughes, looking around, fear closed those hazel eyes and she struggled, looking at the fire beneath her.
“Hey!” I chocked out, Anna eyes found mine and I saw the relief in them for a moment before the fear took over.
“Noah! What’s going on? It’s Theo, he was the one!”
“I know” I said, bowing my head in shame, before staring back at her.
“I’m scared Noah, I don’t want to die” She cried, struggling out of the chains, but it felt as if the fire knew and rose higher causing Anna to scream at the heat.
“Anna! Look at me! Look over here, don’t look at the fire, just look at me. There’s something I want to tell you. And I need your eyes on me, me only”
Anna stopped struggling, and locked her eyes with mine, I could see the tears glittering in her eyes.
“The first day I met you, that day in the alley. I had seen you before you walked up to me. I was bleeding because of an accident during the race, stupid Ryder. I couldn’t take my eyes off you. You looked so angry talking to someone on the phone, and beneath all that anger the beauty there was shocking. And I thought that was it but when you walked up to me, those eyes, sparkling hazel eyes, rendered me motionless as I got lost in them. You looked so concerned, you didn’t even care if I was a serial killer, no, you took me in and treated me. And then that kiss we shared that day. My heart stopped beating for that moment”
I saw a tear fall from Anna’s face and into the fire that she had forgotten was there, she stared at me and I felt the love radiating from her.
“And when I was transferred to your school. I couldn’t help but Wonder if I’d see you again. But luck was on my side and when I saw you my heart leapt with joy. Then Casey came..”
My heart ached. “You treated her as if she were yours, you didn’t detest her, most girls don’t want that kind of responsibility, but you didn’t care. You got us things, you sacrificed yourself to save her. I couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks to Ryder for injuring me that day if not I’d never have met someone as wonderful as you. Without you I feel lost, like a sail in the middle of the ocean with no direction. You complete me Anna, you make me whole, you make me want to give up on all these and be with you. I love you Anna, I love you with all my heart and all my soul”
“Oh Noah” Anna cried, “I love you too, I always have and I always will. Even in death Noah, my heart belongs to you” She said.
And for a moment it felt as if everything had stopped and the fire was no more seen, I couldn’t feel the heat penetrating its way through my flesh as I got lost in Anna’s eyes.
It was over.
“So there was a family reunion and no one cared to invite me” A voice called out, breaking me and Anna’s moment.
I turned to it’s direction, seeing a figure step into the warehouse, he looked the same, black hair with white streaks, green eyes, tall frame.
“Dad?” I asked softly. Not believing who I was seeing.
“Hello son” He said, coming to my side, he glanced at the handcuffs and took out a screw driver from his pockets.
“No! Get Anna first” I turned to Anna and she looked surprised as well.
My dad went to the lever and twisted it to the right so the chains moved towards his direction, before slowly dropping to the floor in front of him.
“What are you doing here? How did you know?” I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw my dad pick a chainsaw from the floor before turning to Anna.
“Stay still” he commanded then started it. Anna shook a little, closing her eyes in fear.
The chainsaw broke the padlock, causing the chains to fall off. Anna ran to me almost immediately, my dad following behind her.
“I came to give Theo the last money, and see you. But Ryder said you were here, so I decided to see you first. I’m sorry son”
“You left me, you didn’t turn back. Why?”
My handcuffs came off next and I picked Anna hugging her, feeling her close to me, before picking my lips with hers.
It felt like my heart had started working again, and it’s best increased, sparkles flew and even in the midst of the fire I felt cold ice run down my spine.
“I love you, Noah”
“I do too” I breathed out.
“Uhm, guys as much as I love you guys kissing and stuff, we have to get out of here” My dad said, taking my arm, I held unto Anna, I wasn’t going to loose her again.
“Be careful, don’t step there” he announced, taking us through the heat, as we walked through the parts that weren’t totally consumed by fire.
Anna coughed, squeezing my hand, I looked at her and her hazel eyes were blood shut.
“Hold on, it’s just for a little longer” I encouraged, stuffing back the cough rising in my throat, my eyes were watery and I could hardly breathe.
“What happened?” My dad asked, pushing away a burning wood with his feet.
“It was Theo, he never really forgave you for running away with the cars. He was going to kill us to get back at you for Mira’s death”
“Why did you leave us dad, I race everyday to pay for your crimes, Anna was in this message because of you!”
“What?” My dad turned to me obviously confused. “I send about a thousand dollars to Theo every month to give you so you could give Drew. But I guess he never told you that. I came here to pay the last thousand dollars, and take you away from here”
After a few minutes, we came outside and Anna rushed to the side coughing seriously, i wanted to walk up to her but my dad Drew me back.
“I swear Noah. I gave Theo the money to give you. I would never leave you with the burden of paying Drew back. I would never do that to you”
I couldn’t speak. I was too shocked. My dad had been giving Theo the money to give me, and Theo never mentioned anything about it. He still allowed me to race and risk my life. He wanted to kill me, Anna and even Casey. Even after taking Everything.
But I didn’t have the time to reply because I saw the car first, the black car I had seen earlier, running towards Anna with a high speed. But she was too busy coughing and trying to regain her breathing to notice it.
“Nooo!!” I screamed, running towards her and pushing her out of the way, but I wasn’t so lucky as the car hit me sending me over it.
My bones broke and my body felt light as it flew over the car before landing on the floor with a thud.
I couldn’t hear, I was still seeing the flames eating up the warehouse and the black car had stopped, I could see Anna running towards me.
I could feel the heat of the flames here, and the pains that travelled through every inch of my body causing me to remain motionless on the ground.
Then my eyes couldn’t take it anymore, it shut itself even when I tried, but my body was too tired, to tired from all these.
The last thing I felt was Anna’s tears on my face before I gave in finally to the darkness.
To be continued..

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