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Mr Louis ran out of the car instantly leaving the door open to go check on the guy he just knocked down. Desmond was lying lifelessly on the floor as blood kept soaking his clothes bit by bit, his eyes were closed and his breathing rate decreased meaning that he has just some low percentage of survival if care is not taken.
Seeing this Mr Louis cried for help which the people that witnessed the accident helped him to carry Desmond to his car, blood soaked everywhere which Desmond loosed, Mr Louis zoomed to the hospital in alert forgetting about his son case called Raymond, his speed showed that he was in danger, he didn’t want the boy to die cause he knew the suffering in raising a child. He kept glancing at the car mirror to see whether Desmond is still breathing which he was still breathing but slowly.
Arrow had escaped immediately the car hit Desmond, he ran deep inside the bush without knowing his direction, darkness began taking over the atmosphere thereby making the environment to be dark, he didn’t stop running cause he knew that the cops are still after him and his fellow gang members, the memory of how mentor and his fellow gang members how they were killed few hours ago kept flooding back into his memory as he shook his head pitifuly regretting how he end up joining the bad gang after his father’s last word on the planet earth.
“My son, college life is not easy to live but please make sure you don’t join bad gang, please make your mom proud of you son ” Mr Stanley said and gave up the ghost. Remembering the advice his father’s gave him before dying a drop of tear tickle down his eyes. He stopped running and sat on a rock In the bush this time around darkness has covered everywhere as he sat down breathing heavily.
Patricia and Angelina didn’t know whether to return to the house or not because of the incident that happened earlier,they were really scared of dying.
“Babe that house is not safe for us oo” Angelina broke the silent. They were sitting in a restaurant which they ran and hide since afternoon because of the fear.
“But why are they after us “? Patricia said almost in tears
“You mean us? He said he’s after you not us ” Angelina corrected
“What have I done and who is he? I’m scared ooo my life is in danger oo” Patricia said almost crying and Angelina felt for her too. She’s like a sister to her and she hates seeing her hurt
“But wait ooo, why did he mentioned Raymond when he was talking “? Angelina asked thereby causing another silence that generated between them both
“Could it be what I’m thinking “? Patricia asked
“What’s that “?
“Could Raymond be a gangster? I mean a cultists “? She whispered to Angelina who jerked in shock looking at her to be sure she heard her well.
Mrs Jerald was walking helplessly to and fro in the house expecting to see her daughter Tessy and hear from her, just then the door cracked open and there stood before an image which she can’t recall who she is. Mrs Jerald stood looking at her, the cops were behind the lady that was standing at the door, she looked pale and unkept, she was really skinny and bruise were on her face.
“Mom” Tessy called running to embrace her mother with tears in her eyes, Mrs Jerald reciprocated to the hug which lasted for so long. She thought she would never see her again, she thought she’s gone forever, the family reunion was a great one as they hold each other not ready to let go. Mr Anderson cleared his throat to gain their attention.
“Madam here is your daughter, and for the guy we are still working to get him under our custody ” Mr Anderson the second in command of the cops assured Mrs Jerald who nodded her head with happiness in her heart that her daughter is found and alive though she’s not looking good but the fact that she’s alive is the best priority.
“Thank you officer, I’m grateful and I owe you a lot ” Mrs Jerald expressed her gratitude as the cops left.
“Mom I’m really sorry I didn’t listen to you ” Tessy said and broke down in tears holding her mom on the clothe

“It’s okay baby at least for now, save the explanation ” Mrs Jerald said leading her to the bathroom to have a cool and quick shower which she didn’t have for days now.
Jerold just received a call from Mr Anderson that Tessy is found alive which was a testimony to him assuring him that Raymond will be brought to justice for such an evil act.
He stood up taking a sip of his drink and then exhale in peace as he walked deeper into his room.
Mike has been trying Desmond number for the past five times but nobody pick the call though the phone rang but no response, he was surprised because Desmond has never ignored his calls before. Desmond left for lecture since morning and up till the time which was 8:00pm he hasn’t returned which is unlike him. Mike was really worried, remembering that the dragon lords fraternity were after him added to his fear as he was afraid whether they have succeeded in killing him.
He kept on trying his number but still no response so he threw his phone on the bed expecting to be called back by Desmond after seeing his call.
Patricia had finally returned to the house though they two of them were scared whether arrow the bad guy will return but they had no option than to return to the house no matter what it is. Just then reality struck her that they ran and left arrow and Desmond struggling with the gun, seeing the blood stains on the floor her eyes widened in shock as he squat down slowly.
” Oh my God Where is Desmond”? She asked in alert looking at the blood stains on the floor gaining Angelina presence
“Oh my God where could he be? I hope he’s safe oo” she added
“Nothing should happen to him ooo” she added in return sniffing and Angelina noticed that her mode has changed and she’s really down.
“He’s fine, don’t worry ” Angelina assured her as a smile crossed her lips
“Thank you, she responded smiling just then a strange ringing tone starting ringing gaining their attention as they all looked to the ground to see a phone ringing which didn’t belong to any of them, Patricia bend down to pick it, she saw Desmond picture as the wallpaper on it.
“Oh my God his phone is here ” she added and the phone started ringing again she slid to the receiver side placing it on her ear.
Arrow woke up in alert looking at the environment seeing it very dark, reality struck him that he has slept off due to the stress and pain. She has really loss more blood and the wound was paining him, he was still there feeling pain when he heard leaves making raging sound from the ground, he looked up to see series of touch light pointing to a particular direction reality struck him that the cops are still after him. He crawled slowly on the floor so as to gain balance, they cops were so close to him that any mistake he’s caught. Seeing that he’s a bit far from them, he stood up trying to run as he stumbled and fell down groaning in pain.
“There he is, get him ” Mr Anderson ordered as the cops with their torch pursued arrow, without torch light he stood up and began to run not knowing where he is heading to.
He kept running panting and breathing hard, he kept glancing back to see the cops are not ready too to give up on the race just then collided with someone else and they both pointed the gun to each other. A light flashed on arrow’s face
“Arrow is that you “? Raymond asked looking closely at him as they both drop down their pistol breathing out.
“What are you doing here “? He asked
“Are you asking me the cops are after me “? Arrow replied
“Me too, I’m finished. My dad wants me captured too. I’m dead If u just escaped this one I will fly out ” Arrow said.
“Here they are, go go go “! Mr Anderson shouted commanding his men as they all went after the two criminals.
“Man, go let’s go ” Arrow announced and they both began running without knowing where they are heading to.
Mr Louis had been driving for a long time without seeing any hospital that will admit the guy he knocked down, blood had already soaked his clothes, he finally saw “SAINT CHARLES HOSPITAL “boldly written as he matched the break retarding the car, he alighted the car opening the door and the hug gate was rolled open as he drove inside the hug environment.
“Nurse! He shouted as they nurses came out with the stretcher carrying Desmond from the car and placed him on the stretcher, it was unbelievable that Desmond had stopped breathing and his eyes were opened a bit. The wound on his head was nothing to write home about as the gap was a big one. Mr Louis looking at the boy he knocked down that he was no longer breathing.
“Could he be dead? Many thoughts was in his head as they rolled Desmond inside. He was really scared of killing someone’s child, Desmond was now longer breathing. The doctors ran up and down so as to save Desmond life. Mr Louis sat down glancing at his wrist watch. He was so tired as he slept off.
He woke up at the sound of the doctor calling him.
“How is he “?he asked just immediately and the doctor shook his head pitifully looking at him
“I’m sorry sir we try our best but…..
“But what “? Mr Louis cut him short.

Doctor what are you trying to tell me “? Me Louis asked adjusting his eye glass to have a clear view of the young doctor.
“Sir we tried our best but we lost him ” he said shaking his head negatively and seriously Desmond had loose so much blood and he was just left work some percentage of survival.
“Wait you mean the guy is dead “? He asked again to be sure and the doctor nodded his head in a yes gesture
“No no! No! It can’t be ” Mr Louis said walking up and down thinking of what to do next. It’s his son called Raymond that got him into this big mess because if he hadn’t committed any crime he would been in the office doing his work and he would have not killed the guy.
“Doctor please do anything you can,i promise you I will pay you any money you require but please try and save the guy for me” Mr Louis pleaded
“Let’s see what’s going to happen
Desmond was lying lifeless as he was already covered wort white long sheet that only feet were seen. He was covered and about to be taken to the mortuary department when the doctor entered again for the second time, he looked at the machines that was connected to his body from head for toe. It was beeping and some were even showing red lights as it kept making some sounds. Doctor Pius looked at Desmond for the last time thinking if there’s a way to bring him back to life but he was trusting in God for a miracle.
“Get me my gloves ” he said to the nearby nurse who stood by him with all the necessary things he required which was later brought to him.
With immediate effect he began doing what he thinks that was the best idea to bring the young man back to life and it was fruitless and meaningless because Desmond was not responding to it. He tried and tried and tried but the results still remains negative, meanwhile Mr Louis was walking up and down not knowing who to call and what to do at that instant. His long black tie, he loosed it and then relaxed on the e visitor’s chair before he doze off again to a deep slumber.
It was already 10:00pm as all the doctor’s efforts went in vain, he took off the gloves, wash his hands and then changed into his other clothes
“Cover him ” he ordered and walked away
Mike couldn’t bear it anymore wondering where Desmond was, his instincts was telling him that all is not going on well but he needed confirmation before, earlier a girl picked Desmond’s called telling that he misplaced his phone in their noise without telling him the secret. Her voice said it all that things are not going on well worth Desmond or does it mean that I’m over thinking of the guy?
“let’s see what tomorrow brings ” he said and covered himself with the duvet and then switched off the lights that illuminated the building before sleeping off to the land of the unknown.

The cops were not ready to let the two criminals to escaped, they were still after them just to make are they are brought to justice, Raymond and arrow had been running without rest. The decided to relax after making sure that the cops are out of sight, just then the cops appeared again form nowhere, this time around they were many in number and they came with police officers more than how they were before. Raymond and arrow were still on their tracks without knowing where they were going until Raymond heard a loud scream loud to him and turn to see arrow going down into a long and thorn cliff which his echoe filled the bush they were running it was just like a first because of the presence in the bush leaving only Raymond alone In the forest to continue the cops were still after him.
“Arrow! ” he called loudly but only the repeatation of his echoed that filled the forest, he look up to the sky and looking at the moon he made a promise to God
“Father Lord please I beg of you, if you allow me to survive this one, I’m going to serve you eternally ” he lamented looking at the moon and then looked down back to the ground.
“Desmond please talk to me na, what’s the problem “? Mike said stretching his hands to Desmond for a handshake, he ignored it and adjusted backwards with tears in his eyes and blood all over his mouth, he kept walking backwards
“Desmond what’s this na? Please let’s get out of here now before his zay “Mike said but Desmond didn’t mind as he kept going backwards and this time around blood started coming out of his mouth.
“I’m sorry Mike, we can’t be together anymore ” he said letting the tears fall
“Pleases Desmond don’t say a thing like that. Are you possesed or you are drunk “? Mike asked again
“No I’m not Mike. Goodbye my best friend and say goodbye to everyone ” Desmond said and disappeared and Mike shouted in alert adjusting backwards.
“Nooooo! Mike shouted waking up from sleep as the scary night mare kept reflecting in his memory, he checked his time to see 1:27am. How fear increased the more as he sat on the bed, thinking of the dream h3 just had, he wasn’t ready to loose someone especially someone as special as Desmond.
“Oh lord please let it nor be so, tg3 guy had suffered a lot please help him out ” he lamented though he don’t know how to pray but he believes in prayer as he carried his phone to call Desmond number again and it was picked up on the second trial
“Hello miss, please sorry to disturb where can I get the phone tomorrow morning “? Mike asked
“Come to waterline street, you will see me there”she,said on the phone
“And I guess you are Patricia he always tells me about “? He asked and they both giggled forgetting their sorrows.
“Till tomorrow ” he said and ended the call praying that Desmonds should be save for him because he knew he had suffered a lot in terms of school stuffshe, shook his head and laid down sleeping.
*******7:00m was, already and Mike dressed to visit Patricia I’m the house so, as to gain the truth from her…

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