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We got married
By: queen nikky ??
Chapter 13 (His best friend)
Finally free from Kanmi’s evil clutches I settled down in UK with my mom and Primo’s mum. They were both shocked when they hear my story. My mum felt terrible that she couldn’t protect while all this is happening to me. She got a cream for me that helps in cleaning my scars, within months I started a new life and with one of Primo’s white friend I started a clothing business.

But one day I just woke up and started feeling sorry for myself and the life I lived, first I lost my father at a tender age making me to move away from my friends to a lonely area where I knew nobody then I met the man who destroyed me completely and now I’m left without a child. I don’t know how I’m going to do it but I must give birth to my own children.

I started going to clubs every night drinking and smoking really hard, my mum noticed my recent behavior and she complained about it but I only move out of the apartment when it seems the women won’t give me the peace I deserve. Alcohol became water in my mouth and with cigarette I can’t live yes that’s how much my life had changed within the period of two months.

Why? I don’t think I can give birth anymore and I’ve even lost hope on God I mean if I perish I perish but let me enjoy my self. I became a regular customer in night clubs and I made many white friends who visit my apartment in weekends to party with me or do some kind outdoor fun together.

Then one day I got a call from Primo, I pick it Immediately cause I miss my cousin a lot and I know he miss me too. After saying hi and exchanging pleasantries he brought the topic up. My mum and his mum must have report me to him all my behavior and everything like that. He started schooling me about taking it easy cause life is not that hard really?

“ if you destroy yourself you will be a laughing stock to your ex husband so please princess take it easy ” he said and I just sigh but does he have to make me remember that bastard? Really? But I’m not destroying myself I’m just having fun it’s not as if I’m doing drugs or something. I’m just addicted to smoking that’s all and I told him.

He said he won’t tell me to stop if that’s what is giving joy at the moment he just want me to be strong so I can come back to Nigeria quickly and pepper them the losers. Well that’s my cousin, why is he now acting like a saint before. Before he hang up he told me they are close to finding the person who sent the man who attacked my that night.

Well I need to pepper them the losers and that’s why I decided to wear something sexy and sultry to the night club. Something that will make heads turn and make people think of me as a boss not a broken woman or something. So I did my make up first before putting on a black fishnet top which reveal every part of my upper body except my bra covered boobs.

I wore a very short leather skirt and a black stocking with a black 6inch heels making me look like a sex worker, that’s what heartbreak turn me. Normal me won’t wear that outfit for a billion dollars but look at me now I’m doing it for fun. I grab my coat and my VIP club membership card.

I order a taxi to drop me off at the club house, showing the bouncers my card they let me in immediately with a smile. I’m about to spend a fortune on alcohol why won’t they allow me. Don’t ask me where I got the money my cloth business is doing well. I may be wayward now but my business sense never left me.

I remove my coat making my way to my own private room, I can feel eyes digging deep into my skin and yes that’s what I want. Look at me, I’m not broken I’m a strong woman. Drinking alone seems boring never noticed that before but I’m pretty drunk enough to even pass out any moment soon.

But I move to the dance floor, dancing with every f-----g body that wish to dance until this guy came to the picture. He stop the men from harassing me and drag me out of the club. I don’t even know who he is but he called my name and I guess he knows who I am.
I couldn’t even see his face properly because I’m hell drunk and I can’t think straight so I don’t remember if I even said anything wrong too.

But when I open my eyes we are in my apartment already and he is trying to lay me on my bed peacefully. But I just pull him closer to me and kissed him hard. He tried to resist me but I held him tight that he have no choice but to give in to my seduction. The kiss became hot like fire before I know I’ve already rip his shirt off him.

From the corner of my eyes I can see he is still not sure about it but kissed me back after all rubbing his hand all over my body but stop at my breast. He fondle it making me moan out loud. I’ve missed this feeling of pleasure, and sex is what I need at the moment and who said I can’t cheat also?

I just allow him to be in charge and he is quite good, the way he took every part of my breast in his mouth send cold blood down my spine and I couldn’t imagine the look on my face. I push down his trousers with my legs allowing him to press his hard member against my tummy but I’m not having it again. I need him inside me, I need that hard c--k inside me.

“ f--k me! ” I didn’t know when those words flew out of my mouth and he obey me almost immediately. Using one hand to shift my pants to one side and slidding his d--k into my wet p---y. He was gentle first but when I screamed harder he gave it to me hard and deep and I did a good job matching with his rhythm.

We both came together at the same time, heavens knows when last I had such a mind blowing o----m. I passed out almost immediately from the heat and my head spinning from too much alcohol.

The next morning Primo’s call woke me up, I didn’t even noticed the body beside me I just pick the call.
“ Good morning Bolanle ” he said from the other side and I manage to mutter a low good morning. My head is still banging.

“ we found the guy who attacked you and interrogate him ” he said and that destroy the little sleep left in my eyes.
“ he mentioned a different name not Kanmi at all ” Primo added and I just have to sit up to listen properly if not Kanmi then who?
To be continued….

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