THE BEST OF ME episode 17

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March 28th, 2019. 9:27PM

Day 17 of 35

episode 17

Ellie had been waiting for this day, for the first time since being brought here she slept like a baby. It was as if she wasn’t even behind bars, what better thing than looking into the eyes of the man who had taken the best of her. Creating a monster that she couldn’t even recognize.

‘Its time to go.’ The guard said

She had just taken a cold bath and
was wearing a new pair of uniforms, they were too big but she didn’t care. Gone were the days when she cared about how she looked, gone were the days when she even paid attention to how her hair or face was looking.

Now all that she cared about was the fact that Mwewa was behind bars and giving to him what he did her.

The guard walked her to the police van outside, they were two other police officers in there and she was made to sit down.

‘Aka ndiye ka koswe kana funa kupaya mwamuna wake (is this the rat that wanted to kill her husband)?’ One of the officers asked

‘Onani, ka oneka ko pama pakamenso (Look at how stubborn she looks).’ The other said

‘Ka zaiziba jele, beans ya boma izakanyesa(She will know prison, the government’s beans will make her shit).’ The first said as the van continued to move

Ellie looked from one officer to the next, it was easier to judge someone by the information given by other people. They had no idea what she had gone through and yet had come up with their own conclusions. They didn’t know what he had put her through and yet were quick to condemn her.

‘We are here.’ The guard said when the car had come to a halt

They led Ellie outside, hands cuffed.

She looked around and recognized the hospital – University teaching hospital. Mwewa had the money to go to any hospital and get treated but his case was in the hands of the government and as such he was being treated like a common criminal.

They walked in together until they got to the male wards, they walked further to the side wards and Ellie guessed one of them was where he was being kept.

Mwewa was seated on the bed covered neck down when Ellie and the officer ushered themselves in, he had a bandage wrapped around his head and a nurse was attending to him.

‘I thought he was getting better.’ The officer said

‘He was but he fell down yesterday.’ The nurse said pointing at the bandage

‘What happened?’

‘He is not talking.’


Ellie’s eyes didn’t leave Mwewa’s face, she was looking at him intensely without a word.

He felt her presence immediately she walked in but he didn’t have the courage to look back at her.

The guard pulled two chairs and sat on one, instructing Ellie to sit on the other.

‘Hello husband.’ She said with a smile looking at him

He didn’t lift his eyes to look at her.

‘I don’t want to talk to anyone.’ He managed to say

Ellie almost laughed but she restrained herself

‘Mr. Musonda the judge made it clear that this be done otherwise he will have no option but to put your daughter up for adoption because none of you are capable of taking care of her.

‘See what you have done.’ He yelled at Ellie who wasn’t even looking at him

‘We could have talked, you could have said something. But you chose silence above everything else and see where that silence has landed us. Now little Ellen is paying for other people’s mistakes.’

‘Stop whining, Ellen will be in good hands I am sure. You could have thought of her well being all those times you were playing around.’ She said before looking the other side

The door opened and the scent hit Ellie first. She turned to look at the man that had just walked in.

‘Brandon.’ The officer said

‘Call me inspector Brandon.’ He said not looking at the officer

‘I will leave you to it, the last inspector forgot his job and acted unprofessional. The judge hopes that you will be different.’

‘I will do my job.’ He said

He turned to look at Ellie who was staring out the window, he moved there and closed the blinds. He needed her attention. He had studied this case and had all the information on it. He had also investigated the last investigator and he knew he had alot of work to do.

‘I have gone through this case and I must say the both of you are very childish for putting a child’s life at risk.’ He said

‘This one has come with attitude.’ Ellie said

Brandon didn’t flinch, he just stood there looking at her.

‘I will start with you Mwewa, why didn’t you stop cheating on your wife even after being caught?’

‘Excuse me?’

Brandon sighed

‘I have read and researched more than enough on the both of you, the only thing I am missing here is why you didn’t stop cheating on your wife after being caught. Did it become a part of you or maybe just somehow she was no longer enough?’

‘Please ask.’ Ellie said sarcastically

He shot her a serious eye before turning back to Mwewa

‘I don’t want to talk about it.’ He responded

‘Fine.’ Brandon responded writing down some things in his note book

‘What are you writing?’

‘My notes to the judge, that you cheated on your wife because it is in your nature. Because you were never satisfied and that you just couldn’t get enough. That you are not capable of raising any of your children because what kind of example will you portray. I am writing to the judge that you can’t raise your daughter and she can be put up for adoption.’ He said putting down his pen

Ellie chuckled causing both men to look at her.

‘I like this one.’ She said

‘You can’t come in here and judge me, you can’t come in here and say that whatever I did because I was not satisfied. You have no idea what demons I battled to stay faithful.’

‘There is no excuse for a cheating man, what you did was lay a weak foundation in preparation for the destruction of your home.’

‘So once again I will ask, why did you continue cheating even after being caught?’

There was silence in the room, it’s like a huge elephant had just entered.

‘When I first cheated on my wife with Abby, I had no idea that I would fall in love with her.’

‘Bullshit, a man can not fall in love with two women.’

‘You never walked a day in my shoes so you have no idea what I went through.’

‘And what she did?’ He asked pointing at Ellie

‘I regret doing that.’

‘You don’t, because if you did we wouldn’t be here right now.’

‘I would have made it right, she shut me out. She didn’t want to let me in. How was I supposed to know how she was feeling?’

‘And you think by continuing to cheat then it would have gotten better?’ Ellie asked cutting in

‘I didn’t ask you to talk.’ Brandon shot in catching her off guard

‘I just wanted her to talk to me.’

‘Maybe she would have if you stopped being a busy body. I will see the both of you tomorrow, for the sake of your child I hope you open up.’ He said walking out leaving them shocked

‘What just happened?’ Ellie asked

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