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Mike was confused at what was happening and to make the issue worse Desmond kept looking at the both of them strangely as a baby girl who is looking at her mom to breast feed her…
“Now tell us what happened back then in the hospital “? Sir Lancelot asked Doctor Willie who was now sitting before him with bruises on his face as a criminal being caught in the act of raping. He was not ready to talk and Sir Lancelot was ready by all means to make him talk by force.
Sir Lancelot gave him a hot slap that turned his face backward thus making her to rub her cheeks in pain.
“You were to serve our country and save people’s life, that was why you were called doctor but you came and do the opposite of it, now tell us why and who sent you ” Sir Lancelot said as the camera was now pointing at the both of them to capture what is happening in the room..
Back to the other end where Raymond and arrow was being held, looking at Raymond specifically one could easily see the bruises on his arms, face and most of all his back which was being stamp with an electric iron thus giving him tough times. Due to how the cops suffered before arresting them they need to torture them very well..
Tessy opened the door to see Juliet and Evelyn standing at the door, she almost shouted at loud due to the unexpected visit.

She jumped on Evelyn thus making her to stagger so as not to fall..
She opened the door wide for all of them to enter which they did, the scent that accompanied them was so fabulous.
“How are you guys doing “? Tessy asked pouring the red wine into three glasses as she life it up to them
“We are fine but we missed you ” Evelyn said almost immediately as Tessy giggled
“Okay by the way how did you locate me “? She asked waiting to hear the response
“It’s as simple thing as possible, we just asked about the girl who got loss a month ago ” Juliet replied thus making her to remember her pains and heart break even all she passed through because of Raymond. Juliet noticed her change of mode and she understood why..
“Babe take it easy, what really happened “? Juliet asked dropping her cup and adjusting forward to hear her explanations and what she has to say..
Patricia left for her house as her eyes were reddish in colour, seeing her mode from the door Angelina rushed her
“Babe what’s it what happened to Desmond”? She asked just immediately as Patricia dropped her bag and collapsed on the bed flinging her long hair backward to have a clear view. The silent in the room was just too much as if they were observing w moment of silence to Desmond which wasn’t so.
“You are making me scared please dear, talk to me ” Angelina begged and she sighed.
“Babe a miracle happened and another miracle happened at the same time today in the hospital ” Patricia said thue confusing Angelina the more as the surprised expression could be seen on her face.
“And what do you mean by that “? She asked looking straight into her eyes.
“Babe miraculously sir Louis blood matched with that of Desmond and he is alive now ” she explained thus making Angelina to jump up in excitement..
“And why are you sad now, you should be happy ” Angelina said shaking her on the shoulder
“The sad part is that Desmond don’t know me again ” she explained bitterly
“What do you mean by that Patricia “?
“He woke up first scanning everywhere and after he asked us what happened to him which we knew that he wouldn’t recall but the shockest part is that he asked me who I am ” she explained sadly..
“Do you know if he’s joking “? Angelina asked
“I’m telling you real life something and you are talking about jokes, you till the time I left the hospital he kept staring at the both of us strangely asking us who we are and he seems to be non stable ” Patricia explained further and Angelina understood what was happening
“No this is not happening, no no its not happening ” Angelina said and Patricia kept looking at her strangely wondering what she meant by that.
“What do you mean “? She asked
“Babe Desmond is suffering from Amnesia ” she said
“You mean memory loss “? She asked again to be sure that’s the meaning
“Yes dear ” Angelina replied…
Sir Louis opened his eyes slowly trying to get up but withdrew back feeling a sharp pain on his arm, he looked to see his arm with a bandage and he later recalled what happened thus bringing back his memory about Desmond…
Back to the cell Sir Willie was really tortured to the extent he finally speak up after seeing that the cops are not ready to let him go except he tell them the truth.
“I was sent to kill Desmond any day he comes to hospital in any way even wounded or not” Doctor Willie explained with blood dripping on his mouth. The camera captured everything as Sir Lancelot wrote down what he said…
“Who sent you “? He asked bringing back his attention to him
“I was sent by Raymond Louis “? He explained
“Why did he sent you to kill an innocent soul for no reason as a professional doctor that you are “? Sir Lancelot asked still writing down the important points that will be needful in the court of law
“He said that according to the way Desmond is, it looks like he is sir Louis missing son who got missing and he doesn’t want anyone to take his place as Mr Louis son ” Doctor Willie explained
“Did the test you conducted prove so? And was that why you fake the hospital report “? Sir Lancelot asked him in a furious rage seeing how wicked and cruel he is not to allow a missing son to finally reunite with his missing father…

Mike put a call through to Sir Lancelot telling him about Desmond current situation as he couldn’t bear it alone. Sir Lancelot promised to be there in a while…

Tessy finished explaining everything that happened to her in the case of her love with Raymond.
“I warned you to be careful of the choice you make ” Evelyn said
“I thought that he was the right man not knowing that he’s a wicked being ” Tessy explained bitterly
“We understand everything, we just thank God that you are alive and save now. So what about him were is he “?
“The cops are still searching for him cause he disappeared after the incident ” she explained.
“We hope to see you soon in school ” Evelyn said standing up ready to leave
“You are leaving so soon “?
“Yes we have overstayed ”
“Thanks for the visit, I gladly appreciate see you soon ” she said leading them and escorting them to the park which they boarded a cap heading home after promising to visit her any day again…

Raymond was really suffering because the cops didn’t take it lightly with him. They tortured him from one way to the other, they did several things to him and seeing that he will soon pass out If it continues like that he decided to speak up
” I sent Doctor Willie to kill Desmond instead of saving him ” he said
“What “?
“Yes I did that ” he added feeling the hotness on his body as it kept burning him where the iron was placed on his back…
Sir Lancelot arrived the hospital after ordering the hospital to employ another experienced doctor so as to handle patients until Doctor Willie case is settled.
He walked straight to Desmond’s ward and after being told what happened, he carried out his test as Desmond was busy sleeping. After the test he same his head negatively looking at Mike as Mike stood up to hear him out.
“Mike it’s so sad that your friend is now suffering from another sickness entirely ” Sir Lancelot explained
“Sir what could that be sir “? He asked
“He’s suffering from Amnesia Mike memory loss” he explained
“Doctor is there no way to solve this issue “? Mike asked
“You guys need to stay around, he needs to see farmaliar things and people that he has been seeing that will really help much ” Sir Lancelot replied as he drop his gloves taking off his glasses…
What is happening here “? Jerold asked fuming in anger when he got to his father’s company after hearing the news that his current secretary has been sacked without his notice. His reaction alone could tell that something is going on between them but it wasn’t so.
“I need to be consulted before any decision is taken ” Jerold said angrily hitting his fist on the glass table
“We are sorry it was the manager decision ” young Adele said rubbing his two palms together like q baby who is begging the mother for forgiveness. Meanwhile Jerold was busy pressing his phone as he placed it on his ears.
“Come back to the office now and resume your work ” he said angrily on the phone ending the call immediately…
“You no not to be a doctor for Christ’s sake, how could you? Because of money wants a family who got loss years back not to be united “?sir Alexander said angrily squeezing his two ears.
“Get ready to rot in jail, fool ” he said banging the door from behind walking away from doctor Willie who was now thinking about what fate will decide…
Patricia woke and yawning, she turned to other side trying to touch Angelina but she was already awake.
She stood up stretching her body, she took up her flip flops heading to the bathroom for a quick shower. The scent alone that filled the house at that moment could be described as a pleasant one. Patricia smiled allowing the water to run down her body still inhaling the sweet scent that was coming out of the kitchen. It’s no other person hand work than Angelina, that’s why she so much loves her…
She stepped out of the bathroom tub after what seems like 30 minutes pass, the dry towel was already soaked with water as Patricia cleaned her body.
“Babe see you later, I’m off ” she said hurriedly after dressing up looking more charming and attractive than never before. She stood there with her hands on her waist talking to Angelina.
“heading to where “? She asked facing her this time around without thinking about what’s on the fire.
“To check on Desmond of course ” Patricia just immediately not allowing her to land
“I knew it but, please stay back from the hospital for a while. It may help you, you don’t have to do this way, I know you like him but don’t make it look as if you are forcing yourself on someone. Let him value you and love you the more ” Angelina sad turning back to the pot that was steaming on fire. Seeing the truth in what Angelina just wait Patricia dropped her bag on the kitchen counter and relaxed on it.
“Thanks babe you are on in a million, what would I have done without you ” she said and they both hugged each other.
“It’s nothing what are friends for? It’s my duty to protect you do the rightful thing” Angelina replied smiling.
“I knew you are hungry and you are not ready to admit it, let’s have a taste of the salty food” Angelina joked as Patricia hot her on the shoulder..
Mike watched Desmond sleep silently on the hospital bed like a baby, his handsome face but his memory was lost. How could he possibly make it returned back to normal immediately after it had been damaged. He has been waiting and expecting to see Patricia but she was nowhere to be found which is unlike her. She always arrives earlier before him but here he is and she’s not get.
He was beginning to get disturbed and bored since Desmond didn’t even make a move with his body nor his head…
Placing the phone on his ears to called Patricia who was not yesterday..
Sir Lancelot arrived his office as two police officers ran after bim.
“Sorry every information is set for the case of Doctor Willie ” said the first officer…
“Good set everything I’m place tomorrow the case starts.
“Sir we still need more effidence for this case because the evidence ” the second cop said
“Carry out more investigation if that’s the case ” Sir Lancelot ordered immediately. They saluted him leaving the office…
Sir Louis woke up with a slight pain on his head which was playing like the Methodist drums playing, the environment looked strange to him at first but he was he stood up in his hospital clothes heading to Desmond’s ward.
Just as he entered, an alert entered his phone beeping and showing the green light for message. “Meet me at my office this evening ” the message reads and it was from Sir Lancelot..
Looking at Desmond from head to toe, he resembled someone farmaliar to him but he can’t recall when and where he met such person.
“Mike how’s “? Sir Louis asked
“No improvement sir ” he replied relaxing on one of the cushion
“It’s still the same ” he replied just then Desmond woke up yawning and stretching his body, sir Louis and Mike exchanges glances with sir Louis decided to see if it’s true.
” Desmond”? Mike called and he kept looking strangely at the both of them from Mike to sir Louis who shook his head negatively seeing that there’s no change at all.
“What can you remember anything Desmond”? Mike asked adjusting closer to him but he kept looking at him as he’s cursing him without saying q word.
“I’ll be right back I need to see someone ” sir Louis said leaving the both of them to have s nice time together.
Mike kept saying farmaliar things to Desmond whether that will help him regain his memory but the situation was still the same thing..
Sir Louis arrived, parked his car in the garage and walked out after being saluted by several police officers, he head straight to Sir Lancelot office, he placed a soft knock on the door waiting for a command to come in. Just as he was anticipating he heard Sir Lancelot voice from inside asking him to come in.
“Have a sit ” Sir Lancelot said after the both of them shook hands together
“Thank you ” Mr Louis replied as he draw out a sit setting his ass on it.
” Just give me a minute ” Sir Lancelot said rounding up what he has doing and looking at sir Louis he spoke up.
“Sir once again I need you to tell me everything that happened the day your child got missing ” Sir Lancelot said as Mr Louis didn’t understand the language, the confused look could be easily seen on his face thereby telling Sir Lancelot that he doesn’t understand what he’s trying to tell him
“Sir, we need more strong and heavy evidence for the case of Doctor Willie and Raymond your son. The case is a very dangerous one ” Sir Lancelot said expecting to hear from Mr Louis.
Which he later narrated everything again starting from the beginning till the end to him.
Which made Sir Lancelot suggestions to be right , he was right though even the report of the test h3 Carried out proved it but he needed strong evidence too from Mr Louis to be sure that everything is okay, now he has gotten it and he is satisfied..
Back to the hospital Mike has been trying his best to start a friendly conversation with Desmond to see how it will be but everything end up like a mess as Desmond kept saying things out of the line.
He kept smiling at every interval.
“Desmond”? Mike called and he turned looking at him without answering nor saying anything
“Do you know me “? He asked feeling his throat getting dry because of too much talking and Desmond shook his head negatively
“I know you not. Who are you “? He asked speaking up for the first time ever since the incident.
Mike tried his possible best to key into the tune which he thinks is the best way to bring back Desmond’s memory but it seems it didn’t work out the way he was planning.
Raymond and arrow, the both of them were seriously tortured in the police cell. Bruises were already over their faces especially Raymond who was the main target, still his deadly face could still be seen.
The news got to Tessy that Raymond was arrested some days ago, she didn’t know what to do but believed that he’s properly taken care of the way it supposed to be in the police cell.
Patricia was tired of staying in the house without seeing Desmond, he really wants to see that cute guy, watch him sleep soundly and watch over him so as not to be taken away.
Angelina was in the bathroom taking her bath, Patricia tip toed out of the house with her heels in her hands running out of the house, getting to the road she boarded a cab.
“Saint Charles hospital ” she said immediately to the taxi man entering the car as they drove away…


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