We got married
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Chapter 3 (jackpot)
We didn’t talk to each other for like three weeks until he came back and apologize to me. He tried convincing me to go for an abortion again but I stood my ground and said never. I will give birth to baby Jay not matter what he agreed but I can feel the distance starting to brew between us.

My mom couldn’t take it anymore she had to call me and interview me one afternoon. She asked about the test I took at the hospital, I told her it was positive.

โ€œ and the baby’s father? โ€ she asked and that invite a stream of fresh tears from my eyes.

โ€œ he doesn’t want it โ€ I manage to reply through sobs and she just pull me closer and give me a hug what I really needed at the moment.

โ€œ what about you? โ€ she whispered softly rubbing my back.

โ€œ I want this baby. I want to hold baby Jay in my hands I don’t want to lose him โ€ I cried more into my mom’s arms and she sigh and told me God will take control.

God later took control when Kanmi told me I should keep the pregnancy that he will take his responsibility. I was so overjoyed like I want to go to church next Sunday and shout Hallelujah so loud people will think I’m going crazy with the good Lord.

My mom came back from her elder sister’s place and she gave me a box I open the box and I found the most beautiful pairs of baby shoes. Awwn I felt like crying, in my situation a typical African mom would have chased me away with my shameful pregnancy but here she is supporting me as I went through tough times.

I’m grateful for that, she try to stop me from working and I had to remind her that I’ll soon leave for my NYSC but she just told me to rest before going for NYSC.
She went out one like that and bought a beautiful baby dress.

โ€œ why do you think it will be a girl? โ€ I said immediately I saw the dress.
โ€œ I just have this feeling โ€ she replied and I laughed I want a boy though that’s why I keep calling the foetus jay even though I’ve not given birth to it I’ve fallen in love greatly with him my baby I wonder if every mother always feel the way I felt.

My birthday is coming up but I didn’t actually remember because I’ve been too busy with my baby to notice anything happening around me. Kanmi visits me from time to time within that month, I had to stop my mom from buying more baby things I told her I’ll buy them with my own money.

Kanmi actually made me remember my birthday, I slept at his house a day before arguing about the gender of the baby but he had this look on his face like he is guilty of something or he is keeping some secrets from me but the fun we are having at the moment didn’t let me ask him anything.

So on my birthday he woke me up exactly twelve in the morning with a birthday cake.
โ€œ ๐ŸŽตHappy birthday to you๐ŸŽต
๐ŸŽตHappy birthday to you๐ŸŽต
๐ŸŽตHappy birthday to you my queen๐ŸŽต
๐ŸŽตHappy birthday to you๐ŸŽต โ€ he sang with his sexy bass voice while I just blushed half awake. I couldn’t help but blush and I told baby jay in my mind that his father is so romantic.

I blew the candles and cut the cake we ate together and kept the remaining in the fridge. I was so happy that If happiness is a type of wine I would be dead drunk at the moment I can’t help but hug him. I told him I want wine he went to the kitchen and brought a bottle of wine and two glasses he poured one already which he gave to me before he pour the other one.

I was about to drink the wine when he took the glass from me. โ€œ I forgot wine is not good for pregnant women โ€ he said but I grab my wine back. I told him nothing will happen I just drank little and that’s all and we went to sleep.

Three days later I felt pain in my tummy, I wake my mum up in the middle of the night with my screams the pain was so strong that I couldn’t breathe. I took my phone and dialed Kanmi’s number. He came like a flash and carried me to a nearby hospital before I fainted.

When I woke up I felt empty, I felt as if a part has been removed then I realized the emptiness came from my tummy no don’t tell me. My Jay I didn’t have a miscarriage did I?
My mum and Kanmi enter the ward with sad faces then nobody need to tell me I lost Jay, the doctor only said I had a miscarriage he forgot to tell them I lost half of my life right there. Where is my Jay? Where is the baby I wanted so much? My baby is gone! Gone!

I felt stream of tears hit my cheek and my mum couldn’t help it but cry also. She gave me a hug immediately and we cried into each other’s arms for minutes.
โ€œ Jay โ€ I sob and my mum Knowing what I meant rub my back to stop me from breaking down.

โ€œ he is still there right? โ€ I asked shedding more tears but my mom only shook her negatively. I felt a head splitting headache right there and I fainted. I got discharged a week later but I still didn’t go back to normal.

Kanmi and Esther try to cheer me up but it’s not working I got depressed Everytime I remember the way I use to dream of baby jay.
And that continued until I left for my NYSC in Lagos, Kanmi never left my side for once. He visits me from time to time and he made me fell in love with him over again making me forget my precious baby.

During my NYSC I met one of the people my father use to work with. The madam that use to buy things for me when my father was alive, her husband was a young honourable then. She collected my number and told me to greet my mom.

May God forgive me I never called again And she never called too since I don’t need her connection I don’t need to be bothered. Going back to my apartment in Lagos I got a call from my man there is so much happiness in his voice that I know something great must have happened.

โ€œ sweetheart this one you are sounding so happy like this hope everything is going well? โ€ I said when I couldn’t take the suspense again.

โ€œ everything is fine my queen actually Peter said there is a game he want to play and he is so sure he is going to win but he doesn’t have any cash โ€

โ€œ so? โ€

โ€œ he asked me to play with just 1k but I think since he is so sure I took the risk and I played with 10k guess how much I won? โ€ he said happily and I know hmm

โ€œ how much? โ€ I asked not interested in the game I’m not a fan of betting and I told him so.

โ€œ 20 million naira โ€ he shouted

To be continuedโ€ฆ..
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