we got married episode 14

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We got married
By: queen nikky ??
Chapter 14 (Dreams)
Favour? What? Favour sent an assassin to me what? But why? She is the bad b---h here. She ruined my marriage well in a good way and she balanced herself in my matrimonial home without stress and I didn’t do anything about it so what the heck is my offence?

After ending the call with Primo I turn around and saw the strange man on my bed. Well so I wasn’t dreaming? I actually forced an unknown man to have sex with me? And now that’s bad but he looks familiar. I woke him up and Immediately he saw me he look ashamed and he apologized but I said its okay I was the one who tempted him. He didn’t take advantage of me or something I was the crazy sex starved b---h.

Still processing his face in my mind then I remember chai! Charles! Kanmi’s best friend Chim oh! So I slept with my husband’s best friend of all people and now this is turning into a good fun. He messed around with someone I considered my sister and I messed with his best friend. Come on I’m not talking about ordinary best friend but the best man on my own wedding day lol.

I can’t wait to rub it in them losers face I will he like hey Kanmi I slept with your best friend so what’s up? The only difference is that I won’t give him a taste of my fist like he did when I found out about his affair with favour but wait who says I can’t? I will definitely.

So many thoughts ran through my mind at the moment that Charles probably think I hate him but he’ll no! That sex was what I needed and if he likes he can give it to me again.
“ I’m sorry Bolanle you are my friend’s wife I shouldn’t have done ”

“ hey Charles it’s okay I’m not your friend’s wife anymore and besides I tempted you yesterday I should be the one to apologize cause you were just trying to help ” I said not even feeling ashamed or guilty one bit.
I made him a cup of coffee and offered him some cookies and while he is busy enjoying my little treats I’m already in the bathroom taking my bath. I got ready few minutes later so I won’t be late for work.

We left the apartment together, him going to God knows where and me going to my place of work quietly.
A month after the incident, My mum’s elder brother died in Nigeria and it seems we have to return home, I’m seriously not ready yet to face Kanmi.

My mum told me about the incident on phone but I didn’t even reply because I know the trouble that will obviously hold for me so I didn’t even act like I care but she just showed up at my apartment one Sunday morning like this I was planning to get ready for clubbing though I’ve not recover from Saturday’s hangover yet.

I ushered her in and but she refused to have a sit I can tell she is angry at God knows what maybe me? Cannot be me Sha.
“ Bolanle why are you doing this to yourself? For God’s sake one bad incident is not the end of life ” she yelled at me and the psychopath in head decide to ignore.

“ you know you are all I have left please Bolanle stop torturing yourself by separating yourself from your family your mother. Please this type of life only ruin lives and I’m not ready to lose you. It’s okay if you can’t have a child we’ll adopt one ” she said and that last sentence hit me so deep that it made my head spin and I feel wetness in my eyes the pain I’ve been holding all these while explode.

“ mum why? Why can’t I have my baby? Why? Even if it’s just one I’ll be grateful but look at me I’m empty I lost everything everything ”

“ not everything you still have me please Abeke mi stop doing this to yourself we can still start all over I’m begging you ” she sobs trying to kneel but I stop her. I can’t start all over. Start what? Nine years of my life wasted because of the man I loved and trusted. And in the process of this my life got destroyed so bad that I can’t even pick the pieces from the floor and frame it together.

“ mummy I can’t start all over again it’s late so leave me be please ” I said and suddenly I feel dizzy like something is wrong with my system or something.

“ Bolanle! Bola!! Please stay with me ” that was the last word I heard before everything turns dark. Then I had a dream
In that dream I saw my self in a beautiful garden playing with two kids. A boy and a girl and they were like treasures.
So precious I can’t trade anything for them.

“ mama ” the boy said looking deep into my soul with his lovely eyes oh i can’t get enough of this dream.
Some part of me yell “its just an illusion it’s not true get your acts together ” but another part of me told me this dream is too precious to be ignored and it might even come true.

I saw myself taking care of the little precious angels like they are my children but then a deadly figure appear behind us.
I turn around to look at whoever it was and I saw Kanmi with rage and blood thirst in eyes. My heart started beating faster and a voice in my head kept chanting “ he hurt me and I won’t let him hurt my kids ” and a survival instinct kick in.

I quickly carry my boy but not fast enough to also carry the girl too cause his hands was obviously longer. Using one hand to hold the boy firmly I use the other hand to drag the girl with him but he pushed me away and took my little princess with him. I ran faster than light to catch up with him but he just fade away with my princess just like that

“ No! My baby ” I shouted and then I woke up, this is too real to be a dream I told myself. Why would Kanmi take my little girl away from me and I couldn’t even do anything about it.
I open my eyes to see my mum and Charles beside looking so worried about me but when I assure them I’m okay they both had that weird smile on their face.

“ what? ” I asked with a whisper.

“ I’m going to be a grandma soon ” my mum said and my head couldn’t process what she said. Does that mean I’m ?

To be continued….

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