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I stayed single for a year, I heard Mandy relocated to Atlanta. I was hurt but I had to move on. I
began to think maybe one of the girls in my past had cursed me so I started going to church and I
asked God to forgive me. I became a born again Christian. Zola and I attended the same church
so we started becoming very close and started dating. This time around I wanted to take things
slow and Zola understood me. We dated for two years and on her birthday I decide to propose and
she accepted. For once my father was happy for me.
One afternoon Zola told me “ Josh it’s been five years without you seeing your kids, can’t we try to
find them. Talk to Cindy’s relatives maybe one of them knows where exactly Cindy is. “I told her
Cindy’s relatives hated me and were not willing to help me.
Zola and I started planning our wedding, our wedding was a success and we were happily
married. I had never been so happy with a woman. We finally had sex after waiting for two years.
Zola became pregnant and the scan said she was having twins. I was very happy and couldn’t
wait to be a father.
One hot afternoon I decided to go to Levy junction and I bumped into Mandy. I greeted her and
left. Little did I know that she never deleted my number so she called me and said “ I miss you. I
know I messed up but David and I are divorced. He kept cheating on me. Can’t you and I work
things out? I miss you Josh.” I didn’t know what to tell her so i cut the line. But she never gave up,
she kept calling and the 5th time she called Zola answered the phone and said “please leave my
husband alone. Stop calling this number. You had your chance and you ruined it. Just stop calling
my husband. He isn’t interested in you.” Then Mandy said” so Josh is married now, wow. I never
knew he was married. Anyway I’ll stop calling when he tells me to stop calling him.” Zola cut the
line and looked at me very pissed. I assured her I wasn’t seeing Mandy. I explained to her how I
bumped into Mandy at the mall.
Mandy kept calling me for the next two weeks so I decided to change my number. Zola gave birth
two baby girls. We were very happy including my father. On my birthday Zola said she had a big
surprise for me, she invited my whole family and asked us to close our eyes, when we opened our
eyes we saw Cindy and the kids. I was happy to see my kids and I cried because I couldn’t believe
it. I kissed Zola and thanked her. It was best birthday gift I received. Cindy said she wanted to talk
to me outside, when we were outside she said “I’m sorry I left without saying bye. But you hurt my
feelings so I wanted to hurt your feelings too but it looks like you have already moved on. You
even have a family now. So me and the kids don’t matter to you now? And you married the same
girl who insulted me on my birthday saying I’m your older sister. You couldn’t pick another girl?
Anyway I’ll be in Zambia for some months so you need to continue paying the child support.” I
looked at her and asked her what she will gain in being very wicked. I told her I was only going to
pay child support if the kids start coming to Zambia for holidays. Then she said yes.
I was happy my kids were in Zambia but their mother started calling me at awkward hours even at


One evening, I received a call from Cindy. She said Josh junior was very sick and I had to go see
him. I went to Cindy’s house but she lied to me, Josh junior wasn’t even sick. She started seducing
me so that we make love but I had so much respect for my wife so I pushed Cindy and left her
house. Immediately I got home, I told Zola what had transpired at Cindy’s house then she said “no
wonder she isn’t going back to Australia. Your sister told me Cindy has come back to Zambia for
good. She is just lying to herself if she thinks I can leave this house for her.”
A couple of weeks later, I had a meeting with my boss who introduced Mandy as my new
assistant. I was upset because I knew she just wanted to be close to me. Mandy and I worked in
the same office for two weeks without talking to each other. One Friday Mandy dressed so
seductive and hoped I would get tempted but I had so much respect for my wife so I couldn’t fall
for Mandy’s tricks.
A couple of months later, Cindy was still in zambia and demanding for more money from me so
Zola advised me to sue for full custody of our children. We went to court but I wasn’t granted full
One Friday evening, we had a come together party at work. Mandy was being too friendly with me
then I excused myself and went to the bathroom. Little did I know that Mandy put some drugs in
my drink, after taking my drink, I started feeling dizzy, I don’t remember what happened but I woke
up in Mandy’s house completely naked. I asked her what happened but she just laughed at me. I
left her house and went home feeling embarrassed, when I got home Zola was upset because I
slept out.
Exactly a month later Mandy claimed to be pregnant. I tried explaining to Zola what actually
transpired but she didn’t believe me. She moved out of the house with my daughters. I pleaded
with her for three months before she came home.
Just when I thought things were back to normal, Mandy’s people came to my house saying I
impregnated her. I told them I would take care of the child but I wouldn’t marry her, they insisted I
take her as my second wife but I refused.
Cindy started disturbing me as well stating that she missed me and wanted me back but I turned
her down. I really loved Zola and I couldn’t afford to disappoint her.
With continuous pressure from Cindy and Mandy, I started losing weight. I visited my father and he
said “I think you need to relocate to another town or country otherwise these women won’t stop
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bothering you. Eventually you might end up getting tempted and destroy your marriage with your
own hands.” The next day I went to our head office to ask for a transfer but I was told to wait for a
few months.
I kept calm and waited. I was transferred to Angola but before I left I made sure Cindy and the kids
were comfortable. I even left some money for Mandy’s antenatal.
Two weeks later, my wife and kids joined me in Angola. Cindy was so bitter because she thought
she had a chance with me but I made it clear to her that I loved my wife and whenever she wanted
something for the kids she had to ask my wife or the kids could call me directly.
Five months later, Mandy delivered so I had to travel to Zambia to see my son, when I saw the
baby I noticed he was too light but since it was cold season I thought that’s why my son was too
light but a month later he was still too light. My son’s complexion made me start doubting if he was
really mine. I sent a picture of my son to Zola who advised me to request for a DNA test. I
requested for a DNA test but Mandy refused. I travelled back to Angola and kept sending child
support to Mandy but a few months later my sister called me saying “eh…. I’m still in shock. I don’t
know what I just saw. Mwana kuno nimu coloured. I was visiting a friend in Roma so I decided to
pass through Mandy’s house, you know she never allows us to see your son but when I got there I
found a coloured child. Mandy just kept quiet.” After my sister cut the line I told my wife but she
insisted we see for ourselves. We travelled to Zambia and for sure I had a coloured son. I was a
very dark man and Mandy wasn’t light so I knew the child wasn’t mine.
I forgave Mandy but I cut all ties with her. I talked to Cindy, I told her she had to respect the fact
that I was a married man and I set boundaries for her.
I assured my wife that I was going to be faithful to her and to honour our wedding vows.
If I had lived a better life in the past, I wasn’t going to have such problems in my life but I learnt my
I thank God Cindy understands that I love Zola. There is no more drama between us. And as for
Mandy I don’t know where she is but I hope she changes for the best.

The end.

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