The Undisputed
Sequence 26
Alex gazed at the file in his hands. He was trying to concentrate on another case he hard but he kept on thinking about Thandi. His African black queen, with a caramel skin he always longed to touch whenever she was close.
Her reluctance to accept him made him feel bad but he wasn’t going to give up, atleast not just yet.
He recalled the conversation he had with Mattie. He had found her home one afternoon when he drove to Thandi ‘s apartment wanting to pay her a visit but she wasn’t yet back from work .
” so whats up with you and my Thandi? ” Mattie had asked him after she offered him a seat.
” well, the truth is i like her a lot. I was looking forward to coming to meet her since i first saw her in my brother’s magazine. And when i saw her in person, my heart leaped” Alex had smiled.
” okey i see, ” Mattie nodded at him.
” so have you told her that?”
” i have , several times but your sister or sorry friend is stubborn” Alex shook his head.
” you can call her my sister its okey. We only have each other and are practically family, so its okey. But one thing i have to tell you is that we have been through a lot Alex. Thandi might have not told you this but she just like myself here we have a rough history with men. Am sure you know that people deal with abuse issues differently and am afraid to say, Thandi has not yet healed. It will take some time and Patience for her to learn to get close to any man especially letting him touch her. You know what i mean right?” She asked him
” i got you clearly Mattie and thank you for telling me this. I somehow understand her fear. But trust me i have the best interest at heart for her and i will try to be as patient as possible” he smiled.
” you seem to be a good person Alex but like i told Joe, i will tell you this. Thandi, Sali and myself are part of each other now. Our friendship has helped us through thin and thick, should you dare make her cry you will have me to answer to” she warned seriously making Alex laugh.
” i hear you Mattie, i will keep that in mind” he smiled and just then Thandi walked in.
He stood smiling at her and she greeted him casually as always making Mattie smile at him and left them alone.
The ringing of his phone snitched Alex from his thoughts. He sighed before pushing his hands in his trousers where his phone was.
” hey brother” he responded seeing Harold’s id on his screen.
” am still at the office will come see you at home i guess. Thandi is out yes i was there this morning ” he responded hitting a pen on the top of the file with his left hand.
” she has to go back to work ofcourse, bail was granted you need her back man” Alex told his brother on the line.
” will discuss this further when we meet say in 1 hour?” He asked before hanging up.
Alex folded the files and parked the girl’s case file in his case standing to leave.
He was almost going out when he saw a lady quickly walking towards his office. Stopping to hear why a stranger probably without any appointment was going to his office at that hour.
” how are you madam and how may i help you?” He greeted the woman and she smiled at him her nice and attractive cologne touching his nose.
” well, my name is Joy Roberts” the lady smiled
” oh i see, any relations with Kelly Roberts?” He shrugged looking at her with suspicion.
” yeah, am glad you know him. Am his wife” she extended her hand to him and he hesitantly shook it. Wondering why on earth she was there to see him given the information he had on her.
” okey, please sit down if you may” he pointed at the chair in front of him walking around to his.
Joy cleared her throat. “Thank you, i came because i saw you and heard that you are the lawyer taking up Mattie and her friend’s case. I just want to urge you to step down and let them pay for their crimes. Justice has to be served right? ” she paused looking at Alex who was silently listening without any readable expressions.
” yeah you see, that girl killed a man and law demands justice for such. She is evil, am told she somehow can’t control her evil and who knows what she will do to other people if let free. Her friends too should be made to pay for hiding a crime ” Joy added seriously
Alex smiled before placing his back in the chair. ” in short you walked into my office to teach me about justice and morality?” He laughed casually.
” no i didn’t say that. I just want you to do the right thing for the good of humanity and our community ” she smiled back.
” if not for the respect i have come to give your husband even for the few times i have been around him, i could have pushed you out of my office Madam Joy. Is it justice you want or your rage towards that poor Mattie is making you do this? If you have issues with your husband the best is you sit at home and talk over it. Don’t drag innocent people in your messes. ” Alex told her off.
” if you knew what that girl did you would know why am doing this. She took away…..”
” stop i don’t want to hear it. Just leave madam before i call your husband and brief him on your trip to my office ” Alex stood up.
” how much? Give me a price ” Joy stood up too.
” you are sick, leave my office now!” Alex raised his voice this time around and shamelessly Joy turned to walk away but stopped in her steps looking back at him.
” tell her she will never have him to herself. He married me and am not giving him that divorce ” she burst out and walked away leaving Alex shaking his head shocked.
” what was that?” He asked himself lifting his case and car keys. ” some women” he shrugged murmuring to himself.
Back at Joe’s house, Sali was talking to Joe telling him everything that happened when the deceased man tried to rape her. She explained how Mattie had to suffer terribly to ensure that Kelly kept the secret before he fall in love with her.
” well, am glad you told me about the spirits before and those prayers worked, i was just disappointed that you had left out that detail when you told me everything. But now its settled. Like Alex has said, the law does not regard spiritual things in line with your case. He will ensure he bases his argument on that and God willing you will be free again” Joe ran his hand on her shoulders as they sat on the carpet in his living room.
” thank you again for being here. I missed you so much, the three days inside the cells was like months. ” Sali looked back at his face.
” yeah i know am sorry for not showing up earlier i was confused and hurt. But not to worry we are together now and thats what matters for now. ” Joe assured her.
Sali sat up and faced him, ” i have something else to ask of you Joe”
” eeh.. okey go ahead” he held her around her neck.
” make love to me” she told him before she could talk herself out of it.
” what? But love i thought you said we have to wait till we are married. ” Joe sat back surprised.
” i know what i said Joe, but with whats going on now am so scared we might not end up marrying. What if i go to jail for many years, or maybe your family decides not to accept me after all this. I just want to have a part of you bonded to me so that i can always feel you inside me even when you are far away.” Sali explained tears in her eyes.
” babe, come on, don’t do that now. Am not going anywhere and i strongly believe you won’t go to prison. So please stop okey?” He lifted her chin.
” am scared and i want this, i thought about it and i think am ready my love” she looked in his eyes.
” no my love, no” Joe shook his head placing Sali’s face in his palms.
” but why not. Am not a girl anymore?” Her face fall down.
” love, don’t get me wrong , you are so beautiful and i swear i have thought of making love to you several times. I just don’t want to do it under such circumstances. I don’t want it to feel like we saying good bye cause i dont want this to end my love. ” he smiled wiping her eyes to remove a cloud of tears in them.
” i want that day to be special for both of us especially you my love. Even when its killing me to make love to you right now, we will have to wait for that perfect time to come. I love you Saliya and very soon am going to make you mine come what may” Joe smiled kissing her slightly.

” i love you too Joe. You are one of the best things that has ever happened to me apart from Mattie and Thandi. You are my everything ” she whispered.
” Come here” he pulled her closer letting her sit in between his legs as he leaned his head on the couch behind him.
” so what is it like?” Sali asked
” what?” He asked wrapping his arms around her and burrying his head in her back moving it from side to side as he took in her scent.
” making love ” she laughed.
” oh Sali, if you do it with that special person its the most amazing feeling you will ever experience. It creates that bond you will ever remember as long as you live” he answered his head still in her back.
” wow, tell me about your first girl ” she smiled placing her fingers in his palm.
” hahaha, am sorry love, am not talking about that. I was young then i don’t even remember anything special about her. Lets just say i never loved her. My whole life i never felt for a woman what i feel for you, no wonder i want that day to be extraordinary” he lifted his head.
” okey, can i go home now?” Sali shook to leave his arms after some time, but he pulled her back. ” no need to go my love, its late already. Why not spend a night with me here i will drive you home tommorow before work” Joe responded.
” are you sure its a good idea?” She looked at him.
” don’t worry i will stay away, as long as you allow me to place your head on my chest as i sleep. Be warned though, My day is coming ” he teased laughing.
” okey then let me call the girls before they start worrying” she told him grabbing her phone from the table.

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