Sequence 15
At first I noticed that she was impressed with the way she saw me, but as
if struck by an unseen force, she became very temperamental.
I have never seen her react in that way before, I know I did so many wrong
things to her, but I regret my actions each passing day.
Then that fool, he doesn’t know who he’s messing with, I think I’ll just
give him a tip on the ice berg.
“skipper” I yelled.
“right here Don ” He answered.
” I want you to keep an eye on Leah, I want to know her every move, I want
to know who she talks to and who visits her, both at her house and in her
And I want to teach that fool a little lesson, just something for him to
have an idea of who he’s messing with”
“any idea Don, or I should handle it my own way” He answered.
“ok boy, let’s see what you’ve got” I answered, obviously impressed…….
******next day, 10 pm******
“please let me go, please I beg you,” the girl kept ranting
“shhhhhh, easy, keep quiet now darling, I’ll make sure this goes easy for
you as long as you comply”
“what do you want from me” she asked
“good, you’re such a smart little ass, aren’t you? Well what I want is
simple, you see this stuff here? I said showing her a wrapped paper
“you are going to put it in your bosses tea, don’t be afraid, its not going
to kill him, its going to make him very weak,
So weak that he’ll become an obedient boy to you, then I want you to strip
him and your self too, make it look as if you guys are making out in the
My men will take it up from there. If you deliver this job very well,
you’ll be given 5 million naira to go very far away and start up your life
But if you choose to be a disobedient bith, I’ll make sure I have my guys
do with you as they please before finally disposing your corpse for
vultures to feed on.
Not only that darling, I’ll also make sure that your mother and sister both
have the same treatment. I’m I understood ”
” yes sir!! ” she replied shaking
” nice, you’re such a good girl, and one more thing, if a word of what
happened here gets outside this building, then your little Angela will pay
the price.
You’ll be the good girl that you are and my men will drop you at your place
” with that I walked out of the warehe house.
After I got the call from Val, telling me how that fool visited his office
I had been so annoyed.
How dare he? After all that he had done, he better not come anywhere close
to me if he loves himself or I’ll give him worst disgrace of his life.
Just then my phone rang, it was an unknown caller, I just picked up the call
“Dr Leah from the Federal Hospital, how may I help you please ” I said
” this Eric love, how are you doing ” the caller replied.
” how the hell did you get my number Eric” I asked
“I have my ways darling, I just called to know how you are faring and ask
you out for lunch ”
” Eric I want you to stay away from me, I’m engaged, my wedding is around
the corner, I can’t be seen with you on a date” I replied trying to be as
calm as possible
“baby, you have to reconsider, you’re mine Leah, you’ve always have and
will always be. I’m the one you’re in love with. Not him” He said pissing
me off.
“not any more Eric, I love Valentine and we are going to get married, if
you truly love me as you said then you have to make me happy by respecting
my decision, you were the one that hurt me, countless number of times. You
even raped me Eric, you are supposed to be in jail by now, rotting away ” I
” Never,!! , I’ll never let you go Leah, you used to love me baby, and I’m
prepared to do anything to hold you in my arms again and hear you say that
you’re back in love with me again. That wedding will never hold” He yelled
over the phone.
Then I totally lost it and I yelled back at him.
“you’re nothing but an obsessed psychopath, and let me clear you on
something, there is nothing you’ll do or say that will put Val and I apart,
you know why, because our Union was ordained by God himself, so I advice
you don’t interfere or you’ll face the full rot of the most high.
And let me sound this as a warning to you, the next time my phone beeps on
your account, I’ll have you arrested and charged for sexual harassment.”
I ended the call and stamped my feet hard on the floor
“the bastard!!!!! ” I cursed.
After work that day, I met up with Nita and she suggested that if he became
a nuisance, I could get a restraining order against him which I totally
bought the idea.
Later in the evening Val and I went out on a date and he informed me on the
progress he had made with his mum, she seemed to be coming around, though
she hadn’t come forward with it.
But he assured that there was nothing to worry about, that everything will
still go on as planned.
We spent some time together before he dropped me off at my place, promising
to bring me to work the following morning.
I had moved back to my Dad’s place. We kissed goodbye and he drove off.
I quickly, took a shower, and slept off few minutes after, not without
reading my daily devotional and saying a word of prayer.
The next morning, I woke up very early as I had an important surgery that
was due for that day.
Val, came early as promised, so he dropped me at the hospital before
heading to his office, promising to pick me up after work.
I quickly went in and started to prepare for the surgery……
Six hours later I came out of the theater. It was really a though one as
the metal the child swallowed imbedded deep into his intestine.
But I was so glad the operation was successful.
The baby’s mother was pacing up and down in front of the theater, and she
quickly ran to meet me when I came out.
I told her the good news and I could see the relief written all over her
Then I began to wonder if I’ll mother a child I’ll bother about like
That some day.
I quickly went into my office. I took out a bottle of cold water from my
fridge and sat down on my chair.
My eyes quickly went to the picture frame on my table. A picture of Val and
I on my graduation.
A smile curved my lips, he had always been there. Right from the very
Then another thing caught my attention. A brown envelope marked *URGENT*
Lay on my table.
I quickly opened it and what I found nearly gave me a heart attack.
Pictures of my Valentine making out with a lady in his office!!
This couldn’t be!!! No, there must be a mix up somewhere
Just then my office door sprang open and one of the nurses rushed in.
“sorry to disturb you Doc, but there is an emergency. A toddler has just
been rushed in with a bullet injury in his stomach. The parents say he was
hit by a stray bullet. You have to come see this Doc, the boy has lost a
lot blood”
I quickly put back the pictures inside the envelope and kept it in my
I would attend to that latter, what mattered now was the life of the little
boy in danger.
I quickly stood up, put on my theater gown and followed her.
Five hours later, I was able to take out the bullet from the boy and put
him In a stable condition.
The boy lost a lot of blood and we needed blood urgently, unfortunately we
couldn’t get the one to match his from the blood bank and his Dad who could
donate was in another state.
Then Val came in when we were still searching for a donor and volunteerd
his as their blood group matched.
I was really impressed when I was told he was the donor and for a moment I
forgot about the content of the envelope in my office.
When I was about going home, I decided to go check on the boy once more.
As I got into the room, I met the mother showering prayers on Valentine.
“God bless you my son……….. ”
” good evening MA I greeted as I proceeded to check on the boy”
“here’s my fiance MA, ” I heard Val say
” ohh, the doctor that saved the life of my son, God bless you my child.
Your fiance used to be my student in primary school. I was shocked when he
came up to me to introduce himself and it turned out that he was the one
that donated blood to save my son.
“wow! Such a world ” I said, surprised
” for saving the life of my only son, my God will preserve you, he shall
spare your life even at impossible situations, he shall bless your Union.
You will never lack the cry of baby in your home.
Your womb shall bring forth male and female, good children that will look
after you in old age.
What ever you lay your hands on shall prosper and any one that shall rise
to dig a pit for you, will surely fall in his on pit.
Good bless you my children, and I’ll keep on praying for you two ”
” Amen” we both chorused
“thank you very much MA, I’ll be on my way now, he’s going to be fine and
I’ve assigned the nurses on duty to keep an eye on him. I’ll be here first
thing in the morning to know how he fares” I said.
“and don’t worry about the bills MA, it will be taken care of” Valentine
“ooh, God richly bless you ” she answered and we both left the room.
” wow, the world is really a small place, she was so good book then in
primary school. She was my class teacher in primary Five. ”
” indeed it is, gosh I’m so exhausted, I really need a warm bath and a
massage would also be wonderful ” I replied as we headed to the car
” how about we go over to my place tonight, just call your Dad that you
won’t be coming home, then I’ll get to give you the massage.”
“that sounds like a good idea, besides there’s something important I’ll
like to show you, but don’t start getting things in your head. Remember we
are waiting for our wedding night.” I stated
“trust me darling, I’m going to be a perfect gentle man, except if you
tempt me you know ” He said giving me a kiss.
” let’s get going, I’m so very mad at you, you really have lots of
explanations to give ”
With that we drove to the new mansion he purchased which is supposed to be
our home.
He slept there often, especially when we were there together.
After I had showered and eaten the food which we bought on our way, I
brought out a pack of juice and two glasses.
I filled them up and handed one to him, then I handed the envelope to him
and I sat down to face him, staring deeply into his eyes.
“open it” I gestured
“what’s this, did you buy a property ” he asked as he picked it up to open
I could see shock registered on his face the moment he brought out the
“I found it on my desk this morning at the hospital Val”
I asked calmly, controlling the anger that was building as best as I could.
I noticed he hesitated to speak and it really made my heart beat very fast
“out with it, I need an explanation, now” I said, still trying to keep my
voice in check..
I knew that was something fishy the moment I saw myself lying in the couch
in my office, without my suit on and my and my shirt rumpled.
But I couldn’t remember a thing that happened. I also noticed that my
secretaries table was cleared and her line had not been reachable, uptill
that moment.
I looked critically at the pictures before me and noticed that the person I
was supposed to be making out with was my secretary.
It was then it finally dawned on me. I also remember that she had given me
a cup of coffee that morning.
That means she knew something about it, she had drugged me.
“I don’t want to believe that you did this val” her voice startled me.
“My love I think that someone set me up, please you have to believe me, I
would never do this to you” I said hoping she believed me.
“I don’t get it Val, you were set up, how? and who’s But to set you up”
I went over to were she sat and I seated close to her.
“the lady in these pictures is my secretary Ann. Yesterday, I found myself
lying on the couch in my office, without my suit on and my shirt rumpled.
I had a slight headache and I was so surprised how I could be lying in my
office at work hours.
I called my secretary’s desk and it rang severally without her picking up.
I quickly dressed properly and came out, only to find her table cleared of
all her personal belongings.
I tried calling her personal Line but it wasn’t reachable and isn’t
reachable up till now”
The only thing I remember is that I requested for a cup of coffee that day
and she gave it to me.
I’ve gone to the address which she submitted in her application and her
neighbors confirmed they moved away not quite long ago with few of their
That they were even surprised themselves ”
I saw her conflicting with her emotions and I silently prayed this didn’t
pose a threat to our relationship.
“baby, all these went on and you didn’t even dim it fit to mention a word
of it to me? How could you Valentine? You mean at this stage of our lives
you still keep secrets? She asked, raising her voice a little now.
“My love I’m so sorry, I really meant to tell you but I wanted to be very
sure before I raised any alarm” I answered sincerely
“what more signs were you waiting to see huh, isn’t it glaring already that
there’s something fishy going on, if actually what you’re saying now is the
truth ”
I knelt down now, I really feared the outcome of this, I wasn’t prepared
for what It would bring.
” my love you have to believe me, I would never do anything to hurt you,
I’ll rather kill myself first.
Hunie please, someone is out there working to tear us apart, remember the
threat that fool made the day he came to my office.
I think he has a hand in this, my love let’s not let him get away with this
“then we should inform our parents then, my Dad to be precise, if he can
manage to pull this up, then he’s even more dangerous than we thought ”
” no hunie, its going to ruin everything if we do that, I can handle the
bastard, I just have to be more careful and sensitive from now on ”
” baby, I don’t want you involved in all of these, remember he drugged me
once, I think we need help here ”
” trust me hunie, I can handle this, I will have him investigated, he seems
to forget who’s son I am,”
My phone began to ring, interrupting our conversation
“it’s my mom calling ” I said as I looked at the screen
” pick it up then, it should be something important ”
” hello mum” I said over the phone
“how are you doing son? She replied
“I’m okay, and you ”
” I’m fine, I’ve finally realized it’s pointless trying to deprive you of
your happiness, these past weeks we’re always fighting has really cost me
so much, after all you’re my only son and what ever makes you happy should
make me happy as well.
Your uncle also made me realize that there also other options and I’m
willing to support, we can even go to India if need be. What’s the use of
all these wealth if I can’t solve my problems.
I just want you to be happy son and tell Leah that I’ve given my blessings.
I’ll be going to her Dad’s office tomorrow to inform him, so we can start
the preparations and also inform her that I’ll like to see her okay ”
” you just made my day mum, I love you so much, if there’s life after life
then I’ll give anything to be your son again and again ”
” I love You too son, good night my dear”
“sweet dreams mom, bye”
“wow!! You won’t believe this, mom says she gives her blessings!! ” I
screamed excited
” oh my God!! Thank you Lord!! ” she yelled as she hugged me tightly
” she said she wants to see you too”
“OK, I guess we’ll go together after work tomorrow then ”
” yeah, that sounds like a good idea, this is indeed a miracle and we ought
to celebrate ”
She held me so close and cupped my face in her palms, staring straight into
my eyes
” promise me baby, that you’re never going to keep anything from me ever
again ” she said
” I promise you hunie, it will never happen again ” I replied
And our lips crashed together, loving, mating, building intense desire.
I couldn’t control the anger building inside me anymore and I itched to
give him a piece of my mind
I picked up my phone and I dialed his number, after some seconds he picked
“wow!! I got a call from an angel…… ” his voice came through.
” you sliming, cunning, deceptive bastard, how dare you? ”
” hey, slow down baby, you’re yelling ” He answered
” This all you’ve got huh, you think resulting to cheap blackmail will do
the magic? I’ve told you countless times Eric that there’s nothing you’ll
do that will bring Val and I apart.
I’m so sorry darling because your little prank earned us a romantic dinner
night, and trust me it’s the best we’ve ever had.
I wonder how much you paid that s--t to make her do your will, tell her to
run very far away, because if I ever set my eyes on her, I’ll make sure she
pays dearly for ever getting her Filthy self on my fiance.
And as for you, you better back off now that you still got the chance,
because hell got no furry than a woman scorned”
I ended the call immediately as I slumped on my chair.
“did you really have to do that girl ” Nita asked perplexed
” I really needed to give the fool a piece of my mind ”
” trust me darling, its not worth it, that bastard ought to be rotting in
jail by now, and to even think he’s becoming a pain in the neck totally
disgusts me”
“you know I can’t do that now, it will just raise more dust, especially now
that Val’s mum, finally came around.”
“Anyway you’re right there”
“So have the plan commenced? She asked again
“yeah, my dad suggest that we do a very private traditional marriage, then
we can have the huge wedding afterwards ”
” that’s cool, have you guys fixed a date yet”
“were looking at the ending of this month for the traditional and the third
week of next month for the wedding.
I meet with Val’s mom some couple of days ago and she suggests we travel to
Dubai for shopping, so you better start preparing girl because you’re
coming with me”
“you don’t say!! ” she replied excited
” it’s what it seems girl, you are my maid of honor.
that’s what it feels like to have a mother in law who’s the richest black
woman you know” I said,
“I’m so happy for you girl, and I can’t wait to be on that plane” she
jumped excitedly.
Of course, I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else, Nita has been that friend
who has always been there Through thick and thin.
It’s so rare to find such special friend, who is so dedicated and genuine.
Who loves you unconditionally, without any reservation
Who would tell you the truth without mincing words. Who you could trust
without any iota of doubt.
I keep thanking God, Every single day for giving me the best people.
Words cannot describe the how I felt after receiving that call from Leah.
My plans had failed miserably and I also lost 5 million naira,
I didn’t want to believe that the b---h bailed out on us, she knew it would
have been suicidal. Besides my men saw to it that she and her family moved
away far south.
I wouldn’t just give up like that, i am the Don and no one messes with the
They might think they are smart but there are so many ways to kill a rat
“skipper!!! ” I yelled
” yes Don” He came running in.
“it seems they are more smarter than we thought, we have to change the game
plan now.
I’ll like us to strike at a time they leat expect without them having a
slightest thought that it came from me. This time I want the idiot dead!! ”
” As you wish Don, no one messes with the Don and lives go tell the tale ”
He replied, rubbing the mouth of his gun.
” I want you to keep close tabs on him, and at the right time we strike,
then I get to have what’s mine.
He signed his death, the moment he struck a Contest with me”
“hunie I’m so happy that the turmoil is finally over” I said as we sat
together in the sitting room with my head placed on her laps.
“me too baby, I can’t believe we’re having our traditionals on Saturday,
everything is just going so fast ” she replied as she carresed my hair
gently with her fingers.
” that reminds me baby, I’ll be traveling to South Africa on Tuesday and
I’ll be back the next day, I’ve got some business deal I’ll like to go seal
my signature on ”
” baby can’t this wait? you know it’s just few days to our traditional
marriage. This last days are always marked with temptations you know ”
” my love this business deal is worth millions of dollars, I’ve been on it
for quite some time now and it’s a hot cake, if I pose any delay, some one
else might just grab it”
“baby I have a bad feeling about this, I want you around ” she replied.
” hunie, nothing is going to happen, this deal will bring us fortunes, I
want to give you the best wedding ever ”
” you know that even without this deal, my wedding is already going to be
the best because I’m getting married to the best man in the world ” she
said giving me a kiss.
” and you are the best woman in the world ” I replied
” but seriously hunie, I’ll love you to reconsider this journey, please ”
” pumpkin please, don’t do this, nothing is going to happen, we could go
together ”
” no way, I have lots of things to do, anyway I’ll pray about it” she
This deal was worth over 50 million dollars and I had plans to used the
proceeds to build an ultra modern pediatric hospital and surprise her With
it on our first wedding anniversary.
“you’re a bad ass you know ” I said to the blonde laying next to me on the
kinged sized bed.
” that’s why you always come back tiger ” she replied sexily.
Of a truth she’s the first girl I’ve slept with a dream come up for six
times now counting
I called her the girl with fire on her waist. I couldn’t just get enough of
her which was very strange to me, especially as I held a record of never
being with any girl more than once.
I just rolled out of the bed after a heated love making session and I came
out of the room to grab a bottle of whiskey.
“Don to I think we’ve got good news” skipper said the moment I got into the
sitting room
“cough it out boy” I replied
“He will be traveling to South Africa in three days and I think it’s the
perfect time to strick ” He grinned.
” good, I’ve already got a perfect plan, I want you to send for Quadran
immediately ”
” yes Don ” He replied, leaving immediately
Now is the perfect time, let’s see who laughs last!!
” Tiger!! come give me some sugar baby, I’m so hot for you right now ” she
” on my way fire girl, I’m so in the mood ” I replied runningSTORY upstairs.

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