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“Doctor what happened to him “? Mike asked immediately feeling his body temperature rising to abnormal.
“Calm down boy” Doctor Willie said to Mike who didn’t seems to listen to him all that was running through his mind that moment was to set his eyes on Desmond to see and know how he’s fairing.
Patricia wasn’t left out too as she also wanted to set her eyes on Desmond. After explaining everything to the two teenagers who seems eager to hear the doctor out, hearing the word that Desmond is in coma for the past two days without opening his eyes nor any sign that he’s still alive. Mike didn’t wait to hear anything again he ran out of the doctor’s office heading to Desmond’s ward without knowing where it’s located. He ran around the premises like a mad dog, Doctor Willie and Sir Louis ran out also looking for him, they understand how he felt that instant but he shouldn’t take it that way. Mike was still running when he bumped into the nurses that was wheeling a dead body to the mortuary section, seeing that Mike stopped and unveil the person so as to be sure that it’s not Desmond’s body.
“Mike “! Patricia shouted seeing how he was behaving, he stopped and looked back to see the three of them staring at him like a dog who lost direction..
“Mike calm down, everything will be okay soon ” Doctor Willie assured him
“Just take me to him please, I just want to see Desmond ” he pleaded and without time wastage Doctor Willie took the both of them to the ward Desmond body was taken care of. Series of machines connected to his body were beeping and making noise some were showing red light Desmond body was lying there without moving nor shaking, his mouth was covered with oxygen to enable him survive even when hope is not there.
“Desmond !!! He shouted running to the bed where Desmond laid be shook him but his body wasn’t moving.
“No Desmond talk to me na, this is not our promised we made to each other that we will stand with each other in times of temptations.why do you want for give up now, please talk to me ” he kept talking and words were flowing out or his mouth unstoppable, Patricia already she couldn’t move or say anything but the tears already were ready to drop, she felt the pains of Mike. Doctor Willie and Mr Louis pity the poor boy.
“Doctor please tell me that Desmond is going to be fine anytime soon ” Mike said again looking at the direction, Doctor Willie looked down knowing fully well the question is not supposed to be answered now especially now that Mike is really in a bad condition about Desmond’s case. He shook his head negatively..
“I’m sorry but we are trying our best, he has only 5% of survival but we don’t know yet. The major thing is that he needs blood because he has lost much blood” Doctor Willie said bringing down his voice
“Doctor I’m ready to be the donor please do something, he’s the only one I got ” Mike said with his eyes wet
“We need to carry out some test to see whether the blood will match or not. We need to go to the lab and carry out test before anything else ” Doctor Willie said as Mike stood up immediately
“Where’s the lab doctor let’s go I’m ready ” he said leading the way out of the ward without knowing the lab. Doctor Willie was shocked seeing how was grown up man behaved like that because of his friend that means they are more than a friend to each other as he followed him from behind..
“Mom, he hates me. He he’s not ready to forgive me ” Tessy said crying on her mom’s shoulder
“Tessy Jerold don’t hate you, I know him he’s just recovering from the heart break and pain you have him. He will get over it and come back ” Mrs Jerald assured her daughter cleaning her tears
“Are you sure mom “? She asked
“Of course he will come back I know Jerold ” Mrs Jerald said pulling her into a hug as she rested in her moms shoulder
“thanks mom you are the best I love you ” Tessy voiced out
“I love you more baby ” she replied kissing her on the forehead..
Jerold didn’t know what else to do as the thought of calling Tessy came across his mind , he picked his phone trying to call Tessy but he dropped the phone back leaning on the wall. His head kept spinning remembering the hurtful words Tessy said to him but that’s the past he need to let the past go and focus on the present and what the future holds.
“Tessy I’ve forgiven you a long time ago but I can’t tell you. I want you to feel my own pains too ” he said to himself as he opened his fridge bringing out a chill bottle of vodka and opened it then pour the content down his throat as the cold feelings kept him going to the land of the unknown..
Since the day Desmond was knocked down, Raymond nor arrow was not seen and the cops too were not tired of doing their jobs as they kept searching everywhere for them. Raymond and Co were living in s forest waiting for the right day to come and out and travel out of the country. They wanted everyone to forget about that issue before they even think of coming out exception of that they will face lif3 imprisonment because the cops will make sure they face it especially Raymond cause his father wanted him arrested too..
After the test was conducted and carried out on the hospital laboratory, Mike blood didn’t match with that of Desmond.
“Here is the result Mr Mike ” Doctor Willie said giving the result to him looking at the contents Mike was disappointed
“Doctor just used it whether it match or not it will work ” he said wearing an assuring face
“You can’t come and tell me what to do in my work, I do what I know is right ” doctor Willie said
“What are you trying to tell me now? That you will allow my best friend to die because of one certain f-----g shit rules!!!? He said holding him on the collar
“Better do something and save my friend’s life or this hospital will not contain us ” he said leaving him
“Calm down Mike please ” Patricia begged
“Don’t tell me to calm down, see my friend there lying helplessly and hopelessly without the hope of surviving and he is busy wasting our time with some shit” Mike said angrily glaring at Doctor Willie
Seeing that the thing was getting out of hand, Mr Louis decided to say something into the case
“Mike I understand how you are feeling now, but calm down and allow the doctor to do is work. This is his field so allow him to concentrate ” Mr Louis said patting him on the shoulder. Mike was just overworried without asking what really happened to Desmond that he is admitted in the hospital just then his memory came back and the question just flew into his head
“Sorry Doctor Who brought him here and what did the person say ?was he shot or knocked down by a car “? He asked and Mr Louis knew where he was now heading to so he adjusted his eye glasses looking at Mike.
“Well he was brought here by a man who happens to knocked him down with his car when he carelessly crossed the road without looking back ” Willie explained to him
“Who was this careless driver that just hit him without caring to know how he’s fairing whether he’s alive or not ” he asks feeling his blood boiling in anger
“Here I am Mike, am the careless driver that knocked your friend down ” Mr Louis said as Mike attention drifted to him and slowly his anger died down but by bit
“I was in a hurry to go to the police custody because of the case of my son called Raymond. I hope you are aware of it ” he asked and Mike nodded his head in a yes gesture and he began
“I was so angry for Raymond to drag my name in the mud alongside with his fellow gang members, so before I knew what was happening I saw an image trying to cross the road with blood all over his mouth and he was being pursued by another man with a gun, before I knew what happened he crosses the road immediately without looking back and I tried applying my break but it was too late for that ” Mr Louis explained looking at the poor boy lying hopelessly . Mike too didn’t know what else to say nor to do he kept looking up and down and the silence in the room was just too much.
“Check my blood whether it will match his own ” Patricia said breaking the silence as everyone stared at her
“Why the look now? Did I say anything bad or did I just committed a crime “? She asked
“Let’s proceed to the lab ” Doctor Willie said as he lead the way and Patricia followed..
Doctor Willie carried out the test but the result was still the same thing as that of Mike.
“Sorry dear we can’t use your blood ” Doctor Willie said out
“Doctor why “? Mike didn’t even allowed Patricia to say it as he did the talking
“The blood doesn’t match, we need a donor that the blood will match. Kindly bring more people to try out and note don’t waste time cause we are running out of time ” Doctor Willie said as Mike was speechless. Mr Louis too was speechless cause the whole thing was just out of hand, he didn’t expect the turn out to be that way.
” Doctor I’m sorry if my blood and that of Patricia doesn’t match that of Desmond that means that nothing will be done and none will donate the blood ” he said looking at the Doctor
“Why saying so? Doesn’t he have parents or any relatives “? Doctor Willie asked and the sad expression on Mike’s face could be easily read and Mr Louis understood what that means instantly but adverted his eyes from him
“Doctor this young man lying lifeless here struggled to survive since he was 5 years, he went through hell just to be in school and now it seems as if he wants to stop halfway without achieving his goals ” Mike said feeling heartbroken again but praying that the Lord should perform a miracle instantly..
“You mean the guy lost his parents at the age of 5? Or what a sad story ” Mr Louis said remembering the same thing that happened to him.
It was 11:00pm and the night was so dark and sounds of the crickets was heard from the nearby bush, no sign of car no any human being was found outside at the late hour of the night. Mr Louis and his 5 year old son Alex was still watching TV in the parlor, he wasn’t really rich but the house looked nice and fresh. He crossed his legs on the table watching the cartoon that was displaying, he always like watching cartoon with his 5 year old son who always forced him to watch it with him
“Dad look at what Tom is doing to Jerry ” little Alex said to his father who smiled at him
“Let’s see what Jerry will do to him in return ” Mr Louis said adjusting while his son lied on his labs laughing at his father for sighting Jerry.
“Where’s your mother Alex “? Mr Louis asked
“Dad you know the woman doesn’t like kids movie like we do because we are both kids, she’s in her room dad ” Alex joked calling his father a kid also as they both end up laughing. Seriously Mr Louis loved his only son pretty much to the extent he can’t even stay a day without taking him out for shopping
“You are silly Alex, Oya let’s see what’s going to happen ” Mr Louis said concerntrating on the TV screen. The both of them were focused on the TV screen and nothing by that time could distract them because they were so mean in the movie. Mr Louis smelled something to be burning and he looked up to see something that looks like smoke but he wasn’t sure that it was smoke so he decided to continue watching. The smoke became harder this time and already fire had already began bit by bit, before they knew what was happening the fire
was now unquenchable
“Dad!! Look at that ” little Alex shouted pointing to the window that was being destroyed by the fire already, Mr Louis stood up in alert adjusting backwards because the fire was now more fierce and destructive. He looked for a possible way to quench it but nothing was there to help, he heard the wife screaming in her room. He left in alert running as fast as his legs could carry him but on getting to the room, the door was already consumed, the wife was crying and shouting his name at the same time calling him for help, he loved her really much and hearing her crying for help when he’s around was like killing him. He hit the door but it wasn’t opening because it was locked from inside. He hit it again and again using his legs until the door finally break and he entered to see his wife already on the floor coughing, smoke was everywhere .
“No !! Dear please talk to me dear, don’t go and leave us. Little Alex is waiting for the both of us, please stay strong for us ” Mr Louis cried but it was too late as she gave up the the ghost..
Mr Louis carried her in his arms trying to leave the room unknowingly to him there was full litre of fuel in the room. The fire was about quenching when it got to the fuel side and it exploded carrying the two people on the air and jamb him on the wall real hard, he was bleeding already the fire caught him on the clothe as he struggled to quenched it but it was of no use as the fire burn him too.
Little Alex was tired of waiting for his dad to return, he didn’t even know what was happening inside but all he heard was his father’s voice shouting and screaming, he ran out of the house to the dark street crying and shouting for help. Due to how dark the night was, the dogs that were securities in the street started barking at him and pursuing him at the same time, Alex had no option than to run. He didn’t even know where he was heading to, be ran inside the thick first without knowing his destination and unluckily for him he fell into deep cliff that had water running on the down part, luckily the water carried him and dropped him at the seashore in another community entirely which he didn’t know anyone in that area..

Me Louis body and that of his wife was taken to the hospital the next day and luckily for him he survived but his wife died, he asked everyone about his son but none seems to know his whereabouts. The news alone just made him to be unstable. After another 5 years of mourning his son and wife he decided to adopt a son without trying to marry another wife. That was how he got Raymond.
Mr Louis finished telling his story, everyone in the house was touched especially Patricia and Mike who knew that he went through a lot.
“I will look for a donor, I know how it feels to loose an important person. I will try my best to find a donor ” Mr Louis said and Mike was a bit relieved.
2 weeks later
Everything was still the same cause nothing changed, Mr Louis has tried his best by looking forward donor but he found that the blood matched.
Patricia decided to pay Desmond a visit on the hospital on the hot hour of the afternoon, she opened the ward door and enter still Desmond was not moving nor having any sign of life, she sat beside him and took his hand in his caressing it slowly staring him, his handsome face was still there and nothing changed about it. She spent 3 hours with Desmond in the ward lamenting some words that seems like a prayer to God expecting a miracle.
“Desmond please just wake up for the sake of Mike and everyone who loves you, please Desmond we all love you wake up and be strong for us ” Patricia said still looking at Desmond, she was tired of talking and she was very weak. She placed her head on Desmond shoulder and doze off to a deep sleep.
Patricia woke up at the tone of her ringing tone, she checked to see the caller to be Angelina. She checked the time and it was late already
“Oh my God I overslept, it’s almost 7:00pm, since 4:00pm Angelina will be really mad at me ” she voiced out standing up from where she sat, she looked at Desmond for the last time then head out of the room.
Mike too kept visiting the hospital to hear whether there will be a changed story but the story still remained the same.
Mr Louis was on his way to the hospital likewise Mike and Patricia too. Patricia and Mike were now good, she is really a good girl with a fragile heart, it shows how much she wants Desmond alive.
“Mike, he will be fine don’t worry ” Patricia assured Mike inside the taxi patting him on the shoulder and he nodded his head in agreement looking at her.
“Thank you for your help and everything ” he replied and Patricia smiled.
They got to the hospital and both came down and settled the taxi man before he drove away and they walked inside the hospital.
On getting inside the doctor’s office, the Doctor and Mr Louis was already there discussing.
“Good afternoon doctor ” they both greeted
“Yeah welcome ” he replied concerntrating with Mr Louis and after what seems like eternity to Patricia and Mike who sat like a tied dog and goat without saying anything Mike finally broke the silence.
“Sir no donor has been found yet “? He asked
“Yes Micheal all the donors were negative, none of them matched with that of Desmond.
“What if they rest your own blood sir “? Patricia asked thus generating another minute of silence in the room as if they were observing for a dead person.
“You know that’s impossible, it can’t match with his own. I have not known him before talkless of knowing where he’s from so my blood won’t match ” Mr Louis said looking at Patricia who suggested
“Everything is based on trial, why not try it and let’s see the results and if the result prove wrong and so be it” Mike added looking at the doctor to hear from him but he was mute. Mr Louis sighed thinking about the decision
“Why can that be possible when the two of you that knows him carried out a test and none of your blood matched, how then will mine match when I’ve not known him before “? Mr Louis asked again. The room was silent once again as the kept looking from one person to another expecting to hear a word or two but none came out.
“Okay fine I’ve heard you, I’ll give it a try ” Mr Louis said as a smile crossed Patricia’s lips as if Mr Louis blood will match
“Thank you sir ” she said
“For what “? Mr Louis asked spreading his hands
“For accepting to give it a try ” she replied smiling and Mr Louis joined and smiled
“You are funny, doctor let’s proceed ” Mr Louis said as Doctor Willie took him to the lab to carry out a test with Mr Louis blood whether it will match or not.
He placed him on the theater and carried out the test..


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