We got married
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Chapter 8 (Betrayed)
Favour is a sweet girl just twenty, beautiful and Noble unlike other politicians daughter. And to think that she is the only but not spoilt even baffles me. I don’t even plan to know her more well it’s none of my business. It’s not as if I’m social like that.

My joy doubled when Esther got transferred to the hospital where I’m working. Well I finally have my doctor friend beside me and we do gist whenever either of us is not working. Sometimes I help her babysit her second daughter named Blessing. Seeing blessing suddenly bring back the pain I’ve been trying to bury. But I just pray to God to bless me with a child that I will give birth to and that I will raise just like the way my mother raised me.

I owe that woman a lot and the debt can only be paid if I give her a grandchild which I can’t because the doctor advised me not to try to get pregnant else I may lose my own life with the baby’s too because my womb is not in a perfect condition. Esther offer me free treatment because I keep helping her out with her children. During every consultation she kept asking me if I’m sure I’ve never abort any pregnancy before and told me to try and remember. But I only had two pregnancies which I lost and why the hell will I abort? Judging from the way I desperately want a baby.

She never said anything just prescribing medicines for next which I took religiously but how will I get pregnant when my husband is no more having sex with under the guise of I’m busy, the campaign went well, I have a meeting with contestants from other constituency, I have ceramics I have Calabash honestly I don’t know how long we are going to keep living like strangers.

He only treat me well in front of the public, like when my heels hurt my feet he scold me for wearing something like that and refuse to even lend me an hand when I almost fall but immediately he noticed some reporters nearby he became a loving husband using his hand to support me as I limp on my miserable footwear.

When we get home I have to confront him and thank him for the show he pulled out there he really tried

β€œ what do you mean by show? I was trying to help my wife you know ” he said not even looking at my direction at all.

β€œ as if I even exists in your dictionary come on stop using me to curry favour from your electorates I’m not some kind of ambassador of an happy home ” I hissed still rubbing my itching toenails with a balm Esther prescribe for me earlier.

β€œ but you are my wife why won’t you exist in my dictionary? You are everything to me and if I win this election it’s going to benefit the both of us ” he defend himself but I just shook my head

β€œ come on Kanmi are we even married couples? Nope we are just neighbors living together more or less strangers.”

β€œ and what do you mean by that? ” he asked finally paying attention to me for the first time.

β€œ when last have you asked how I’m doing? Answer yourself not me. When last have you even touch me not to even talk of having sex with me? When? All you do is sleep and eat your breakfast and then leave for your business which I know nothing about. I can’t even count the nights I tried to be sexy for you only for you to rubbish me away saying you are tired bla bla bla shits! You never discuss anything with me just going around doing things as you please well I have accepted my faith to be a living doll in your house but please stop using me for your own gain in public when all you do is treat me like a used rag I beg you ” I honestly have to pour out every corner of my mind not even afraid of anything he might do I mean if I perish I perish but I must say my mind. I forgot to add in my previous chapters Kanmi has been violent ever since the day he slapped me but he will come back apologize and call me his queen but divorce is not an option for me right now.

His face fell when I dropped all the words I’ve been carrying on my mind like a burden all these while. He just stand up and sat beside me.
β€œ I’m sorry ” he said and instead of that calming me it just make me angry cause all he always say is sorry. Saying sorry that moment doesn’t mean he will change and I wonder how I put up with him for five years. I can’t even imagine it.

The funniest thing is that my husband is using my occupation as a campaign strategy. Lol me working in a hospital as a babysitter even though we are rich shows that our families are humble and people can trust us but seriously when will he stop using me and my identity for crying out loud? I don’t get at all and election finally comes and thanks to his lies and manifestoes he won actually. People voted him and he was sworned in as a member of house of representative.

He was so happy that day that he took me out for shopping let’s pray this doesn’t backfire at the end. He started showing love to me again and I started doing Thanksgiving in my mind because my husband is finally getting his senses back but sex is still out of it.

We moved to a much bigger house in the city and he employed a personal maid for me which I obviously don’t need at all but the girl is helpful since the house is very big and I won’t be able to to clean it all by my own.
Kanmi is all romantic every time as if we just started dating and he even threw a party for me on my birthday and many people send gifts to me.

Later on my party night I was unwrapping my presents from many people, majority from where I works courtesy of the parents of those little angels I use to babysit then I found a small envelope. I open it maybe it’s a love letter from my husband but what I found left me shocked to the bones. Pictures of my husband and a pretty lady having a good time, wiping my tears to see clearly who the lady is and it turn out to be the girl I took as my sister favour!!
My husband is cheating on me with favour

To be continued….
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