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episode 20


She had never been ghetto, not once allowing herself to get into a fist fight. Not even exchanging words with another woman. She looked at Abby intently and remembered the many times she had thought of killing her child for being the fruit of her husband’s infidelity, the many times she had wanted to kill both mother and child for ruining her marriage. But then again she remembered that she was better than all the pain and hurt, she was trying to be better for her daughter.

‘You know what, have a good life.’ Ellie said moving past her making sure to bump her with her trolley
‘Watch it.’ Yande said before Ellie turned and the two stared deep into each other’s eyes, hurt and hate registering.


“A good brother is not only his sister’s protector but also her moral campus” – Aunt Dalitso

The way she was breathing told him that she must have had a confrontation with Elllie.

‘I swear by the time I am done with her, she won’t be able to recognize herself ever again.’ She said angrily picking her basket

Yande didn’t say anything, he had seen the change in his sister but a part of him had been hoping that it would go away but it wasn’t.

They paid for their things and he drove them home, after coming back in the country she had moved in with him. Of course against her will but he couldn’t allow her to stay alone after what had happened.

He waited for her to put Mwewa Jnr to sleep before calling her to the living room.

‘You called for me?’ she began

Yande sighed.

‘Yes I did.’

‘What’s up?’

‘Mwewa is out of the country and as far as I am concerned, he didn’t leave anything in your name. Or your child’s name. What is your plan?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Abby I don’t have to explain it to you, I am pretty sure you know what I am talking about.’

‘Mwewa might not have left anything in my name or his child’s name but that doesn’t mean that he hates us, he is going to come back and he is going to make me his wife.’

Yande looked at his sister, for a moment not recognizing the person that she had become.

‘Who are you?’ He asked her

She chuckled

‘Yande I am not a child, you made a grave mistake thinking that I am one. I know what I want, I know what is good for me and trust me when I say I am going to get it.’

‘How do you plan on doing that?’

‘I will get a job Yande, I will do everything in my powers to give Mwewa Jnr the life that he deserves. With or without his father’s help.’ She said with gritted teeth

She stood up and straightened her dress.

‘We won’t be here too long, I am just trying to get on my feet.’ She said and walked to the bedroom

Yande sat there not knowing what had just happened, he couldn’t recognize the person he was from talking to. How could that be Abigail, the same little girl their parents had left in his care. He had promised himself to take care of her, to be a better father and brother. He was supposed to be her moral campus, but along the way he had lost it. He had mistaken spoiling her for loving her, not knowing the kind of person that he was creating. But now it was too late, one can do well by raising a child but straightening a grownup is hard.

He got his car keys and stepped out, after driving around for what looked like forever he finally stopped at Embassy shopping Mall. He got out of his car and went to the shawarma place.

After making an order, he settled into the corner of the room. He was busy on the phone when a familiar voice spoke.

He looked up, there she was. Not in the orange pants he was used to. She looked divine and he couldn’t help but wonder why Mwewa had done what he did.

‘Ms. Chisenga.’ He said on his feet

Ellie looked at him emotionless

‘What are you doing here?’

She looked around the place then back at him

‘Forgive me, it’s an eating place.’ He apologized

She excused herself and took a seat directly opposite from the one he had picked for himself.

He didn’t know what to say, but he needed to talk to her. Because he was also waiting for his food, he went and joined her.

She sighed then took out her phone, ignoring him completely.

‘We need to talk.’

She looked up, then back to her phone.

He sighed

‘Ellie this is really important.’

She put her phone down then with intimidating eyes looked at him

‘I know you will probably not believe me but I am so sorry for the way I acted unprofessionally.’

He paused.

She looked at him without a word then started to look at her phone again.


‘What?’ She asked

‘Didn’t you hear what I just said?’

‘I did.’


She sighed, locked her phone then turned it so that the screen was down.

‘I heard you, you acting unprofessionally is non of my business. How you work is all up to you and you owe no one an apology. I mean you are the one on the pay roll.’

‘Wow, that’s all you will say?’

‘What do you want to hear from me exactly?’

‘I just thought that maybe.’

‘Yande we are not friends, we will never be. You don’t owe me anything. Not an apology or a confession, you don’t even owe me friendship. So I wonder why you are making a big fuss out of this .’

‘I am sorry about my sister, about how she came into your life.’

Ellie laughed lightly

‘You were supposed to be more than her protector, more than her biggest cheerleader. You were supposed to be her moral campus but no, you mistook spoiling her for loving her. See where she is now.’

He didn’t say a word, he knew she was right but how could he accept it. He loved his sister and wanted her to make the right decisions. But also he didn’t want to be the reason she did wrong by herself

‘I hope we never meet again.’ She said getting up

Yande quickly grabbed her by her hand, he didn’t intend to do it but it happened.

‘Don’t you ever touch me.’ She hissed

‘I am sorry.’

‘You better be.’ She said walking away

Brandon quickly shielded his face as Ellie passed, he had captured enough photos. This was a good start, it wasn’t much but it was enough to put her where she belonged.

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