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Ada opened the door to their one room apartment without knocking. Her eyes were full of excitement. “Nne, I have landed it,” she shouted in excitement.

Mrs. Okeke looked up from the melon seed she was peeling, a puzzled look on her face. “What have you landed, Ada daddy,” she called her daughter with her pet name.

“The job Nne, I have landed the job,” Ada flopped into a nearby chair excitedly, her eyes beamed with joy.

Mrs.Okeke’s expression changed from that of puzzlement to joy. Her eyes dilated with pure delight. “You must be joking?”. She looked at her daughter skeptically.

“Nne, I am very serious o. Chief Ego has given me the job as his personal assistance. Am I not a lucky girl?”

“Lucky is an understatement for what you have just told me.” Ada’s mother jumped up in delight and raised her hands upward. “Chi moo, May your name be praise. To you, only you be all the glory. Odogwu,” she started singing and dancing as she rejoiced.

Ada looked at her mother, amused by the way her mother was dancing. Years of hardship had made Mrs. Okeke who was once a beautiful woman to look haggard and unattractive. Ada remembered the past with a heavy heart.

Four years ago was just like yesterday and the pains have not dimed. Like a tempestuous wind, disaster had stormed their lives and left them at the mercy of Poverty. The Okekes’ were a complete family; there was the father, mother and six children. Mr. Alan Okeke was an architect who was self employed. His works were highly acclaimed as masterpieces and he was successful as a young man.

Mrs. Nonyelum Okeke was a full time housewife whom her husband chooses to stay back at home and take care of the children. Mr. Okeke believes he was rich enough to give his family all the comforts that they needed and his wife didn’t have to stress herself working for a living.

Mr. Okeke took good care of his family and they were happy and contented with life. Some friends came to Mr. Okeke with a mouth watering business offer. The profit involved was a Hugh amount of money.

Mr.Okeke had never hidden anything from his wife but he took the advice of his friends and didn’t tell his wife about the business deal. He used all his money and also mortgaged his house to raise money to invest into the business.

Mr. Okeke’s first son had just finished secondary school and had sat for several entrance examinations into one of the universities in Canada. Mr. Okeke wanted his son to further his education in Canada and he saw the business deal as an opportunity to give his son the best.

Mr. Okeke invested all his money and waited patiently for the business deal to pull through. Three months later, Mr. Okeke was losing his patience. His friends were not giving him vital informations about the deal. Mr. Okeke became curious and he started digging for information about the containers of goods that his friends said were on their way from Europe. Mr. Okeke’s friends eventually absconded for they had dumped him of all his money. Mr. Okeke fainted when he got to know and he was rushed to the hospital.

He spent some days at the hospital and his family members spent the little money remaining with them to save him. The doctors battled to save his life but their best was not good enough. The news of Mr. Okeke’s death was a big blow to his family.

The Okekes’ were suddenly reduced from grace to nothing.
At the death of their benefactor, the Okekes’ knew lots of suffering. All their properties and all they had was taken away from them by the banks and everyone that their father owned money.

It was from the good will of some friends and relatives that they were able to raise money to rent a room apartment. The life that held so many promises for every one of them suddenly became blank. Mrs. Okeke who had never worked since she got married to her husband was forced to do something to take care of her children.

Friends and relatives deserted them; they were left to carry their cross themselves. Emeka, the first son and Ada who had just left secondary school had to join their mother to do odd jobs. Despite all their efforts, the money was never enough for the up keeping of the house.

Ada has to look for job but she had no qualification except her S.S.C.E result. The few jobs she got were not paying well at all. She continued to seek for a well paying job and she prayed for God’s divine intervention.

Ada’d quest less her to chief Eze through the connections of one of her friends. Chief Eze was said to pay his staffs well.

Chief Eze wanted a young, beautiful and educated lady to be his personal assistance. Ada applied for the job and some days later, she was called for an interview. At the interview, they were interviewed personally by Chief Eze himself. They were hundreds of beautiful educated ladies that came for the interview and Ada felt intimidated. With her low qualification, she doubted if she would get the job and she was depressed. She left the place hoping against hope.

A week after the interview, Ada was surprised when she was called back to Chief Eze’s office. At the office, she was given a letter of employment. The salary and benefits were mouthwatering; Ada’s joy knew no bound.

Who would say God doesn’t answer prayers. He answered her prayers and gave her a good paying job. Her mother and siblings were happy for her. They wished her the best. They all rejoiced and make merry for the good thing that God has done for them. With Ada’s new job and the good salary, they could afford to buy the things that they couldn’t afford before. They were all happy.

Ada resumed work three days later after she was given orientation by a young lady in the organization. Her office was near Chief’s Eze’s Office; Ada was impressed with her new office. It was spacious and had all modern convenient. Her first day at work was a busy one. Chief Eze was a busy man and had loads of work for her to do. Ada attended meeting upon meetings with him and at the end of the day, she was tired and fatigued.

The consequent days that follows were like her first day; there were lots of work to do. Ada was a hardworking girl and she worked hard to please her boss. Chief Eze was impressed by his new PA’s diligent and dedication.

At the end of the month, apart for her salary, he gave her an envelope filled with money in appreciation for her hard work. When Ada opened the envelope, she was surprise. The money in it was rather too much for appreciation.

She thanked her boss heartily and she went home walking on airs. Ada bought some things that the household needed and her mother and siblings were happy for her. They once again prayed for her and wished her well in her new job.

Ada’s mother advised her to work hard and not to relent in her efforts at the office. She told her daughter that with hard work and honesty, she would go places by the special grace of God. Ada continued to be the good girl that she was and worked hard in her duties. She was always busy and had no time to miss with the other staffs in the office. The only time she sees them was when she was coming to work or leaving the office. She greets them but that was as far as it goes.

Ada has no personal relationship with any one at the office. If she was not with Chief Eze in a meeting, she was busy at her desk complying minutes upon minutes for her boss. She was such a busy lady and had no time for idle gossip.

One day, Chief Eze invited Ada out to lunch. He told her that he wanted some time out from work and he felt she should accompany him. Ada didn’t read any meaning to his invitation. She was used to eating out with her boss after a hectic meeting. Ada went with her boss to the restaurant. Chief had already reserved table for them. Ada felt shy beside her boss. She went through the menu she was given by a waiter. She didn’t understand the list of strange foods that was on the menu.

She decided to ask for Fried rice and grilled fish that she was used to. Chief also placed his order and the waiter went to get their food. Ada noticed that chief was given so much respect like a royal personage; she felt very uneasy. Their food came and they started eating; there was a bottle of wine to accompany their meal. As chief’s personal assistance Ada had leant the decorum of the rich. Despite that, she felt very shy as she ate with chief. This was very different from what she was used to. At the other places where they use to take lunch, she was never alone with chief. She was with the other personal assistances while they all wait for their bosses who were in another room having a nice time. This date was different, she was alone with Chief and she felt intimidated.

As they ate, Ada picked at her food. Chief poped the wine and poured some wine into her wine glass; he was behaving gentlemanly and it made her more uneasy.

“Tell me about yourself?”. He asked. His voice was hypnotizing, his eyes on her were seductive.

Ada wondered what Chief wanted from her. What did he want to know about her? From the thousands of ladies that flocked around him, why did he choose to have lunch alone with her?

He noticed her hesitation and coaxed her to talk, his voice held her in thrall. Ada didn’t know what was happening to her at that moment, she wanted to pour out her heart and talk. She had been bottling up so many things and at that moment, she wanted to talk and be free.

“I am…” she started and to her dismay she burst into tears….

The story continues….

Do you think Ada did the right thing by going on a date with her boss?

© Ono Ogiaga

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