Sequence 17
I grew more restless by each second that passed and Leah was still out with
that monster.
“Dad I don’t think this is a good idea, we shouldn’t have let her go with
that man, she might be in danger right now” I said
“Common son, don’t tell me you feel jealous already, its just a harmless
outing, no one is stealing your fianc茅 away from you” he said sarcastically.
“You don’t understand dad, that guy is very dangerous, he’s a monster”
blurted out.
“What do you mean by that? I mean, he’s the same guy who saved Leah’s life,
why would he want to harm her now” he asked confused
I had no other option, he had to know the truth, at least for the sake of
her safety.
“Dad, I’m sorry to say this to you now, but that guy was the one that
I was caught short by the buzzing of his phone.
“Please I have to take this call” he said waving at me to hold on.
“Yes, …….., OK, I’ll be on my way now” he said standing up.
“I’m so sorry but we shall have this conversation some other time, I’ve
just been informed that the foreign investors has just arrived and I need
to be on my way now.
Make sure she gets home safe and give me a call OK” he said patting my back
before leaving.
I sank into the chair in frustration trying to keep my mind off what would
be going on between them.
I brought her to pleasure park and I could tell she was trilled,
We walked by the sea shore, absorbing the goodness of nature, the breeze
gently caressing our skin.
With the way her fair flew carelessly to the rythym of air, one could swear
she was some river goddess.
D--n! She was a beauty to behold, beautiful in every area
“I let you go once baby but I’ll never allow it ever again, I’ll do
anything to make you mine again” I muttered to myself
“This place is so beautiful” she said
“Not as beautiful as you damsel” I replied taking her hands
“Oh, come of it, you can’t possibly compare me with beauty of mother
nature, thanks anyway for bringing me here” she said smiling
“It’s my pleasure dearie, we can do this more often, that’s if you wish
though” I replied.
“If you’ll bring me here, then I might just consider that”
“Of course, if it pleases you here, why not, you’re an angel and you
deserve only the best” I replied teasing her further.
“You never cease to flatter me , you must be the romantic type, you sure
have words to make a lady feel special”
“I’ll take that as a compliment, especially since it’s coming from and
angel “. I said, loving the impact I was making on her.
“Thank you once again for saving me” she added
“If you ask me , I think it’s destiny, so how are you fairing, are you able
to remember anything yet”. I asked already knowing the answer
“Not yet, and it really frustrstes me you know”
“I can understand how it feels not to know who you are , but don’t be too
hard on yourself, you need to be going for outings more often , staying
indoors isn’t a good idea, ”
“You have a point there, I feel so at peace here”
“And that fianc茅 if yours is not helping matters, I mean no insult, but I
think he’s more of obsessed than in love with you” I chipped in, watching
her reaction
“No, he’s really a nice person. Just that his job is a bit too demanding.
Or so it seems,” she replied
“Nonsense! Any reasonable guy will always make out all the time in world
for you” I emphasized
She shrugged and didn’t reply
Then s voice interrupted us from behind and er turned around to find
Valentine approach us.
“Outing time over, its time to go home now hunie, thank you for your kind
gesture” he said taking Leah’s hand now”
She just smiled and spoke to me
“Thank you Eric, I look forward to next time”
“Don’t, bother yourself. There wouldn’t be a next time
He said as he literally dragged her all the way through
This was just the beginning, by the time I’ll be through, sh will
definitely b mine
The only problem I’ll have would be, if she recovers her memory, and I will
have to do something about that too, something to buy me a liitle time.
After waiting for two hours without seeing her, I decided to call my spy to
find out where they were.
He informed me that they were at pleasure park, I immediately hurried there
and personally took her away before he tried anything funny.
I drove her straight to the house and she got down angrily and went into
the house.
“My love you really have to stop seeing this guy, he’s dangerous” I said
“Seriously?, this guy saved me for crying out loud, and the least you can
do is to how some gratitude” she replied raising her voice at me.
“Trust me darling, if only you had your memory, you wouldn’t go an inch
close to him”
“You know, I think Eric was right afterall, you’re just an obssed and
ungrateful person, you cannot even make out time for me and when someone
else does you pick an offense”
I couldn’t believe my ears, was she really comparing me to that fool.
I lost it totally and I let it out
“You dare compare Me to that fool, who drugged you, raped you and got you,
“What did I just hear you say?………”
A voice asked from from behind.
Is Val’s mom about to know the truth???
“What did I just here you say son?” Leah’s dad repeated again from behind.
“I’m so sorry dad, but I wasn’t the one that got Leah pregnant, she was
drugged and then raped by that bastard Eric” I let it out.
“What are you two talking about, who was raped? Leah asked confused
“Yes darling, he drugged you on your seventeenth birthday and had his way
with you” I replied regretfully.
“What’s the meaning of all these nonsense Valentine, how many more secrets
are you keeping from me” Leah dad yelled
“You have to believe me dad, I really wanted us to report to you then, to
make that fool pay for his crime, but she refused, insisting that she
couldn’t survive the shame with the stigma experienced by rape victim.
She made me swear never to tell anyone, I accepted responsibility of the
pregnancy because of my mum, knowing fully that she would never accept my
marriage to Leah if she knew the truth”
I said regretfully.
“I don’t believe this, so just because I don’t remember anything, you say
malicious lies against the young man? She said to my astonishment.
“No my love, its the truth”
“Don’t believe a word he tells you Dad, he’s just making up stories to keep
me away from Eric, how come my own father never knew I was raped and got
pregnant, and by the way were is the child I gave birth to” she asked
rolling her eyes.
“Because you begged me not to, moreover, you took poison in an attempt to
end your life , instead you ended up killing the baby and damaging your
womb in the process.” I said regretfully
She burst into a wicked laughter before she spoke. All the while her dad
just bowed his head. Supporting it with his two palms.
“Wow! So you can go this far just for me to stay away from him? OK, let me
ask you, which guy, knowing fully well that I was raped and even got
pregnant by someonelse, and her womb got damaged still insists on getting
married to the same woman. Even go as far as claiming responsibility of the
pregnancy just so that his mum can accept her, I mean who does that”
My mouth stood open in shock , that a fly could easily find its way into my
“That’s because I love you so much Leah, I truly do, and I can’t imagine
living my life with another”
“If you ask me, I’ll say that is foolishness” she bursted out.
Her words travelled deep into my soul, piercing all the way through my
I wanted so much to grow angry and walk away but then how can I blame her?
Was her memory not blank as as a fresh leave of a book just opened? Or was
it truly what she thought of me?
I quickly shoved that thought aside, she really didn’t know what she was
That son of a b---h must have brainwashed her, the bastard I cursed in my
“What did he do to you my love” I asked getting closer to her.
She scoffed before replying
“Care! Attention! Something my so called fianc茅 never made out time to do!
“Shut up the both of you and sit down now!” Her Dad yelled
“Son, was there anyone else who knew about this?” He asked
“Yes, Anita is aware” I replied.
He brought out his phone and put a call to her, asking her if she could
make it to the house in fifteen minutes
Then he hung up and faced us.
“She’ll be with us very soon” he declared
In no time Anita arrived and she took a sit besides Leah.
“Anita, I called you here because you and Leah have been childhood friends
and I trust you will never do anything to hurt her”
She noded
“Do you by any chance know a man by the name Eric”
She heaved a sigh before answering in positive
“Can you please tell me the relationship he had with Leah” he asked again
She looked at Leah before continuing.
“They were into a relationship, like they were dating, that was in
secondary school.
But they broke up because she caught him cheating several times”
“Can you recall what happened on her seventeenth birthday?
She narrated all that happened , stating how, Leah informed her the
following day how she woke up the next morning lying naked next to Eric,
and the stain on the bedsheet.
“And what happened next” he asked.
“That month she missed her period and she did a home test to confirm she
was pregnant.
Around that period I travelled, against my will and we were robbed. I lost
my phone in the process.
When I returned, she confided in me that she took rat poison to kill
herself, but thankfully val came in at the right time and rushed her to the
Leah couldn’t take it anymore so she ran upstairs and Anita followed her,
leaving us behind.
Then I faced her Dad and spoke
“Dad, let’s talk about this man to man, I don’t want my mum to ever hear of
this. I can’t imagine loosing Leah.
“In all my life, I’ve never come across a love as strong such as this, even
the love I once had for faith is nothing compared to this” her Dad said.
Valentine is the only problem I have now and I must act fast.
If I must have my way with Leah, then I have to get rid of him.
I will set him up and keep him behind bars for a very long time. Even his
millionaire mother wouldn’t save him.
“Skipper, get me inspector Ben immediately”.

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