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The Mustard Seed Faith (episode 1)

⭐Unexpected Banger!!⭐

Have you ever found yourself in a situation you never imagined to be in? That kind of crisis or circumstance you face and begin to question God’s love for you. That moment when you begin to wonder why bad things happen to good people, while those you feel should be in such situations are roaming happily and living their best lives?. That moment when you wonder why a decent and good person will make one mistake and fall into an abyss of misfortune and reproach they might never be able to come out of; while others who make same mistakes countlessly go scot-free?. These thoughts and reality can torment a person who is a victim of such circumstance into the verge of taking their own lives. You have no idea how sad it is to be a scapegoat for something on your first attempt. It’s apparent that grace differs in people’s lives; hence the reason different people can make same mistakes while few gets punished. Brace yourself for this tale because it is one of a kind and packed with too many life lessons.

Up in the hills of a very busy city lived a reserved lady in her mid twenties. She was very religious and never missed church service every Sunday and during the week; her name was ‘Faith’. The love of God was in abundance in the life of this young lady and she never relented in letting people know how much she loved God.

Throughout university days, Faith avoided relationships because she felt it would distract her from her studies. She remained focused for over five (5) years while still in school and graduated with a first class in Accounting. Due to her level of success academically, men of academia flocked around her to woo her but she never gave any the chance into her life.

It could be that Faith’s decision to stay away from relationship was linked to her passion to obey God’s values and live a life that pleased her maker. This lady was everything amazing and she knew that she was highly treasured by both God and man. After graduating from the university, she got a job at a renowned private company to work as an accountant in one of the departments. Her pay was good and the company also gave her employee privileges and incentives; life was good!

As the years went by, Faith knew it was time to settle down but was having a hard time deciding which man to accept into her life. She was still a virgin at the time and had never been touched by any man. Her decision to keep her body holy was greatly linked to her beliefs and doctrines as a Christian lady who grew up in a strong Christian home. Due to Faith’s strict upbringing, she never had the chance to explore life as a normal teenager or adult would do. These and more helped preserved her body and virginity all through those years.

Back at the office, Faith was one of the best staffs that worked at the company. She was punctual, focused and effective in her daily work activities. Some of her colleagues admired her and tried to get close to her as much as they could. Despite being a principled lady, Faith was also a jovial person and always had a warm smile on her face whenever she interacted with anyone. She wasn’t really the type that kept too many friends but she had someone that was very close to her: someone we could call her best friend.

“Fine woman, always serious and busy with work; when will you have the time for love and relationship?” Lara jokingly said as she walked to where Faith was seated in a restaurant they were scheduled to meet that day. Immediately Faith looked up and saw her best friend ‘Lara’, she smiled faintly and closed her laptop. “When will you stop bullying me to get married? Just so you know, I am waiting for you to get married first before I do” Faith replied and they both laughed out loud. They had dinner together and tried to catch up on what was happening in each other’s lives.

As the days went by, Faith’s mother began to worry about her daughter’s singleness. The old woman wondered when her daughter will settle down and get married. Faith usually avoided the marriage topic whenever her mum brought it up. She didn’t want to be pressured into getting married, but rather wanted things to happen at God’s appointed time. Sadly, the devil had been plotting and waiting for Faith to fall into one of the traps that was set for her. Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time before the unexpected happened.

One fateful day while Faith was at work attending to some important activities, her phone rang and it was her mother calling. “I hope she isn’t calling to remind me to get married” she wondered befor picking up the call. “Hello mummy, how are you doing?” Faith happily greeted but that happiness suddenly died down when she overheard noise from her mother’s end. “Mummy, is everything alright? What’s with all the noise in the background” she curiously inquired.

Sadly, Faith’s mother was involved in a debt crisis and the lender was at her house demanding for his money to be paid back with immediate effect. The widowed woman borrowed a huge sum of money years back for her daughter’s tuition fee and have been paying back little by little. She didn’t inform Faith about the debt because she didn’t want to bother her daughter with money issues. Sadly the issue had escalated and had resulted to quarrels and threats.

Immediately everything was narrated to Faith by her mother, she quickly informed her mum that she would be traveling back home to see her and pay off the debt during the weekend. Her mum was happy and was asked to beg the man that was shouting to calm down till weekend for his money. Immediately the call ended, Faith began to think of how to solve the issue at hand. She had disposable money in her bank account to pay up the debt her mum was owing. Fortunately, the next day was Saturday so she decided to make a quick trip down to the village to settle the debt dispute and possibly spend the weekend with her family, then return back to the city before Monday morning.

Just as planned the next day, Faith packed up her stuffs and took the next available flight down to where her family resided. Immediately her mum saw her alight from the taxi, she happily ran towards her and gave her daughter a warm hug. “My daughter, you look very beautiful; you are most welcome. I even prepared something for you to eat” her mum said as they both entered inside the house.

It was such a relief when the debt were cleared because it meant that no one would come shouting in their compound anymore. Faith couldn’t be more happier that she had some disposable money lying in her account to take her family out of debt and shame. The remaining stay in the village was fun until something happened on Sunday evening that changed Faith’s life forever.

It happened that she went to visit an old time friend that lived a little distant from her family house. That evening, she decided to take a stroll down to her friend’s house to see her before leaving for the city first thing the next morning. However, she never made it to her friend’s house because something drastic happened on her way there.

As Faith walked through the lonely bush path, she sensed that someone was following her from behind but couldn’t see anyone whenever she turned backwards. Since she didn’t see anyone, she continued her journey but before she could walk more steps further, a strong hand grabbed her from behind and forcefully carried her into the bushes.

It was slightly dark so Faith couldn’t see the person that had attacked her. Before she could scream, he covered her mouth with one hand and pressed it tightly. With the other hand, he pulled down his shorts and lifted her skirt up.

With every might, Faith struggled to free herself from the nightmare that was before her but the strange man was too strong for her to break free. After struggling for a while, he finally succeeded and rapped her vigorously. The pain was unbelievable and unbearable but there was nothing Faith could do to help herself at that moment.

In few seconds, there was blood everywhere as a result of Faith’s broken hymen. The rapist succeeded in deflowering her and rendering her whole body completely numb. When he was done, he left her lying lifeless and fled.

It took a long while before what had happened completely dawned on Faith. She managed to get up from the bush and walked back home sobbing. She cried bitterly with every step she took and wished death would just come and take her away.

When Faith arrived home, her mum almost collapsed when she saw her daughter’s clothes covered with blood. She wanted to scream but didn’t want to attract third parties into such a sensitive issue that involved her daughter; due to this, her mum enclosed it. That night was probably one of the worst in their lives and it felt like the longest nightmare ever.

Due to the fact that Faith had to take the next available flight back to the city, her mum could not be there for her as she truly wanted to. It was the saddest ‘Goodbye’ ever but they had no much options.

All through the flight back to the city, Faith cried her eyes out and wore a dark shade to cover her eyes so that no one would know what was going on. She was terrified, scared, angry, devastated and empty. For the first time in her life, she was completely clueless on what to do. All she could find herself doing at that moment was cry.

While at work, things were not the same again but Faith had to be professional. She couldn’t take that horrific picture from the rape night off her mind. Just when she felt the worst had already happened, there was sadly more.

It happened that Faith went for complete check-up up on her body and health to make sure that she hadn’t contacted any disease, infection or worst still, gotten pregnant from the rape.

She wanted to do the check-up sooner but couldn’t do so because her work schedules were tight; coupled with the trauma she had been going through for the past two weeks. However, she finally summoned the courage to do the test and waited till the next day for the results.

When Faith returned to the hospital the next day, her whole body trembled in fear because she didn’t know what to expect. After about an hour, she was called upon by the doctor and the news that shattered her world was revealed to her.

“Hello Miss, kindly sit down” the doctor said with a warm smile on her face. Faith thanked her and sat down in anticipation of what the result of her test were. “Don’t be frightened because everything will be ok” the doctor said.

That statement put Faith in a more panic state but she managed to be composed. Few seconds later, the doctor handed the test results over to her and the first thing that caught her attention was the section that boldly stated ‘HIV – Positive’.

Immediately that sentence dawned on Faith, she looked up with her eyes wide open. As her heartbeat raced, she showed the result to the doctor and pointed at the section that had the HIV result. “Please can you explain this? What does this mean? I have what?” She shocking inquired.

The doctor sadly shook her head, took a deep breath and confirmed Faith’s haunting doubts; “You tested positive for HIV; that means you have the virus. I am so sorry”.

At that very moment, Faith Froze!
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