Sequence 16
“Thanks so much for coming Quadran”
“Always at your service Don, so why did you send for me” he asked puffing
his smoke to the air.
“Some idiot who thinks he can mess with me will be travelling on Wednesday
to south Africa
I want that plane crashed and I know you can do it” I replied.
“That will cost you Don”
“Name your price then”
“2 million dollars” he replied
“Deal, I want you to leave no trace behind”
“Leave that to me Don”
“Very well then, you’ll have 1 million now and the balance will get to you
immediately its done”
“Deal”. He replied grinning.
“My men will update you with necessary details needed for the operation” I
said standing up and leaving the bar we sat.
I already had everything mapped out. Val will be involved in a plane crash,
while I’ll have my men hit Leah with a car and run away, then I’ll be the
one to save her and bring her to the hospital.
She’ll be so grateful that I saved her life, and while she’ll be mourning
her dear Valentine , I’ll use that opportunity to work my way back into her
What a perfect plan it was, very soon, Leah will be mine.
I haven’t been comfortable since the day he informed me of his travelling.
I’ve been having strange night mares I’m not comfortable with but all pleas
I made to him to reschedule fell on deaf ears.
I resulted to praying then, soaking him countless times with the blood of
I had also been fasting too. That afternoon when he was about leaving, I
went to his office to plead one more time but he refused. Saying nothing
will happen to him. So I left.
When I was coming out from the shop I went to the hair I’ll be using for my
traditionals, I got his call and he told me he was already at the airport
and his flight was about leaving.
I wished him a safe trip and hanged up the call.
Just as I was about crossing to the other lane where my car was parked, I
saw a vehicle speeding towards me, the next thing I was on the floor
and my vision blurry , eventually I passed out.
Immediately she was knocked down, I quickly came out from my car, by then
people had started to gather.
I quickly offered to help and she was put inside my car. I also picked up
her purse.
I drove straight to the hospital and she was quickly admitted.
She was loosing a lot of blood and at a point I became scared.
Some minutes later her Dad rushed in and he was told I was the one that
rushed her in after the accident.
He began to thank me for saving his daughter, even offering me money but
off course I refused.
I was still with him waiting for the outcome from the doctors when my phone
I quickly excused myself to a corner and picked up
“Its done Don, expect the news any moment”. Quadran’s voice came through
“OK. You’ll have your balance as soon as I’m done here” I replied.
Just then the news reported on the wall screen hung at the reception.
An MH-77 airplane headed for South Africa had just crashed killing all
passengers on board.
A smile spread across my lips as I muttered
“Say hi to the devil for me Val”
I walked back to were I was seated, as my victory had just began.
I had already gotten inside the plane when it touched my mind that the
small bag I put some relevant documents I needed for the deal wasn’t with
I tried to remember where I dropped it then I figured out that I must have
forgotten it in the car.
Immediately I got out of the plane and headed to where my car was securely
I found it resting on the passanger seat, my tension relaxed as I heaved a
sigh of relief. Then I began to make my way back to the plane quickly
before I missed my flight.
Just about to reach the plane my phone vibrated in my pocket and I picked
it up, only to be informed by my spy that Leah had just been hit by a car
was been rushed to the General hospital.
Immediately, I made a U turn and went back to the car, heading straight to
the hospital.
Getting there I quickly rushed into the reception hall and confronted the
nurse there.
“Good day nurse, my name is Valentine Johnson, I was just informed that my
fiance was knocked down by a vehicle and was rushed in here”.
“May I know the name of the person please?” She asked
“Leah Nwachuku” I replied,
“Ohh, the doctor”
I nodded, visibly worried.
“She was brought in some three hours ago and I must say she was very lucky
that a good Samaritan rushed her in on time” she replied.
“So where is she now? Can I see her ” I asked
“Yeah, she’s I’ll quickly take you there”
“Thank you so much nurse” I said as I followed behind her ”
She stopped in front of one room and motioned to me
“Here’s her room” she said
I dipped my hands into my suit and brought out wards of one thousand naira
notes and handed it to her
“Thank you so much nurse, use this one to buy malt” I added.
My pleasure” she replied before turning back and I made my way into the
I was dumbfounded when I found Eric and Leah’s dad inside
“What on earth are you doing here? ” I yelled, directing my gaze to Eric
“You are supposed to be………” He was cut short by Leah’s Dad
“You two know each other?” He asked staring from me to him
He’s the fool that raped my leah I wanted to say but I restrained myself
from talking
“Yes sir, we but in an unfriendly circumstance” the idiot replied
“You should be greatful to him son because he saved her life “. Her dad
said much to my dismay.
“I was headed for south Africa when I got the call about what happened” I
replied instead starring dangers at Eric
“My God!! You mean you where supposed to be in that unfortunate plane which
crashed some minutes ago?” He exclaimed
“What!” I replied stunned
“Yes son , it’s just been reported that a plane supposedly headed for south
afics had just crashed killing all passengers on board. The whole country
is thrown into mourning now and to even think I would have lost two
children in a day?
My God is indeed awsome “. He said, holding his head in his palm
The Idiot immediately excused himself and I went closer to sit besides her.
It finaly dawned on me all the night made she’d been having. All the
persisted warning she’d been giving me.
But I failed to listen, her feelings was right all along. I would have just
been dead if I hadn’t been informed of her accident.
Please forgive me my love, I muttered gently caressing her hands.
Shock is an understatement compared to what I felt the moment he walked
through that door.
I managed to hide my shock and contain the anger welling up inside me.
When I couldn’t take it any longer I had to excuse myself and come outside
to get a hold of myself.
“Bastard” I cursed hitting my fist hard on the wall. I brought out my phone
and put a call through to qudran.
” the bastsrd still lives ” I wisphered into the phone before ending the
On my way back to her room , I got a call and I picked it up.
“Oga , trouble dey oh, as madam they watch TV, na so she come shout , come
fall for ground”
“Where is my mother now” I yelled over the phone
“I rush am go hospital oh, Spring hospital wey dey for our street for here”
” I’ll be on may way now” I screamed .
I quickly got into my car and speed off.
I opened my eyes slowly to severe pounding on my head.
Two men where inside the room which looked more like a hospital to me.
I couldn’t recognize them and I couldn’t even remember anything
“My love you’re awake ” the younger one said coming closer to me.
” who are you and where am I” I said withdrawing from him
“Pumpkin relax, I’ll go let the doctor know that you’re awake” the older
man said and he went out.
I kept surveying the environment trying to remember how I got there but all
efforts proved abortive.
Shortly, the older man came back with a man in white I presume was the
He proceeded in checking me
“How do you feel now ” he asked.
” my head hurts ” I replied.
“Do you remember anything of what happened” he asked.
I shook my head in the negative.
“Do you recognize these people ” he said pointing to the two men.
“No ” I said
Then he wrote something down and asked them to see him in the office.
“I’ll be right back mylove ” the younger one said kissing my forehead.
They all left and I leaned slowly on the bed.
I hurried into the hospital and saw ekaite my mum’s house help pacing back
and front.
“Where is my mother” I demanded
“She dey for room, the doctor say make you come see am for office once you
come” she narrated.
“And where is his office”
“I fit carry you go” she said leading the way.
We arrived at the office
“Na my madam son be this” she gestured towards me.
“Its a good thing you are here, please sit” he motioned a chair opposite me.
“So doctor how is her condition” i asked eagerly.
“Your mother suffered a heart attack as a result of shock, and according to
the test carried out on her we discovered that she has a weak heart.”
“What??, how , when” I questioned suprised”
“Your mother had suffered from high blood pressure for a long time now, and
little or no attention had been paid to it. I suggest that she be put under
intensive watch and avoid anything that can trigger another attack in
future because she may not survive another”
“Shit, what on earth caused the shock” I asked.
“Well I think you should find out from her, she can talk now”
“OK doctor, let me go see her then”
He led me to her room and excused himself immediately
“Mother, what happened to you” I asked , sitting close to her.
“Your father is dead son, he was involved in that plane crash. I watched it
on the news” ,she said crying
“What do you mean mum, how possible can that be” I asked, hoping there was
some mix up somewhere.
“He left the house this morning to the airport , he was going for the final
hearing of his case with his wife and then settle things so he can move
back here”
“No, this can’t be happening” I yelled , the reality of what I had just
done dawning on me.
“How come I wasn’t informed?” I asked as tears began to threatenen their
way to my eyes.
“You have been avoiding him ever since he returned, asking for forgiveness,
he wanted to tell you about it when I invited you for dinner yesterday but
like always you declined.
What hurts me most is that you two didn’t make peace before his demise, why
would it be now that he finally realized his mistakes and comeback to his
family that death chose to take him away” she said sobbing
I couldn’t believe I was responsible for the death of my own father.
Even though he hadn’t been the kind of father one would possibly love to
He abused my mother severally before me, brought home different women into
their matrimonial home .
I lost so many opportunities to become an elder brother because he’ll beat
my mom to miscarry even before they had a chance to survive.
He never paid attention to me or my education, it was my mom who catered
for everything from her petty trade
Yet he’ll go about drinking and acquiring debt for my mom to pay.
Then one day he informed my mom that he was going to remarry and hr was
going to follow the woman to her own country.
He left the next day without even telling us his whereabouts and we never
heard from him afterwards. That was when I was fifteen.
Inwardly I Was happy he left, as no one will turn my mom into a punching
bag or rape her in my presence again.
But every day, I watched my mom suffer. Obviously she loved him but I
couldn’t understand why someone would still Care about a person who
literally tried to squeeze the life out of you.
About six months back my mom called to inform me of his arrival, and ever
since then I haven’t brought myself to forgive him.
He was indeed a monster but I hadn’t wished that I order his death. Love is
indeed can make one do stupid things, no wonder I ended up killing my own
father and so many others on that plane.
I was filled with regret, pain and frustration.
What’s most painful is that my main target was still breathing.
I was distracted from my thought by the buzzing of my phone. I quickly
excused myself to pick the call.
“I haven’t gotten my balance Don” quadran’s voice came through.
“Damm you! The idiot still lives and you ended up killing my father’ i
yelled but not loud enough for others to hear.
“Sorry about that Don, but I worked with the information provided by your
I quickly ended the call and hissed, walking back to my mom’s room.
“Like I said earlier she sustained a big injury on her head and I think it
has affected her memory. But this would be temporary though.
I advice you don’t force her to remember as it may lead to frustration
which won’t be good.
But rather encourage her with love and take her to place’s she loved, and
you can watch pictures of memorable moments with her.” The doctor said
“Ok doc, we will do as you say” her Dad replied and we left the office.
Just few weeks to our wedding and now this. What is really happening I
continued to ask myself as I went back to be with Leah.
She was already asleep when I got there, I went closer to her and held her
hands, planting a kiss on her fore head.
“It’s going to be alright my love, nothing will ever bring us apart” I
whispered to her.

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