the rejected stone episode 1

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Episode 1

For the third time, I visited my mother’s womb once again. Two of my older
ones have come before me but father didn’t allow them stay. He said they
are not welcomed in his house. He and my mother have four children already.
So my older ones are not in any way needed. “There will be too much of
responsibilities to carry on my neck.” My father announced to mother as he
gave her some Naira notes in exchange for abortion pills at a Pharmacy. In
no time, mother had gone to buy the pills and gulped it down with a glass
of water. Moments later, She felt weak and laid down to consume some rest.
In less than five minutes, she felt some hot liquid protesting in her
belly. She was gripped with so much pain followed and felt something wet
down her pants. She tried hard to keep calm. Father has gone out. The
children had gone to school. She deliberately allowed everyone to leave so
as to perform the ugly act on a low key. Some thick coated blood fell down
like a mango hit unexpectedly from its source. The deal has been done.
That’s how my older ones left her womb shattered, dying a painful death.
Father and mother have denied them the right to live and fulfil dreams.

Here I am again in mother’s womb. She had been on contraceptive pills all
the while. That’s why she thought her belly was safe from pregnancy any
time they made love. She never knew she was three months gone this time
around because her periodic monthly flow never ceased coming. She later
discovered after three months when she felt dizzy all the time. She vomited
consistently and slept quite often. She hoped for her monthly flow at the
third month, but it stubbornly refused to come. She had no other option
than to break the terrible news to my father “Are you okay at all? Are you
a pig? Must you conceive at any single touch? Can’t we just have fun
without any form of pregnancy? Have you lost your senses?” I listened
carefully to father’s rants. He flared up and kept on shouting like an
angry dog at mother. I could feel my mother’s heart beat as it increased
from its normal rhythm beat to a loud fast-paced beat that nearly deafened
me. She was scared as father scolded her while saliva oozed from his
furious lips. She had to maintain a distance to avoid being beaten by my

. “I know you won’t learn, you dog! Listen and listen carefully. I can’t
afford to cater for that THING in your womb. We can hardly eat three square
meals in this house. The situation of the country has turned my business
upside down. And you are here opening your rotten mouth to tell me you are
pregnant with our fifth child. Do you now have market to sell them? When
your mates are out there thinking on how to make money, you are here with
unwanted pregnancy. I don’t have money to give to you this time. But if I
should go out and come back and sense that you still have that bastard in
your womb, a heavy kick will throw both of you into the world beyond. Mark
my words!!”

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