the making of love triangle episode 6

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Zola and I became good friends but we were not a couple. On my wife’s 37th birthday, I decided
to take her out for a nice romantic dinner. When we got to the restaurant we met Zola who said
“hey Josh, long time. Is this your big sister that you always talk about?” I felt embarrassed
because my wife started looking so old, she was five years older than me but she began looking
like she was 12 years older than me. Cindy got offended by Zola’s comment so she left the
restaurant, after she left I told Zola that Cindy was my wife.
The whole drive home Cindy didn’t say a word but when we got home she shouted at me “Josh
you have started having girlfriends again. Will you ever change? Soon I’ll hear that she is also
pregnant, ba brother you already have 4 kids you don’t need a 5th child. Already I don’t have
strength to fight Mandy now you want to bring another lady into the equation?” I just went to the
sitting room and watched some soccer. The next day I left for work, when I came back Cindy and
the kids were not home. I searched the house and their things were gone too. I went to my
bedroom and found a note from Cindy saying “I can’t do this anymore Josh. I want a divorce. I
know you were forced to marry me and you never loved me so I’m letting you go so that you have
your freedom. We can visit a lawyer to legalise our divorce. I’m tired of the fighting and no
romance from you. You can be visiting your kids but we are not coming back home.” I felt broken
because I started having feelings for Cindy. I tried pleading with her but she refused. During our
divorce process she was so good and calm not knowing what the near future had to offer. Cindy
lied to her lawyer and the judge making me look like a very bad man. I tried explaining to them my
situation but no one listened to me. The judge gave Cindy my house and all the property in the
house, my 3 cars and with all my money in my account. Cindy thought she had won a jackpot
lottery but what she didn’t know was apart from my job I was also a business man and I had other
several accounts so I was able to buy another house and property.
Apart from getting my property, the court said I had to pay Cindy child support worth k6000 per
month. I didn’t refuse so I started giving Cindy money every month.
Mandy heard that I got divorced and tried being nice to me hoping I would marry her. At this point I
didn’t even want any relationship. 3 months later I was summoned to court, Cindy demanded she
wanted k10,000 per month stating that the kids started school and they needed more money.
Likewise the judge granted her that wish. I had no say so I just paid Cindy that amount every
month for the next 3 months.

One day at the office, my sister paid me a visit. What she told me shocked me. She said “Josh you
were duped. Have you talked to your ex-wife? Do you even know where she is? Josh, Cindy
duped you. She sold all that property the court gave her. And that child support raise wasn’t even
for the kids’ school. Cindy is in Australia with your children. I hear they are never coming back to
Zambia. You will never see your children again. Im so sorry about this. Maybe you can marry
Mandy now.” My heart and brain couldn’t manage hearing such bad news so I fainted.

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