THE BEST OF ME episode 16

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March 26th, 2019. 10:35PM

Day 16 of 35 (Unedited)

episode 16

‘Ma’am I am.’ She began but I put my hand on her lips and walked backwards with her.

I closed the door as quietly as I could as the tears rolled down my cheeks, when we got to her desk

I removed some hundred kwacha notes from my bag and placed them on the table.

‘Please don’t tell him I was here.’ O said as more tears fell

I could feel my heart breaking into a million times over, Mwewa had screwed me over times without number and he was unapologetic about it. I thought we were going somewhere, I thought we were going to make it work once again but he had done what he had learnt to do best, he hurt me.

As I got to the car in the parking lot I couldn’t hold it back any longer, I allowed the tears to burn my cheeks.

How could he? What had I not done? Given up my single life to love and cherish him for better for worse. Had I not bore him a child and allowed my skin to stretch never to go back to it’s old self? Had I not opened my legs wide enough and bent over a million times over? Had I not been a good wife? I had loved him with everything in me and yet he still decided to hurt me.

After crying till I couldn’t anymore I started the car and drove him, Ellen had gone to her grandmother’s place and i had asked the maid to take the day off. Initially I had wanted to spend this day with my husband but I had another thing coming.

So after getting home I took a cold shower and drunk some sedatives.


‘Ellie the judge is ready to see you.’ The officer said waking her up from her thoughts

She wiped the little tear that had formed at the corner of the eye

‘Alright.’ She responded wondering why she was seeing him today

The officer walked with her to the interrogation room.

‘Mrs. Musonda.’ He began

‘Your honor.’ She responded dryly

‘I don’t want to take much of your time.’

‘Okay.’ She responded her eyes piercing his skin

He was scared of her, there was something about the way she carried herself that made the hairs on his back stand.

‘Yande will no longer be in charge of your case.’

She didn’t flinch

‘I am surprised you are not saying anything.’

‘I wasn’t brought here because of Yande your honor.’ She said

‘Alright, your next interrogation will be tomorrow seeing they are hand overs that have to be done.’ He said

She turned on her feet to walk away

‘He is Abigail’s elder brother.’

‘Okay.’ She responded

‘Okay? That’s it?’

‘Your honor my fight is not with her or Yande or anyone. My fight is with my husband and as long as Mwewa is still alive, I have scores to settle.’ She said making him shiver

The officer walked her back to her cell and locked her up.

Ellie sat there with a heavy heart thinking, this was the hardest part of her past. This is what had gotten her to where she was because she had refused to believe that her husband was the same man she had seen pants down.


I was woken up to the sound of running water skd I knew that Mwewa was back, the pills must have worked because I had slept the entire afternoon.

‘Hey baby.’ He said kissing me on the forehead

The water from his lips touched me, I didn’t know what to say or how to behave. I was numb.

‘How was work?’ He asked dropping his towel

I felt sick seeing him like that, memories of the afternoon rushing back at me.

I ran to the bathroom and relive myself, I puked alot that my throat hurt.

‘Baby are you okay?’ He asked with weary in his voice but that made me more sick

‘I am fine.’ I said flashing

I stood up and washed my mouth from the sink, I left him standing there.

He was worried the entire night and he kept checking on me, the next few days I was still down with a fever so I called the family doctor who came to do some tests on me.

‘What is the problem doctor?’ I asked as he packed his tools

‘Congratulations Mrs. Musonda you are going to be a mother.’ He said


Ellie sighed hard, a pregnancy is something that was supposed to move her but she wasn’t. Instead she thought of the kind of environment she was going to be raising her second child in.

Her and her husband were barely happy and now that.


‘Ma’am are you okay?’ He asked

‘I am sorry.’ She lied through her teeth

‘If that is it then I will be on my way. I will make sure to write you the diet that you must follow so that you keep this baby healthy.’

‘Thank you.’ I responded

‘Doctor can I ask that you don’t tell my husband anything, I would love to be the one to break the news to him.’ I added

I could see the uncertainty on his face, he had been our doctor long enough and this must have come as a surprise to him.

The next few weeks I continued to go on about my life as if everything was okay. I didn’t tell Mwewa anything about the pregnancy and I had not mentioned that I had seen him in his office with a lady pants down.


Ellie sighed holding on to her tummy. How could a love so beautiful turn into a hate so cold, Mwewa had made her suffer intensely.

‘Mwewa.’ She said with a tug at her heart as she thought of the dark clouds that continued to roam over her home.


‘I am sorry but you have lost the baby.’ The doctor said to me

I had kept the pregnancy for two months without telling my husband anything. He had been too busy to notice either and so when I miscarried I kept that a secret too.

I stopped trying to make our marriage work, I stopped trying to make things better. He was not trying hence what was the point.


Ellie closed her eyes thinking back at everything that had brought her into this place, she couldn’t recognize who she was anymore. The anger and pain had turned her into a totally different person.

‘Mrs. Musonda tomorrow you will have to face your husband, it seems the judge has changed the process.’ The officer said screaming from outside the cell

She didn’t bother to open her eyes, she still remembered how he had looked at her that day as she dug the knife into his flesh. She had down it void of any emotions, she had become a monster and now she couldn’t wait to face him again.

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