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Episode 2

‘another one added to the ones you already have?’ Martins asked in surprise as he and his friend played the game of chess.
‘its the tradition’
‘whats bleeping tradition is that? After six wives?! This is bleeping shii mehn. I dont expect you to agree to that shii’ Martins shook his head.
‘i have no plans of agreeing to it’ Dike said ‘its not happening. I married the first girl at age 11, and the second at age 13. And thats how i’ve been marrying up until now and my father is trying to force another into my home, its not happening, i swear down’ Dike hissed.
‘how many wives has your father?’
‘with your mother being the?’
‘that means its customary as a king-to-be in your village that you marry seven wives even before you assume the throne?’
‘and thats what i’m saying that i have no interest in Igweship. I want it passed to Kachi, my younger brother who’s currently abroad studying medicine. I do not want to be king. Not when i’m managing a huge empire. I can never forfeit that for anything in the world nah. Its not making sense at all’
‘hmm’ Martins looked ahead to see Adanna approaching them with a tray and a beautiful smile plastered on her face.
He marvelled of her beauty. She was the first wife of Dike, very beautiful with a nice shape. And she was the kindest amongst them.
‘hey Ada!’ he said with a smile when she got to them ‘whats up?’
‘i’m fine Martins’ She dropped the tray containing two plates of steaming peppersoup in their front ‘just felt you two might need this when chilaxing, right Dike?’
Dike shot her a look that had her nonsmiling immediately ‘get out of here!’ Dike barked ‘now!’
She quickly turned to leave when he called her back. She turned.
‘take this with you’ he pointed at the tray. She hesitated for a while ‘now!’
She scurried back to the table, picked up the tray and walked away with sadness on her face.
‘that was bad Dike’ Martins said to his friend ‘you had no right to shout at her that way. She was only trying to be nice’
‘nice my foot! Thats how they all try to be nice. Nice idiots! You cant begin to imagine how much i hate them all’
‘them all, Dora inclusive?’ he asked referring to the fourth wife of Dike.
‘Dora’s the only reasonable person amongst them. She knows what she wants. And she didnt marry me because she’s as greedy as them all. She married me because she was forced to. And i’m aware that she’s secretly dating someone else and i fully give my consent to it! Thats why she’s different’
‘your life is complicated my friend. I’m just wondering how you’re going to cope later on when you decide to finally be with that whom you consider the one’
‘when that time comes, i assure you, things would take a different turn’
‘i just hope so’
Dora watched as her husband pursed his lips. She knew something was bothering him. She knew Dike that much.
Even as he ate his breakfast that morning, she knew he was absent-minded. Of all his wives, she was the closest to him so she knew.
And she also knew that she was the only one whom he trusted with the running of the house. And she was eternally grateful that he didnt object to her relationship with Frank, her boyfriend.
Dike was a nice man. Though sometimes she felt he deserved better. He wasnt happy. He had once opened up to her that seeing his other wives move around the house was a sight of disgust to him. And that someday sometime, he was going to have to do something very drastic. And she knew what he was capable of.
Dike was a very fine man. He was chocolate skinned with broad shoulders, nice abs. Pink lips, pointed nose, grey eyes, a wonderful height, an aura that permeated royalty… What could she describe him with? Infact, she had never seen anyone as handsome as he was. And he was no womanizer.
There was a time she loved him. Even till now, she still felt something for him. But when she realised that there was no hope for him to love her the same way, she decided to look elsewhere. But that didnt mean she still didnt feel something for him somewhere in her heart.
‘Dike, whats the problem?’
He looked up from his breakfast ‘did you say something?’
‘yes i did dear husband’ She said with sarcasm ‘i asked what the problem is’
‘what problem?’
‘are you seriously asking me that question? Eh Dike? We both know that something’s bothering you. Something’s eating you up that i’ve been sitting with you since you started having breakfast and you’re not ready to strike a conversation!’
‘i’m not just in the mood to talk Dora’ She loved the way her name rolled off his lips. More like Doraaa.
‘seriously now Dike, when did you start hiding things from me?’
‘i’m not hiding anything from you Dora’
She looked at him suspiciously. Could he be seeing someone else? Jealousy tugged at her heart. Dike couldnt love someone else. She still loved him with all her heart. And she was ready to admit it to him.
Not minding Frank.
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