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Episode 1
‘i do not want another wife father!’ Dike barked ‘whats all this all about?! Another wife added to the batallion i have at home? Isnt that stupidity?’
Igwe Ikemba cleared his throat for the umpteenth time. He wondered why his son had refused to see reasons with him ‘son, thats the tradition. As the crown prince of this community, you would have to do that. You’ll be king one day and you’ll rule’
‘thats where you’re greatly mistaken father. Because i will never be king. I will never rule. I’ve told you several times and i’m still telling you that i’m not interested in this throne, i’m fuckingly not interested! How many times will i tell you that?’ Dike spoke angrily.
‘be quiet son!’ his mother, Lolo said in a fierce whisper ‘you dont speak to your father that way’
‘how else am i supposed to speak to him mother? For how long will i let this man here control my life? For goodness sakes, i am sick and tired of marrying women i do not love, women i do not understand nor know from anywhere!’
‘son, its the tradition. Its tradition that you marry up to seven wives before you assume the throne of your father, the Igwe. Please try to understand. This is the last wife you’ll be marrying i assure you. And we’ve already made preparations. And i’m sure you’re going to like her. She studied abroad just like you. A professional nurse’ His mother said.
‘if indeed, she’s a professional nurse, then why would she want to waste her time marrying someone like me? Doesnt she have anything better to do with her life?’ He said looking at his mother.
‘Dike!’ His mother called.
‘Dike’ The Igwe said gruffly ‘your marriage to this new maiden who just arrived her fatherland after spending so many years abroad is in 7days. And you’re to prepare. Do not even think of messing with me son, because you know what i’m capable of’
Dike scoffed ‘of course i know what you’re capable of. And you equally know what i’m capable of. I also do hope you understand that there’s nothing, i mean nothing thats going to make me marry that Godforsaken maiden! I, Dike Onuora Ikemba refuse to get married to her, whoever she is. And be lest assured father, that very soon, i’ll get rid of the six demons you planted in my house, very soon’ He glanced at his mother one more time, then picked up his car keys and left.
Igwe stared at Lolo ‘are you seeing? Are you seeing it? Is this how you raised your son? To be disrespectful to his father?’
Lolo glanced at him ‘whats the meaning of that Igwe? We raised him together didnt we?’
‘are you talking back at me?’
Lolo stood up from her seat ‘i’ll be in my chambers now. If you need anything, call your other wives to get it for you’ She started walking out of the throneroom.
‘Lolo! Lolo! Ngozi! Come back here!’ Igwe called but she walked out instead.
To be continued..
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