The making of love triangle episode 1

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Chapter 1
Josh is my name, man with swag all day and every day. I’m smooth with the ladies, they call me
their prince charming or Mr Lover boy. I love women, tall or short, light or dark. My love for them is
something I can’t explain but I wouldn’t call myself a player. Women, my oh my… women are
gorgeous and dangerous human beings. Women are the reason I’m about to share my story.
I was born from a family of five with brilliant and intelligent siblings but I on the other hand wasn’t
so smart in class. All my siblings went to the university to further their studies but I remained in
the hood chilling, flexing and playing around with the ladies. My father always told me to stop
playing around and go to the university but I refused.

On my 25th birthday, dad bought me a beautiful expensive camera. My camera was in a box for
about two months because I didn’t know how to take good quality pictures with it. I remember it
was one fateful evening when I was invited to a friend’s wedding so I carried my camera. when I
got there, I met professional photographers and one of them introduced himself as Boyd and told
me he was willing to teach me how to become a professional photographer but I had to pay him
k3000 ($300). I hustled here and there and finally raised the money, I paid and I started learning
how to become a professional photographer. A few months later I became very good but had no
connections to earn a lot of money after photo-shoots. Boyd introduced me to Cindy the CEO of
NEXT magazine. Cindy offered me a job as assistant photographer at their office. I really enjoyed
my job because I was sent to big functions to capture the moments and my salary was huge too.
Cindy was a married woman with no kids and so attractive. It was so hard to concentrate at work
because she was very sexy. She was a true definition of an African Queen. One Friday morning
after our board meeting Cindy said” Josh please stay behind after the meeting, I want an update
on the photo shoot with the Finance Minister”. I sat and waited for everyone else to leave the office
then Cindy said “you are a very attractive young man. The reason I employed you isn’t because of
your working skills but because you are handsome. Working with you is very difficult. Even when
I’m drinking my cold water, immediately you pass by my office that water turns to tea because I
feel hot. What I’m trying to say is like you. “ My heart was under my feet, I was happy because I
actually liked this lady too but I had to pretend and act professional so I turned her down.

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