We got married episode 15

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We got married
By: queen nikky
Episode 15 (coming back)
So I’m pregnant? I’m finally pregnant? I look at my mum and Charles who looks eager and at the same time sorry. I don’t quite know what to do at all I just close my eyes and let the tears fall. My mum understand me quite well but Charles doesn’t have a clue what’s wrong with me.

I was discharged some days later and Charles came visiting. My mum forced me to move in with them again so I won’t be able to go to clubs and smoke or get drunk again. But I don’t intend to club too because I have another reason to keep living now and I don’t plan to lose this pregnancy too I must born it no matter what.

Charles asked if I want to keep the pregnancy and I said yes with all my might. He looks surprised and asked why he thinks I’m still married to Kanmi. I told him not to worry about me at all. He can live his life the way he wants it and I won’t tie him down with any pregnancy beside I’m not ready to commit.

We didn’t discuss about how it’s going to be until my mom inform me we are going to leave for Nigeria to attend the burial of her brother. I started packing up getting ready to show my haters the baby bump their father!

Charles later came to visit and he told me that I should keep myself and his baby safe till we see each other again. It’s not going to be long actually and I don’t want to stay long so them bad energy won’t chase my precious gift away.

Fast forward to Nigeria, while my mum and Primo’s mum were busy with burial arrangements, Primo and I were busy with the guy that attacked me before I left. He told me how favour paid him to kill me that night. He even told me I was too lucky that night.

I agreed and how I’m going to kill favour is on my kind I’ll show her pepper let me give birth first. After the burial I ran into my ex husband and his wife and their daughter in a mall shopping and looking all happy. Well my belly has also formed into a noticeable bump so I’m not sad. I have a family too.

I noticed the look on favour’s face from a far distance, she looks disturbed and worried even older than her age lol maybe Kanmi is showing her his true colors. I passed beside them without even looking at them and that earn me a gasp from both of them.

What I did is just saying “hi enemies I didn’t die I’m alive ” plus my baby bump which says “ ooin I’m doing well ” I paid for my goods and walk out without even saying anything and I know their conscience must be pricking them actually.
Kanmi has already give up on life even I I’m getting bored of my story but I will soon get to the c----x. I felt my breast rise which means baby jay must he awake but the baby will have to wake.

“ it’s funny how you build your happy family after treating me like a rag isn’t it? ” I said picking up the knife again and I draw a line from his neck to his heart region without touching it. He doesn’t have a heart yes someone like him must have stone in his chest instead of heart.

“ Bolanle but I gave you everything even when you left I freed you ” he said sorrowfully Making my eyes twitch and I felt tear streaking down my face. What the hell is he saying? He freed me? Or I left when he wanted to kill me. Within those few hours of discussion he has become the opposite of himself.

“ you what? Kanmi I can’t believe you can lie even at the point of death seriously. I don’t have to argue with you which offence did I commit? You killed my children! Three children! You monster! ” I shouted digging the knife further.

“ I’m sorry ”

“ that’s all you have to say? No I want the reason ”

“ Bola you didn’t offend me infact you never did. You’ve always been that sweet charming girl I loved and still love. It was the work of the devil. Our first child, I didn’t mean to destroy it cause you wanted it so much that time and I felt bad having to do what I did. I didn’t even have anything to my name that time but you loved me with all your heart I didn’t want you and the baby to suffer that’s why I had to deceive you into believing it was a miscarriage. When you lost your second pregnancy I was so angry at myself that I began to take it out on you and that was why I became violent till I decided to free you cause you don’t deserve someone like me ” he said while groaning in deep pain because of the knife that I buried half way in his chest.

“ no it doesn’t like that cause that’s not what your Barbie doll told me before I killed her ” I replied him not even trying to process what he said earlier.
“ you killed favour? ” he asked when the surprise hits him.
“ yes and she told me a secret before she died ”

So I’m continuing my story, after my encounter with them at the supermarket. Esther advised me not to go close to any of them or I’ll regret it but I still have that revenge mission in my mind and I must take my revenge but you know the kind of person my mum is now. She asked me to leave everything to God and I accept.

I told Charles that I will be giving birth to the baby in Nigeria because I don’t think I can board a plane and he said it’s okay by him. But that decision hmm made me lose something important.
To be continued…..
What is the important thing?
What secret did favour tell Bolanle?

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