Sequence 19
The ray of the early morning sun made me unable to fully open my eyes,
using my left hand, I blocked it and slowly I opened my eyes.
Who would believe I ended the night in a thick God forsaken forest.
Dragging myself, I slowly staggered to my feet, my whole body hurt and my
head pounded seriously.
“Arrrgh……” I stretched, trying to free my muscles. Searching my pockets
I found my phone and credit card, I had received several missed calls from
Suddenly I heard a strange noise, I turned to where the sound came from, lo
and behold, a huge black snake lay next to me with its belly flat against
the ground.
It must have consumed a heavy meal that made it so weak.
Quietly I tip toed out, trying as much as possible not to stir the sleeping
snake. Few meters away from the snake, I ran as fast as my legs could carry
me, heading deeper into the forest.
Finally I stopped when I felt I was far away From the creature. The problem
now was that I was lost, I didn’t know my way in or out of the forest.
Worst still there was no signal where I stood. Determined, I began to make
my way through the forest, using a branch of tree I managed to break to
clear the path.
My throat was totally dry and my stomach rumbled as a result of hunger, to
make matters worst the sun was scorching hot.
I walked and walked and walked, yet each step took me more deep into the
forest, even the sun had began to come down, signaling evening was fast
I had already started to give up when I began to hear faint sounds of
vehicles moving.
That meant some thing for sure, I was close to the express. That was enough
to give me the courage I needed, as I continued heading forward and the
sound increasing.
After about an hour, I finally made it to the express, so worn out and
exhausted, I settled on the floor to catch my breadth a little before
flagging down any taxi.
I had waved not less than Twenty cars yet none stopped for me. I took a
closer look at myself and all my dress was ruined, I could easily be
mistaken for a mad man.
I removed my shoes which was already ruined and I threw them away, I also
removed my polo and my trousers, left with only boxers and singlet.
Trekking a bit forward, I went into the road waving frantically till a
small car stopped.
I quickly opened the door and jumped inside.
“Move fast, get me away from here” I screamed
“Oga were we dey go and wetin happen for you” the man asked surveying me
“I was kidnapped last night while coming back from the club, I just managed
to escape from them” I lied.
“Ahaaas, na God save you oh, na better Thanksgiving be that one” he replied
feeling relaxed.
“So where exactly is this place now” I asked
“This na ijesha, you dey”
“What??, how I’m I supposed to make it back to Lagos” I asked dumbfounded.
“Ehhhe, this people bad sha. So dem kidnap person for far far Lagos, come
carry am come for Ileisha for here”
“So what are my to do now” I asked confused
“Oga night don come oh, and for you to go back Lagos now nah very big risk,
I suggest say you crash for any hotel then for morning, you fit begin go,
me self I fit carry you go, na my work be that”
I checked myself, luckily my phone and ATM card was still me.
“OK, I need to use the ATM, where can we get one”
“Here na village oh, before you go fit use ATM, you go go town, and e far
small from here, na only POS center dey for here and I sure say all of dem
go don close by now”
“Shit!, I don’t have a dine on me, what are my suppose to do now” I said
hitting the dashboard.
“Oga, you no know wetin God do for you so oh, you suppose to they jump by
now, because those kidnappers no dey show mercy at all, I hear say after
them collect ransom finish untop person head, them go still sell en body
parts to all these Alhaji.
But no worry sha, you fit just crash for my place, make you baff better hot
water, you chop food then rest, For morning we start from there”
“Thanks man, I really appreciate this” I said sincerely from my heart.
Some minutes later we parked in front of a compound and he led me into his
The guy got taste, very portable and cozy.
He ran a hot bath for me after which we settled for a meal.
I finally was able to get network so I put a call to skipper informing him
of the turn out of events, before finally retiring to bed, to my surprise I
dozed off almost immediately.
I was awaken the next morning by gentle taps on my back.
“Oga morning don reach oh,” the guy said
I opened my eyes slowly to see he was already dressed.
“Hey, you’re up already” I said yawning
“Na after eight already, I see say you really enjoy your sleep, I for leave
you oh but I know say you get somewhere to go”
“Yes you’re right, I think I have to get prepared then” I said walking
towards the bathroom.
“I don bring out cloth for you oh, just manage am, I know say e no reach
your standard ” I heard him say
“Thanks” I replied as I proceeded to bathing and putting on the polo and
jeans he provided for me.
Some minutes later we hit the road, firstly we went to the bank to withdraw
some money before heading to Lagos.
He tuned on the radio in his car and the first news that hit us was the
story of a man who raped a young girl to death, and was about disposing her
body when a police on patrol accosted him, although he ran into a nearby
bush, leaving his Vehicle behind.
The man was identified as one Mr Eric Ejiofor and he was declared wanted.
“Shit” I cursed, how come skipper never informed me about this.
I had become a wanted person.
Which means going to my house will be dangerous…….
“Ahaha people wicked sha, person pickin just pai like that” he said staring
at my direction
“U say” I shifted uncomfortably.
“You no hear the news” he asked
“Oh, of course, that man is really wicked” I replied
“Wicked sef na undastatment. The man na devil, and him sef go die a more
worse and Painful death”
“Amen oh” I replied not wanting to raise any suspicion.
I directed him to the warehouse, which I felt was the safest place as they
will never me there. It had an underground dungeon, I will stay there for
the main time before planning my escape.
When we arrived there, I gave him a 100k cash and I requested for his
account details, which I credited with a million naira.
“Ahhha Oga, na God go bless you oh” he yelled as he kept jumping in joy”
“Its nothing compared to how much I would have spent in the hands of the
kidnappers”I said.
He thanked me once more before zooming off happily and I made my way inside.
Immediately I got in, I made a call to skipper to meet me, few minutes
later he arrived.
“Why didn’t you tell me that the police was after me” I yelled at him.
“I’m sorry Don, I thought you’ll still be on the hide for some time for the
dust to calm down” he said.
“Nonsense skipper, that’s not an excuse” I thundered.
“I’m so sorry, it will never repeat Itself”
“It better not, so what has been going on” I asked
“There’s bad news Don, your mother is in coma, I was informed she slumped
after hearing you were been wanted by the police for rape and murder”
“What!!, shit! D--n the stupid police, so how is she, I have to go see her”
“That wouldn’t be a good idea Don, because I’m very sure the police have
spies round the hospital because they know you’ll eventually go there”
“You’re right skipper, but I want you to keep an eye on her, you have to
get the jet ready, I’m leaving the country, then you come back for her okay”
“Yes Don” he replied.
I guess its time to teach that fool a lesson myself, if I can’t have her,
definitely he won’t. Happy endings don’t exist as far as I’m concerned.
“Leave the tinted ranger on your way out, I have an unfinished business I
need to handle” I instructed.
“Yes Don ”
I hastily rounded up my meeting with my staff in order to meet up with my
date with Leah.
I promised her we we’re going to an Indian restaurant and I didn’t want to
fail her.
Besides I intended to use the evening to convince her we go ahead with our
After the meeting, I headed straight to her house, and she was already
“Oh baby, this place is so lovely” she said, immediately we entered the
“You can say that again hunie” I replied as we took our seats and made our
We ate in silence, then we ordered a cocktail. I felt it was the right time
to bring the subject up.
“My love, don’t you think we should move on with the wedding” I asked, my
gaze fixed on her.
“Ohh, baby, I know you love me and I love you too but let’s give it more
time, at least to see if I can get my memory back” she said.
I wasn’t about to give up so I continued.
“My love, we’ve been waiting for three months now”
“I know baby, but I want to say my vows to you meaning it with my whole
heart, remembering everything we’ve shared together.
Just give me one more month baby, and if things don’t Improve, then we’ll
go ahead with the wedding”
“One month you say?”
“Yes baby, you have my word. I love you baby”
“And I love you more” I replied.
We kissed each other stood up to leave. Just as we stepped out of the
restaurant, I heard two gunshot, and a pain struck me deep in my side, I
felt my knees weak as my blood poured.
Leah held on to me, screaming and crying for help.
I felt my breath becoming weaker, I never stopped looking into her eyes,
even as she cried, she was beautiful. And i never regret falling in love
with her, if there was life after life, I’ll still love her, and if I’m to
die, I’ll die loving only her.
“I…… L….o….v…e…..y….o…u….l….e…a.
That was it.
I drove as fast as possible, after shooting two bullets at Valentine. He
would never escape this one.
I put a call to call to skipper, asking him to meet me up immediately.
“Get me some whiskey ” I demanded immediately he arrived and he moved out
and came back with a glass of whiskey, which I drained the whole content.
“Is the jet ready, I’ll be leaving tonight” I said, going to seat down”
“Offcoure Don, its prepared” he replied.
But I started feeling strange, and shortly blood began to drip from my nose.
“Well well well, I can see the poison is having its effect Don'” he said
“You poisoned my drink?, how dare you? You’ll pay for this I swear” I
yelled, sipping the blood off my nose.
“Too bad Eric, you’re as already good as dead, and it’s a great pleasure
watching you die slowly and painfully” he replied.
My heart was ripping apart and I fell to the ground, so weak and vulnerable.
“How much did they fucken pay you” I said weakly.
“Oh shut up Eric, you’re nothing but a selfish bastard. I’ve served you for
four years yet you keep giving me little change while I make millions for
When Leah’s Dad, offered me 50 million naira I gladly accepted it just to
get back at you.
I personally removed the cocaine after instructing smart To plant it.
I strangled the the unfortunate girl in you bedroom and made it look like
you raped her to death, and I was the one who informed the police about it,
but just like the smart Don I know, you escaped. I should have known the
police were bunch of idiots.
And for the both deals, your old enemy quadran helped me seal it in my name
but I killed him afterwards.
You’ve made things easier for me by killing Val. I’ll finish her father up
then she’ll be mine. Surely I get to laugh last”
“You dare not lay your filthy hands on her you bastard” I managed to say.
He broke into a wicked laugh “too bad Eric, say hi to the devil for me” he
said and he turned to walk away.
The pain was becoming unbearable for me as I felt my end drawing near. I
felt the gun in my pocket and with my last strength I brought it out and
fired the shots at him.
I watched him drop to the floor before I felt my chest very heavy, my
vision blurred then it blacked out totally.
I paced to and fro the Praying earnestly for a miracle to happen.
I had already called my Dad and Anita, and they were also there.
Few minutes later, the woman he introduced to me as his mom also came in,
crying uncontrollably.
Just then the doctor came out and I rushed first to him
“How is my fiancé doctor” I asked.
Then he shook his head before replying.
“We tried our best, but I’m afraid, we lost him” he replied.
I looked at him, tears forming and making it’s way down my face, next thing
I fell hard on the floor.

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