The choristers episode 1

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Somebody shout hallelujah!!! started Bro Sydney, the music director. Today, we shall be taking a song by tasha cobbs title YOUR SPIRIT. Emmmm, Lilian you are leading the song. I know we should have scored it by now cause I sent the song to our group chat.

Lilian started taking the song. She ~was taking it quite well. ~Uchechi and her crew wasn’t happy with bro Sydney’s choice of singer. They hated Lilian so much. Lilian just~ joined the choir through elder Daniel’s recommendation.
Lilian is some one who sings with the holy ghost. In fact, she ~doesn’t just sing, she ministers. God’s glory will always be felt each time she handles the mic. This attracted so much hatred to her. Her parents are devoted children~ of God. They hold no post in the church but their stand with God was strong. They impacted Christ in their three children and they are so involved in the work of God.

Chukwudi ~their first son works at the technical crew, henry is the assistant youth coordinator for evangelism. Henry is another firebrand to watch ou~ t for while Lilian is the voice of glory.

After rehearsals, uchechi walked up to bro Sydney.

–bro Sydney, nawa ~o. How can you give a new comer Sunday ministration to handle or h~ as she started giving you what I have been begging you to take?

–what is wrong with you uchechi? What kind of a human being, in fact what kind of a Christian are you? You will leave the choir.
—You say? You no fit. Even the hundred of you no fit. Na me go comot you for choir as choir leader. No think am o. See I’m warning you, don’t ever try to give that stupid girl Sunday service to Handel again o if you still want to be choir director. Nonsence.

She walked away

Bro Sydney got angry.

—My friend stop there. Who do you think you are? If you have succeeded in destroying others you will not get me. ~You are not even suppose to be in the Church of God let alone a worker. You are filled with the spirit of the devil. You will surely leave the choir. What non~ sense!!!!

–hahahaha. Odiegwu. See this one. After kissing pastor’s *daughter. (LAUGHING), are you shocked? Was she not the reason you were made choir director? Idiot. I know all your dirty deals so stop pretendi* ng. We ~na the same. See, your own game na pastor pikin, my own na people wey dey give pastor money for food o. If pastor say no to their request, hunger go kill am. You better be~ have yourself and stop all these holier than thou attitude.

–You are very stupid, sydney replied. I am going to marry her. Even her father knows. I am not like you. Church prostitute. I don’t do your type.

-Hahahahaha, you will marry her, her father knows. Ewu Gambia (Gambia goat) her father also knows you kiss and caress his daughter for free. Her father also knows CHERISH HOTEL AND SUITES where you always have illegal honeymoon with deaconess maria. Oga you no pure abeg. No just push me o.

–Oya wait. Haba you too talk. Nawa o. As you know all these things, wetin you gain (looking around) see as you just dey shout.

— No try me o. Na because I like you o. Oya talk true, between you and that rat, wetin dey?

—–for where? Who? Lilian? Nothing o. That girl record pure die. She no dey do nonsense o. That girl is born-again to the core o.

—–That’s why I hate her. Her integrity make me feel guilty all the time. I want her to be like us.

—–HA! that’s wickedness na. I wish I’m like her. She preach and practise holiness.

—Abeg mah here word. You see that girl, I will deal with her.

—- Deal with who? Pastor’s favourite? Ha!! Na pastor say make she lead ministration on Sunday o. You know Sunday is anointing service. Emmm please, don’t tell anybody about what you know o. Please.

–EHEEEEE, Oya na, (rubbing his neck) we go seal am na. Me wey dey die for you since. Mah come your place na.

–Chai, bad girl. Bible says, whosoever sinneth ,confesseth, shall obtain mercy. No be so?

—HAHAHAHAHA na so oooooooo. 9pm tonite. T.D.B.(she winked at him)


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