We got married episode 18

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We got married
By: queen nikky
(do you want death or not?)
I ran as fast as my legs can carry me thank God the gateman is still asleep gosh. There’s blood all over my body And I know I probably look horrible. Now look at what Kanmi turned me into a murderer I killed someone I killed someone.

I sneak into the house since nobody knew of my absence before. I quickly washed the blood away but I couldn’t sleep the image keep haunting me. I can’t unsee favour’s face in my head, although I couldn’t see properly when I plunge the bottle into her neck but the way she become weak on top of me still give me chills. I couldn’t even touch baby Jay because I can’t even understand myself why I did that I don’t know.

Days passed no news of favour dying was seen I was already getting restless. What if this people were trying to get me to jail? I couldn’t even tell Primo but his girlfriend noticed my absentmindedness I couldn’t even concentrate. Always moody, there was a time I thought about turning myself but I couldn’t. I can’t leave my baby behind.

I didn’t mean to kill her even after sending an assassin after me I didn’t even wished her death cause it’s not her fault. Kanmi caused everything, she was just trying to protect her marriage by eliminating me the threat. I thought about committing suicide but no who will take care of Jay? I don’t even Know what to do everything seems confusing.
I can’t live I can’t breathe I feel so stuffed.

But guess what? Kanmi is running for a senatorial election no! How can he? When I saw the news I became blind with rage and anger. After hurting me and turning me to something I ended up regretting he still have the guts to parade himself as the man of the people? Really wow but I promised for the sake of favour I killed and the sake of the innocent babies he killed I’m going to end him really.

I’m going to end him and his career, is it a crime to fall in love? Is it? I fell in love with the wrong man and favour had to be the victim of the same circumstances too. We didn’t really offend anyone, we just fell in love with the wrong person who used us against each other. If I’m to die in the hands of Kanmi or I’m to go to jail for killing favour, I won’t do any of that without putting Kanmi where he belongs and that is hell.

And that is why we are here, the injury I inflicted on him is not enough I won’t kill him infact killing him will be too good for him and that means he won so he is going to end his own life with his hands.
He suddenly laughed but the pain in his chest held him so he clutch it with his hands and he continues laughing.

“ Favour is not dead you moron. She is in a coma ” he said and he continues laughing.
I blink my eyes twice and had to twitch my ears to make sure I’m not hearing wrong.

“ she is not dead. I took her to the hospital that night you stabbed her. I could have leave her to die there but I saved her to protect you and why do you think no one has been disturbing you? No police? nobody? She is not dead yet idiot ” he said still in the middle of laughter.

“ shut up you liar! ” I yelled at him.

“ I’m not lying why would I lie? You are going to kill me after all. She was crazy and always high on drugs that was one of the reasons I opt for a divorce. She sometimes abuse Victoria sometimes whenever she is high. Why do you think her parents abandoned her? Eiii she is crazy but I had to save my daughter from her. And that night you should really be thankful to your creator she didn’t end up killing you you won’t know but she almost killed Vicky ” he spill the beans and I felt blood drain out from my face. How could it be possible? No I don’t believe him Kanmi is a chronic liar.

“but do you know? Kanmi that Vicky is not yours ” I said after coming out of my shock. That’s life for you I manage to find out that the child Favour used to destroy my marriage is actually a bastard. Victoria is not kanmi’s daughter, I saw her real father and we met many times.

“ what?! ” he said as colour left his expression, I could read his mind that moment and what’s running through it is “ how? Why? ”
“ no Bolanle if this is a joke stop it Vicky is mine ” he said almost breaking down. I pity him Sha his life is crushing on him right now.

“ Honourable Godwin is her father. Seriously Kanmi I thought you were heartless but you are also stupid and dumb really dumb. I even have the DNA results to proof it. Favour slept with Godwin and pin her pregnancy on you why? She loves you ” I said breaking his already broken heart further.

“ you said I was going to kill you? Hell no! You are going to do it yourself why? You lost everything! You lost the election, the daughter you called me childless for she turn out to be someone else’s. You lost your first wife who stood by your side to your best friend and the second you cheated with, she is a drug addict now you have nothing. First of all I thank God I’m not a murderer actually thanks to you but look at you, you have the blood of three innocent babies on your head Two of which could have been yours but you choose to kill them with your foolishness funny. You can’t even make babies again cause you are paralyzed right now. Last to do na hin dey pain wella you see yourself? Your political career ended already there’s nothing you can do about it every body already knew your true colors if you show your face outside people will just kill you ye . I never believed karma is real but what I’m looking at right now is definitely karma now I’ll ask you Kanmi do you want death or not? ” I stand up and adjust my gown I want to thank the designer for doing a great job with the gown.

He is crying profusely already I thought men don’t cry I left the gun and the knife there anyone he will like to use. And before I make my way outside I heard a gunshot. He made his choice already and that is fine with mother Earth.

Three days later I made my way to the hospital where favour is being treated, I heard she woke up already but she have a mental problem due to the drugs she consumed. She looks pitiful and it breaks my heart to think I lead her to the hospital. Primo escort me to visit Vicky in favour’s parents house. They are taking care of her like a gem, even favour’s elder siblings never waste an opportunity to shower her gift.

I know in her heart someday she will forgive her father, Kanmi and I for turning her life around. And there’s my baby Jay growing up into a boy I can’t trade him for anything.
I moved on to UK to join my baby’s father whether we are going to get married or not it’s up to God to decide that one. I’m not making any life decisions without consulting with the most high again or else I may end up like him.
And that Is the end
Tell me what do you learn as a lesson in the story?

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