We got married episode 17

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We got married
By: queen nikky
Chapter 17
(Becoming a murderer)
“ fool your son is alive idiot! Do you want to leave him without a mother? ” he said still catching his breath and that statement open my eyes what? So the dream is real I was supposed to have twins a boy and a girl but Kanmi’s evil intention killed the girl? Oh God no!

He help me into his car and drove me straight to the hospital, I asked him how he knew where I went to. He said he saw me when I was leaving the hospital he was coming out of the doctor’s office that time and he ran after me but I already board a bike. So he had to quickly use his car to give me a chase to the lagoon.

I enter the ward to see my mum crying and holding my son in her hands. I felt the beating part of my heart sting me I made her cry again. I move closer to her and touch her with my cold hands. She turn around and land me a dirty slap yes I deserve it.

“ where do you think you are going? Leaving me alone with your son? You really want to die after getting what you went through hell to get? ” she shouted and everybody turn their heads to look at us.

“ I’m sorry ” I wipe my tears and I stretched my hand to hold my baby which she gave to me letting me hold the little bundle in my hands. I cried so much seeing him he look so much like my dad and Charles. Like a combination of both, I use my hand to wipe the tears I drop on his face. He looks so precious as he yawn God bless you little one.

“ stop crying oponu and feed the baby ” my mum said and I nodded my head gently placing the baby in the cot. I remove the wet hospital gown and used a wrapper she brought instead so my baby won’t catch a cold. I carried the baby again and I gladly feed him with smiles on my face.

Seven days later we finally did the naming ceremony according to the Yoruba culture. Charles came for the naming ceremony but he didn’t stay long in Nigeria. He spent a month with us before going back to UK because of his business and our plan is that I will come back to UK when Baby Jay is one.

Immediately a month passed I made up my mind to take my revenge on Kanmi. I know the law won’t work on him why? He is a politician yes and trying to deal with him with law won’t proof anything. They will just let him go after few interrogation.
Nobody knows my plan not even Primo, since we are back in ibadan it was so easy for me.

I went to kanmi’s house one faithful night with strong determination that I’ll kill him and the idiot and senseless forgot to do some findings about him before carrying out my plan so I went after all. I drug the security guard he still remember me so I told him I came to pack my things and gave him a drink which he drank in my presence so that will give me an opportunity to do something.

I sneak in and while I was waiting for someone to be home favour came dropping her bag on the sofa. She locked the door well I thought something is going wrong really. Since no signs of Kanmi I wanted to leave but since favour lock the door already I don’t think that will be possible. I thought she is already asleep since she didn’t come back so I stood in the sitting thinking about my next move but my brain appear to be blocked.

But this always appears easy in movies I thought, that’s when I realized my stupid self based all her plan on a movie and movie is different from reality.
“ stalking me now? ” I heard a voice behind me and I turn around to see favour in her nightie similar to mine or is it mine? It can’t be.

“ and why would I? You are nothing ” I replied in a cool manner facing her fully.

“ then what are you doing in my house? Why do you have to show yourself now? Are you here to mock me or what?” she shouted and I narrow my eyebrows mock her as how abeg tell me where Kanmi is make I kill him.

“ I don’t care about those. Where is Kanmi? ” I asked and she just laughed.

“ you are such an idiot! We divorced a long time ago ” she said in the middle of her laughter and I became confused well if the are divorced now what is she doing in his house? Or maybe she got it as an alimony? Maybe.

“ yes I’m an idiot, you probably think I am right? Because even after sleeping with my husband you still felt a need to chit chat with me then remember? What happened? Trouble in Paradise? You guys looks so happy on your wedding day now ” I shot back at her and I can see the shock on her face.

I lift a certain part in her in her memory, I remind her how my husband beat me to coma that night and they both left me in the hospital while they got married so what’s the big deal now? I even asked her why she sent an assassin after me.

“ seriously? You are not only stupid but proud too. You think you are cool huhn? Why does it always have to be you all the time? I’m just a passerby in Kanmi’s life even after he left you for me. I thought you were the fool but it turns out to be me! He still has his eyes on you! Everything he bought for me from the perfume, undies and even the nighties are those ones you like and wore! Yes that is even forgiveable but what should I do when he calls your name while we are making love? Then I asked myself am I a replacement? Cause even though I have a child with him even though he listens to me, he still loves you and all he does is try to turn me to who you are but I can’t be you because you are too stupid that’s why I try to kill you so you can just disappear from this life forever ” she she’d tears as she said those words straight from her my mind. Not her fault though she is just a girl that fell in love with the wrong man just like me and that brings me the question. What the f--k does Kanmi wants?

Because you love someone doesn’t mean you should destroy them completely, he made sure he destroyed me but God shape me back but all I have left is revenge and resentment in my heart. While I stood there thinking about that feeling tears hit my cheek. Something heavy hit my head, since it’s so sudden I felt my heart stopped for a second but I regain myself Immediately cause I’ve survived many things in life and this won’t end me.

I turn around and favour holding a broken bottle of wine, did she just break the bottle on my head? Really? She must really want me dead so much.

“ Die! Die! Die!!! Just die and stop haunting me! ” she cried trying to stab me with the broken bottle but I overpower her and collect it from her before she does more damage to my body I still have Jayeola to care for. I Punch her stomach hard at least to buy me sometime to grab the key and escape but she pull me back pinning me to the sofa. She grab my neck and strangle me with all the resentment she feels in her heart. I stretched my hands and pick the broken bottle I snatched from her earlier.

Without thinking I plunge it deep into her neck and blood splash on my face in large quantity. I felt her hands become weak as they left my neck. I grab the key and quickly make my way out without looking back because she is dead and I don’t want to admit I just became a murderer. It was self defense right? No don’t tell me.
To be continued…..

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