We got married

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We got married
By: queen nikky
“ the mansion is heavily guarded you won’t succeed ” Primo told me as we lay on the bed together. Little Jay is on the cot sleeping and dreaming of his own wonderland.
I ignored what Primo just said and went to the drawer for my mask and a small relaxer container. Dropping the mask on the bed I opened the relaxer container which contains a white substance.

“ Well Primo you may have taught me how to be heartless because you are my cousin but there’s something I know more better than you ”

“ and that is? ” he ask very curious to know what is inside the container.

“ how and ways to kill ” I replied and I covered the container sitting down on the bed again.

“ Bolanle but you’ve never killed before ” he said with a sigh but I just smile as I wear my boots and grab my mask again.

“ hey you should have seen Favour’s face when I stabbed her neck with that bottle I mean it was so lovely ” I said with a cute smile before turning to see his expression which I loved actually.

“ are we keeping secrets now? ” he managed to say getting out of his shock.

“ you never asked ” I replied fixing my mask perfectly and I hear him just chuckle behind me just proud of his little sister.

“ if I may ask what is inside that container? ” finally he did

“ well a special type of weapon I got from a friend ” I answered pulling my makeup box. I did the make up perfectly and I brush the wig and glue it to it’s place I turned and cousin can’t seem to recognize me.

“ Bolanle I think you should be careful.. you know the.. ”

“ I know Primo but not even my mother will recognize me tonight and nothing can stop me ” I opened the container again and rub the substance on my thumb really well.
I must get my revenge tonight or never.

“ but don’t you think you should take it easy you know the….” before he could complete his statement I’m already out like a flash.
3hours later
The room is dark except for the light that flickers on and off, the body on the floor stirs as it struggle with the rope and here I come in my real appearance like the devil ? itself. A long flowing gown looks so elegant on me with my long fixed weave that reach my back.

He struggles a little more and I remove the gag

“ who are you? And why are you doing this to me? ” he cried and that makes me laugh I cut the rope and he just lay like that unable to move again.

“ don’t worry you are paralyzed from the waist down you won’t be able to move for some moments ” I said lighting a cigarette.
“ Bolanle? ” he said with fear in his voice finally recognizing the devil in front of him smiling and using a knife to draw out some pattern on his face without cutting him.

“ don’t worry Kanmi I just wanna play you know the kind of game you’ve been playing ever since we got married ” I said stopping the knife on his neck and cutting him slightly. I lick the blood and from the corner of my eye I can see the horror on his face.
“ come to think of it Kanmi today is our tenth wedding anniversary won’t we celebrate? ” I said cutting deeper.

To be continued….

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