The night after my wedding episode 1

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. As the sun rises, i put up my fake smiles and face the cruel world where i believed that the pain behind my smile was kept hidden until destiny took power into my life. Whenever I yearned for love, it was replaced by tears and tears only. Fate plays with my life where i am unable to hide nor run away but to deal with the consequences, no one can hear my pain likewise no one can feel my silent tears which holds my emotions that words couldn’t express. My broken souls hoping for a miracle that would swipe me from the pain, i am suffering, hoping that i would be relieved from the nasty world.

Several pains every night and day like a daily bread,of course pains doesn’t comes up naturally ,if not accident,then beatings,I receive beatings every hours like Muslim hours prayer ,I don’t know what have done to deserve the beatings,it all started on our(my husband and I)wedding night,never can I tell what exactly came over my husband but as far as I am concerned,he is the true definition of devil’s incarnate but he wasn’t like this when we started our relationship,he probably tricked me into the relationship before showing up his real identity ,

Funniest part ,none of my family members nor friends know what I was dealing with in my home ,scars all over my body like a written tattoo,I mostly defend my husband and claim getting the scars from falling or hitting my body part

I love Olamide(my husband) and I believed he loves me too or should I say he use to love me because I felt the love died on our wedding night and was buried immediately

My name is Iremide,I am fair in complexion,I am of my average height, that is neither tall,nor short ,I am what people address as the most beautiful,I remembered been nominated countless of times right in my university days ,my beauty attracted my beast husband to me ,yes,I fell in love with the monster,he was once a cute guy also not until he started laying his hands on me,since then ,I classified him under wild animals,I clocked 24years old last week, Even if I didn’t remember date,I would remember my age cause I felt my days are numbered on Earth ,I can’t remember date of course when the birthdays were not celebrated in happiness,it was always with beatings that would lead me to bandage

The last birthday I celebrated was like a death day, honestly,I thought I was dead that day but the moment I opened my eyes and still found myself laying on the bed with drip in my hand,I believe in second life,that day wasn’t a good day to remember,I woke up very early as usual to do the house chores,hoping to finish on time so I can just get down to my shop,I was a business lady but my so called husband stopped me from working and even ordered my account to be freezed

I was done with the house chores and was about stepping outside with my hand still on the door knob when I heard the sound of trumpets ,I froze myself to be sure of where the sound was coming from or heading to

Surprise!!!!! A chorused voiced

I was surprised to see my colleague or my shop maids with a lot of gifts in their hands

If there is any other words to qualify how happy I was,then I would use it

They left after the paparazzi and I felt a thunderous slap on my face,I wasn’t surprised to receive the slap cause I was expecting it but it came just very fast ,I rubbed my cheek in pains and I dare not raised my head to see who slapped me if I don’t want to be punched ,but I knew it’s Olamide ,my so called husband,I kept muted until he dragged me by my shirt and pulled me closer to him

Olamide:What the hell did you guys just did ,must you create useless scenes,you woke the whole compound with your stupid noise ,if they were mad,must you also associate yourself with those mad set of people,look at you,you used your foolishness to wake me up of my sweet sleeps and dreams,I know one thing, animal will always be an animal,you bastard , useless and worthless being ,am I suppose to call you being or animal,

I kept muted and acted Asif I was deaf ,he landed me another thunderous slap that made me raised my head to look through his face ,he used the hand he was using to hold my shirt up around my neck to push me away,I staggered uncontrollably and hit my back at the dinning table ,I groan in pains holding my back with my left hand

Olamide: *with his eyes widely opened* see ,if you don’t want to be buried alive,never allow those set of idiots again in this house and mind you,i am going to that shop to lock it up ,that means ,you are not going to resume that shop again till I have the mind to open it

“No,Olamide,you can’t do that,you’ve frozen my account and the little income am making from that shop sales is the one am depending on since you refused to Carter for my needs” I said with a soft voice ,I dare not raise my voice on Olamide,when is not that I founded another house in heaven

Olamide:how dare you talk back at me,is your level of madness increasing or your level of smartness decreasing,what a gut ,I laugh uncontrollably

“No sir,i wasn’t talking back at you,I was just explaining things to you ” I pleaded while on my kneels

Before I could say another word ,he choked me on my neck using his hand to pin it ,

Olamide:who dey breeeeet

E choke” I shouted in response,is not suppose to be funny but

Olamide:now get up and go to that room ,I want go pass through the back

“Leave my neck ” i said in a tiny voice

Olamide: now run upstairs

“I would go but please don’t pass through the back this time,my anus hurt and I am on medication for the previous damages

To be continued

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